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    4-String Electric Bass Guitars 156 products


    Schecter Stiletto Extreme4 Electric Bass

    NEW $429

    The Schecter Stiletto Extreme 4 electric bass delivers the ideal combination of hard-hitting Schecter sound and jaw-dropping aesthetics. The Stiletto Extreme 4 bass has a lower cutaway basswood body, exquisite figured maple top, maple neck, and 24 jumbo fret rosewood fingerboard that provide a uniquely awesome playing experience. And for dialing in your ideal sound, the Stiletto Extreme 4 bass's 2 Schecter bass humbucker pickups with Active EQ give you maximum control. If you like your sound heavy and your electric bass awe-inspiring, get the Schecter Stiletto Extreme 4. >More


    D'Angelico SBG700 Mott Bass

    NEW $899.99

    No family is complete without a bassman. The Mott Bass (SBG-700) is where style, tradition and innovation meet. Robust in sound and stature, the Mott features a solid Sitka spruce top with flame maple back and sides. Never cumbersome, a rosewood fingerboard and slim, maple neck come together to create maximum comfort. >More


    Reverend Thundergun Electric Bass

    NEW $829.95

    Rock is war, and the Reverend Thundergun electric bass is the weapon of choice for thick old school tone, but with modern punch thanks to the five-piece neck and lock down bridge. >More


    Ibanez SR1400TE Premium Electric Bass

    NEW $1,249

    Designed for the working pro, these instruments incorporate many high-end features and components without the boutique price tag. The SR1400TE is one of the latest examples of what makes the SR Premium models such an outstanding value. >More


    Dean Zone Electric Bass

    NEW $129.95

    The Dean Zone Bass Guitar is an unruly axe with DMT Design pickups and a sensuous basswood body. This bass is perfect for beginners or working musicians looking for a low priced, solid back-up. >More


    Reverend Mercalli 4 Electric Bass

    NEW $749.95

    Big, deep and punchy with excellent clarity is the calling card of the Reverend Mercalli 4. The innovative passive pickups have that vintage warmth, while the five-piece neck and lock down bridge deliver modern punch and sustain! >More


    Warwick Rockbass Streamer Standard Bass

    NEW $469.95

    The Warwick Rockbass Streamer Standard electric bass guitar is a remarkable instrument with solid carolena body, delivering a large variety of exceptional, pleasing tones and incredible sustain. >More


    Warwick GPS Corvette Double Buck 4

    NEW $1,949.99 - $2,049.99

    The Warwick German Pro Series Corvette Double Buck 4-String Bass features a Swamp Ash Body, Ovangkol Neck giving this bass a beautiful look and high quality sound. >More


    Ibanez SR370 BBT Electric Bass

    NEW $379.95

    The Ibanez SR370 BBT bass is a maple body juggernaut with a sumptuous rosewood fingerboard and EXF passive pickups. This meticulously crafted instrument balances effortless playing with incredible tone to make this bass a real "secret weapon" for live shows. >More


    Fender Classic '60s Jazz Lacquer Bass

    NON-NEW $749.95

    The Fender Classic Series '60s Jazz Bass Lacquer evokes the instrument in the decade of its origin, with vintage style and an authentic nitrocellulose lacquer finish on its sleekly offset alder body. >More


    D'Angelico EXBASS Semi-Hollowbody Bass

    NEW $1,629

    Introducing the EX-BASS, D'Angelico's first foray into the world of bass. Featuring a semi-hollow flame maple body and rock maple neck that sounds as sweet as it looks, this bass is sure to impress anyone looking for a truly unique playing and tonal experience. >More


    ESP LTD Streamer 204 Electric Bass

    NEW $549


    The ESP/LTD Stream-204 bass features Bolt-on neck construction, 34" scale, Mahogany Body with Maple Neck and Rosewood fingerboard. >More


    Hofner Ignition Club Electric Bass

    NEW $469.99

    The Hofner Ignition HI series models have a fully hollow body combined with Hoefner 70's style 'staple' pick-ups to give the authentic Hofner sound. >More


    Schecter Omen Extreme 4 Bass

    NON-NEW $309.95

    The Schecter Omen Extreme 4 Bass Guitar is an updated take on the Omen line. This 4 string bass has mahogany and flame maple body. Active 2-band EQ, Diamond pickups, and premium hardware make it a performer. The Omen Extreme 4 Bass delivers the sound and features that serious bassists demand. >More


    NS Design CR4 Electric Bass

    NEW $2,499

    The NS Design CR4 Radius bass guitar has seamless integration of feature, form and function. The sensuous lines of the Radius are balanced and refreshing, which is exactly how it feels to hold and to play it. >More


    Washburn Stu Hamm Signature SHB60

    NEW $499.95

    Washburn teamed up with Stu Hamm to provide bassists with the best value for their money possible, and to create in Stu's estimations, the perfect bass guitar. One of the models they ended up with was the Washburn Stu Hamm Signature SHB60. >More


    Fender Modern Player Dimension Bass

    NEW $425.95 - $449.99

    The Fender Modern Player series now brings you a greater dimension in Fender bass sound and style with the Modern Player Dimension Bass. >More


    Guild Starfire Electric Bass (with Case)

    NEW $1,099.99

    Guild's Starfire Bass has it all: the extra-thin semi-hollow body, the elegant double-cutaway design, a single powerful Bi-Sonic pickup, the classic Cherry Red finish and a great deal more. >More


    Schecter Stiletto Vintage 4 Bass

    NEW $429

    A great bass for beginners or pros, the Stiletto Vintage 4 Bass features a basswood body with a flat top contour, rosewood fretboard with 24 x-jumbo frets, Schecter tuners and an active 2-band EQ. The Schecter Stiletto Vintage 5 bass offers phenomenal tone, a fast neck and Schecter Diamond pickups. >More


