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    4-String Electric Bass Guitars 171 products


    Dean Zone Electric Bass

    NEW $149

    The Dean Zone Bass Guitar is an unruly axe with DMT Design pickups and a sensuous basswood body. This bass is perfect for beginners or working musicians looking for a low priced, solid back-up. >More


    ESP LTD Elite J4 Electric Bass

    NEW $1,149.99
    NON-NEW $789.95

    The ESP LTD Elite J4 Electric Bass Guitar is a visually stunning instrument designed to be a workhorse bass. Crafted in Japan, this bass provides remarkable tonewoods, electronics and hardware that far exceed expectations from a bass at this price. >More


    Squier Mike Dirnt Precision Bass

    NEW $299.99

    Dude, seriously, every day is a Green Day when you suit up with the Squier Mike Dirnt Precision Bass. It's a way-cool take on an early '50s Precision Bass, designed to the oft-airborne Green Day bassist's own specifications, with a huge, gnarly punk-pop sound that effortlessly punches right through the thickest guitar attack. >More


    Hofner Shorty Travel Electric Bass

    NEW $199.99

    The Hofner Shorty bass offers full scale length combined with such small overall dimensions that it can be taken anywhere. The Shorty bass has a 30" scale. All Shorty basses include a gigbag. >More


    Gibson 2015 ES Les Paul Electric Bass

    NEW $3,199

    Gibson ES Les Paul is a stylish short-scale, semi-hollow bass with classic Les Paul-inspired looks, versatile humbucking pickups, and outstanding playing comfort from rounded 'C' neck with rolled binding. >More


    Traveler Guitar TB4P Electric Bass

    NON-NEW $379.95

    The Traveler Guitar TB-4P Bass is a 32-inch scale electric travel bass with a built-in headphone amplifier. Electronics include volume & tone controls and standard 1/4-inch out as well as a 1/8-inch aux-in for jamming with your mp3 player. At just 6 pounds 8 ounces and 35 1/4 inches long, the TB-4P fits in airline overhead compartments and is the most portable full-featured travel bass on the market. >More


    Warwick Pro Series Streamer LX4 Bass

    NON-NEW $889.95

    Warwick's Pro Series offers musicians worldwide a high quality, reasonably priced instrument. Utilizing the most state-of-the-art technology and the diligence and dedication of each and every Warwick associate combines to create instruments that are cherished by bass enthusiasts worldwide. >More


    ESP LTD RB1004 Electric Bass

    NEW $1,249

    The ESP RB Series basses have been a labor of love, passion and hard work between ESP and bass legend Rocco Prestia (Tower of Power). The RB basses utilize unique features including Aguilar J and P pickups, Aguilar OBP-2 preamps and gorgeous spalted maple and burled maple finishes. >More


    Reverend Decision Electric Bass

    NEW $899

    The Decision Electric Bass is Reverend's take on the versatile "PJ" setup. It utilizes two distinctly different pickups harnessed to a pickup pan control that allows you to go from funk to thump and all points in-between with the twist of one knob...very versatile! >More


    Washburn Stu Hamm Signature SHB40

    NON-NEW $279.95

    In an effort to provide bassists with the best value for their money, Washburn teamed up with Stu Hamm to design what he feels is the perfect bass guitar, the Washburn Stu Hamm Signature SHB40. >More


    Hofner 500/1 Vintage 62 Electric Bass

    NEW $2,869.99

    An exceptional instrument based on 1962 Violin Bass played exclusively by Paul McCartney, the 500/1 '62 bass is well regarded by Hofner aficionados and players alike. Replicating details of the original including the strip machine heads, the slot-head screws on the hardware and the two-piece neck; provide an authentic look and feel. With the re-issuing of the Vintage '62, Hofner has created a replica of Paul's bass historically accurate enough to satisfy even the most demanding Beatles fan. >More


    Guild Starfire Electric Bass (with Case)

    NEW $1,099.99

    Guild's Starfire Bass has it all: the extra-thin semi-hollow body, the elegant double-cutaway design, a single powerful Bi-Sonic pickup, the classic Cherry Red finish and a great deal more. >More


    ESP LTD D4 Electric Bass

    NEW $499

    The D4 features neck-thru-body construction, a merbau body, and a 5-piece neck. >More


    Ibanez SR370F Fretless Electric Bass

    NEW $399.99

    The Ibanez SR370F fretless electric bass guitar offers bass players a modern alternative. No matter what the specs, the heart is the same-SR continues to excite with its smooth, fast neck, lightweight body, and perfectly matched electronics. >More