    ESP LTD B-4 Junior Electric Bass

    NEW $189

    ESP LTD B-4 Junior 3/4-sized Bass guitar with gig bag. The B-4 JR is a 3/4-sized version of the beloved LTD B Series bass. Not only a great choice for beginning bassists, the B4-JR is also good for people with a smaller frame who might find a full 34" scale bass simply too large to master. >More


    Fender Roger Waters Precision Bass

    NEW $879.99

    Fender introduces the Roger Waters Precision Bass, named for the world-famous bassist, singer and songwriter whose elegant grooves and infectious riffs are hallmarks of the legendary Pink Floyd sound. Now as an acclaimed solo artist, Waters' career continues to get stronger and now Fender offers an instrument as tastefully tailored as Waters' own simple-yet-sophisticated bass work, with distinctive features including a black-on-black color scheme, knurled black tone and volume controls, brass nut, black bridge and strap buttons, vintage '70s-style Fender-stamped open-gear chrome tuners, and gasketed F-stamped neck plate. >More


    Reverend Mercalli 4 FM Electric Bass

    NEW $799.95

    Big, deep and punchy with excellent clarity is the calling card of the Reverend Mercalli 4 FM. The innovative passive pickups have that vintage warmth, while the five-piece neck and lock down bridge deliver modern punch and sustain! >More


    Ken Smith Design Burner Standard

    NEW $599


    Built on the body and neck designs of master bass builder Ken Smith's acclaimed BSR "B" models, KSD is proud to present the Burner Standard, constructed of a North American alder body. The Burner Standard's fast 3 piece straight grain Canadian maple neck offers precise playability along the entire length of the 24 fret rosewood fingerboard. >More


    Washburn SHBH3 Stu Hamm Electric Bass

    NEW $1,299
    NON-NEW $1,799

    The Stu Hamm Series is the product of many long hours of Washburn working hand in hand with Stu to design the perfect bass. Sculpted to Hamm's exact specifications, these basses are the perfect blend of art and technology, and the essence of what a great bass can be. >More


    Washburn Stu Hamm Signature SHBH1

    NEW $999.95

    Washburn has been working with Stu Hamm, to create in his estimation, the perfect electric bass guitar. These bass guitars are designed to give bassists the best value for their money. One of the basses produced was the Washburn Stu Hamm Signature SHBH1. >More


    Reverend Justice Electric Bass

    NEW $749.95

    The double "J" set up evolves with the Reverend Justice Electric Bass. The hum-cancelling J-Rail pickups are percussive with slightly more power and growl than a typical vintage set. If you like J-style instruments but want a little more beef, sustain, and no hum...this one's for you. >More


    NS Design NXT 4 Upright Electric Bass

    NEW $1,499

    The NS Design NXT4 Double Bass opens up a horizon for the serious bassist looking to play a great instrument on a limited budget. These instruments, crafted in the Czech Republic by the makers of the renowned CR Series, exemplify flawless workmanship at an incredible value. >More


    Warwick RockBass Corvette Double Buck

    NEW $829.99
    NON-NEW $634.95

    The Warwick RockBass Corvette Double Buck electric bass offers premium features like a swamp ash body and two passive MEC MM-style pickups at a great price! >More


    Fender Modern Player Starcaster Bass

    NEW $749.99

    The Fender Modern Player Starcaster Bass guitar's thin semi-hollow offset body has a bound maple top and back, with stylish bound f-holes. >More


    G&L Tribute JB2 Electric Bass

    NEW $599.99

    The G&L Tribute Series JB2 4-string bass is one of the original designs for which Leo Fender -- G&L's founder, the inventor of the modern electric bass -- is world renowned. This fine double cutaway instrument features a hard rock maple neck with vintage style open-back tuning machines and a maple or rosewood fingerboard mounted to a solid ash body with a vintage finish. >More


    Schecter Session Riot 4 Electric Bass

    NEW $599

    The no-nonsense Schecter Riot-4 Session bass offers distinct, classic looks and high end electronics in an affordable package. Schecter loads the bass with EMG Active humbuckers and a 3-Band active EQ for huge tonal possibilities, making the Riot-4 Session a joy to play. >More


    Peavey Millennium 4 Quilt Top BXP Bass

    NEW $379.99 - $459.99

    Millennium basses are an outstanding value with that incredible quilt top, hard rock maple neck with a rosewood fretboard, and J-style hum canceling pickups. >More


    Peavey Grind Bass 4 BXP NTB Bass

    NEW $499.99 - $529.99


    Get boutique quality at an unbelievable price! For starters you'll get an all neck-through-body design laminated from mahogany and maple with a rosewood fingerboard. This combination gives the Grind Bass 4 BXP NTB resonance and sustain you won't find on any other bass in this price range. Beautifully crafted. >More


    NS Design WAV4 Radius Bass

    NEW $1,199

    Designed by Ned Steinberger, the WAV4 RADIUS Bass is completely about the experience, every time you pick it up. It's in the feel of the instrument before you plug it in, and it's embodied in the tone, performance and possibilities when the house lights go down. >More


    Music Man StingRay 4HH Electric Bass

    NEW $1,890

    Combining tone, looks, functionality, feel and loads of character, the Music Man StingRay took the bass world by storm in its debut in 1976. Since then it has remained one of the most popular instruments amongst professional bassists, and for good reason. >More


    Music Man Neck-Thru StingRay 4 Electric Bass (with Case)

    NEW $1,974

    For the first time ever the Music Man StingRay 4 is offered with neck through construction and a newly designed preamp. The basses feature a 3 piece maple neck through ash body with rosewood fretboard. >More

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