    Hofner Ignition Club Electric Bass

    NEW $469.99

    The Hofner Ignition HI series models have a fully hollow body combined with Hoefner 70's style 'staple' pick-ups to give the authentic Hofner sound. >More


    Schecter Omen Extreme 4 Bass

    NON-NEW $309.95

    The Schecter Omen Extreme 4 Bass Guitar is an updated take on the Omen line. This 4 string bass has mahogany and flame maple body. Active 2-band EQ, Diamond pickups, and premium hardware make it a performer. The Omen Extreme 4 Bass delivers the sound and features that serious bassists demand. >More


    Reverend Mercalli 4 Electric Bass

    NEW $899

    Big, deep and punchy with excellent clarity is the calling card of the Reverend Mercalli 4. The innovative passive pickups have that vintage warmth, while the five-piece neck and lock down bridge deliver modern punch and sustain! >More


    Washburn Stu Hamm Signature SHB60

    NEW $599

    Washburn teamed up with Stu Hamm to provide bassists with the best value for their money possible, and to create in Stu's estimations, the perfect bass guitar. One of the models they ended up with was the Washburn Stu Hamm Signature SHB60. >More


    Warwick Rockbass Streamer Standard Bass

    NEW $549.99

    The Warwick Rockbass Streamer Standard electric bass guitar is a remarkable instrument with solid carolena body, delivering a large variety of exceptional, pleasing tones and incredible sustain. >More


    Fender Modern Player Dimension Bass

    NEW $469.99 - $479.99

    The Fender Modern Player series now brings you a greater dimension in Fender bass sound and style with the Modern Player Dimension Bass. >More


    Warwick German Thumb 4 Electric Bass

    NEW $3,399.99

    The Warwick German Thumb bolt-on electric bass guitar features active MEC 2-way electronics and 2 MEC J/J single-coil pickups to ensure rich, warm tones. >More


    Schecter Stiletto Vintage 4 Bass

    NEW $429

    A great bass for beginners or pros, the Stiletto Vintage 4 Bass features a basswood body with a flat top contour, rosewood fretboard with 24 x-jumbo frets, Schecter tuners and an active 2-band EQ. The Schecter Stiletto Vintage 5 bass offers phenomenal tone, a fast neck and Schecter Diamond pickups. >More


    Fender Roger Waters Precision Bass

    NEW $879.99

    Fender introduces the Roger Waters Precision Bass, named for the world-famous bassist, singer and songwriter whose elegant grooves and infectious riffs are hallmarks of the legendary Pink Floyd sound. Now as an acclaimed solo artist, Waters' career continues to get stronger and now Fender offers an instrument as tastefully tailored as Waters' own simple-yet-sophisticated bass work, with distinctive features including a black-on-black color scheme, knurled black tone and volume controls, brass nut, black bridge and strap buttons, vintage '70s-style Fender-stamped open-gear chrome tuners, and gasketed F-stamped neck plate. >More


    NS Design CR4 Electric Bass

    NEW $2,695

    The NS Design CR4 Radius bass guitar has seamless integration of feature, form and function. The sensuous lines of the Radius are balanced and refreshing, which is exactly how it feels to hold and to play it. >More


    ESP LTD B-4 Junior Electric Bass

    NEW $189

    ESP LTD B-4 Junior 3/4-sized Bass guitar with gig bag. The B-4 JR is a 3/4-sized version of the beloved LTD B Series bass. Not only a great choice for beginning bassists, the B4-JR is also good for people with a smaller frame who might find a full 34" scale bass simply too large to master. >More


    Reverend Mercalli 4 FM Electric Bass

    NEW $949

    Big, deep and punchy with excellent clarity is the calling card of the Reverend Mercalli 4 FM. The innovative passive pickups have that vintage warmth, while the five-piece neck and lock down bridge deliver modern punch and sustain! >More


    Ken Smith Design Burner Standard

    NEW $599


    Built on the body and neck designs of master bass builder Ken Smith's acclaimed BSR "B" models, KSD is proud to present the Burner Standard, constructed of a North American alder body. The Burner Standard's fast 3 piece straight grain Canadian maple neck offers precise playability along the entire length of the 24 fret rosewood fingerboard. >More


    Warwick GPS German Pro Series Streamer

    NEW $2,829.99 - $2,949

    The Warwick German Pro Series Streamer Stage I is a well-rounded, super versatile German Made - Electric Bass Guitar. With the Neck Through construction this this the perfect bass for those searching for the sound of wood. >More


    Washburn SHBH3 Signature Stu Hamm Bass

    NEW $2,299.99

    The Washburn SHBH3 Stu Hamm Signed Bass Guitar is a remarkable instrument signed by Stu Hamm, and played by him on several East Coast events. If you are a fan of Stu Hamm or a fan of high quality bass guitar, the SHBH3 is for you. >More


    Washburn SHBH3 Stu Hamm Electric Bass

    NEW $2,399 - $2,499.99
    NON-NEW $1,799

    The Stu Hamm Series is the product of many long hours of Washburn working hand in hand with Stu to design the perfect bass. Sculpted to Hamm's exact specifications, these basses are the perfect blend of art and technology, and the essence of what a great bass can be. >More


    Washburn Stu Hamm Signature SHBH1

    NEW $1,799

    Washburn has been working with Stu Hamm, to create in his estimation, the perfect electric bass guitar. These bass guitars are designed to give bassists the best value for their money. One of the basses produced was the Washburn Stu Hamm Signature SHBH1. >More


    Reverend Justice Electric Bass

    NEW $899

    The double "J" set up evolves with the Reverend Justice Electric Bass. The hum-cancelling J-Rail pickups are percussive with slightly more power and growl than a typical vintage set. If you like J-style instruments but want a little more beef, sustain, and no hum...this one's for you. >More


    NS Design CR4 Fretless Electric Bass

    NEW $2,695

    The NS Design CR4 Fretless Radius electric bass guitar has seamless integration of feature, form and function. The sensuous lines of the Radius are balanced and refreshing, which is exactly how it feels to hold and to play it. >More


    Godin A4 Ultra SA Fretless Bass, Ebony

    NEW $1,099

    The Godin A4 Ultra SA semi-acoustic basses feature more sonic possibilities than ever with the addition of a Low Profile Lace Sensor electric pickup with side mounted volume and tone controls. >More


    Fender Tony Franklin Fretless P Bass

    NEW $1,699.99

    The names of few rock bassists have become more synonymous with fretless bass than that of session great Tony Franklin. Like the man who designed it, the Fender Tony Franklin Fretless Precision Bass guitar takes a classic instrument to a new level, with an alder body and modern C-shaped maple neck with an unfinished and unfretted ebony fingerboard with side dot position markers. >More


    Fender Steve Harris Precision Bass

    NEW $999.99

    Steve Harris's galloping fleet-fingered bass-lines have turbocharged U.K. metal titans Iron Maiden for decades and have made him the most influential metal bassist alive. Harris has stayed true to his battle-hardened Precision Bass over the years, and his signature Steve Harris Precision Bass now comes in his famously regal gloss White finish with special pin striping, mirrored pickguard and West Ham United F.C. crest. >More


    Fender Jaco Pastorius Fretless Jazz Bass

    NEW $1,799.99

    Jaco Pastorius redefined the voice of the bass and the role of the bassist for generations of players, merging the worlds of R&B, rock, jazz, classical and Caribbean music and reshaping the musical landscape with his visionary approach to the instrument. And he did it all with a Fender Jazz Bass guitar. Pastorius unmistakable voice and signature sound came from his mind, his hand and his sunburst fretless Jazz Bass, recreated here as the Fender Jaco Pastorius Fretless Jazz Bass guitar. >More


    Music Man StingRay Electric Bass

    NEW $1,645

    Combining tone, looks, functionality, feel and loads of character, the Music Man StingRay took the bass world by storm in its debut in 1976. Since then it has remained one of the most popular instruments amongst professional bassists, and for good reason. Featuring that signature massive humbucking pickup, 3 band active EQ, select maple neck, 6 bolt neck attachment, and Schaller tuners, the current day StingRay is a prime example of what a bass should be. >More


    Warwick GPS German Pro Series Thumb BO 4

    NEW $2,099.99 - $2,299.99

    The Warwick German Pro Series Thumb Bass is a classic in the "Warwick Sound". Many of today's top bass players have recorded and toured with the Thumb bass with the huge sound that you can always expect from a Warwick. >More


    Music Man Classic StingRay Maple Bass

    NEW $2,079

    Combining the best of vintage style and modern appointments, Music Man's Classic StingRay basses are rock solid! Features such as an ash body, stunning birdseye maple neck, Music Man humbucker and a 2 band active EQ give the Classic StingRays massive tone, superb feel, and great looks. Topped off with a Music Man bridge, 6 bolt neck construction, Schaller tuners and Music Man's unequaled craftsmanship, this is definitely a bass you must have in your arsenal. >More

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