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    4-String Electric Bass Guitars 217 products


    Squier Affinity Jazz Electric Bass

    NEW $179.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The Squier Affinity J Bass is a value priced version of the world famous Fender Jazz Bass. It has the look and tone that everyone knows and loves, at an ultra-economical price point. The Affinity J Bass has a rosewood fingerboard, two single-coil Vintage Style Jazz Bass Pickups and a toploaded bridge. >More


    Washburn Stu Hamm Signature SHB30

    NEW $299
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $149.50

    Operating to give bassists the best value for their money, Washburn has been working with Stu Hamm to create, in Stu's estimations, the perfect electric bass guitar. One of the basses they ended up producing was the Washburn Stu Hamm Signature SHB30. >More


    Squier Vintage Modified Precision Bass

    NEW $299.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $150.00

    Squier gives you the best of both bass worlds? Precision and Jazz with the Vintage Modified Precision Bass PJ. >More


    Ibanez GSR200M Electric Bass

    NEW $249.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $125.00

    The 4-string Ibanez GSR200M features Agathis body and Maple neck with Maple fretboard, which gives you additional punch. The Power Sound P & J pickups are powerful and with the active PHAT II bass boost, you'll get serious low-end. >More


    Fender American Standard Maple Jazz Bass

    NEW $1,299.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $650.00

    The American Standard Jazz Bass is an even finer player's instrument-a modern interpretation of Fender's classic instrument for today's players. Features include their high-mass vintage bridge, a thinner finish undercoat that lets the body breathe and improves resonance, and the improved Fender tuning keys that keep the classic look but are 30 percent lighter, a richer and deeper neck tint for a more elegant appearance, a great-looking glossed maple fingerboard and satin back for smooth playability, a Fender-exclusive SKB molded case and a gorgeous Blizzard Pearl finish option. This version of the Fender American Standard Jazz Bass features a maple fretboard for slightly brighter tone. >More


    Fender Modern Player Telecaster Bass

    NON-NEW $469.95

    A classic Fender bass design returns with an unusual twist delivering utterly seismic sound. The Fender Telecaster Bass is back at last in the smart form of the Modern Player Telecaster Bass, which boasts not one but two massive humbucking pickups. >More


    Squier Classic Vibe '60s Jazz Bass

    NON-NEW $299.95

    Squier's Classic Vibe Jazz Bass '60s has all of the "deluxe" elements its Fender big brother had when it was introduced in the 1960s--a groovy offset waist, a narrow fast-action maple neck with a rosewood fingerboard, two custom single-coil pickups, individual volume controls that let players "solo' either pickup or blend them, and a master tone control for overall sound shaping. The look is pure Fender--a classic Olympic White finish on a basswood body with a tortoise shell pickguard, thumbrest and "HiMass" bridge with brass barrel saddles. The vintage-tint gloss-maple neck has a rosewood fingerboard with 20 vintage-style frets and a modern 9.5 inch radius. Tonal versatility and clarity with a quick, punchy up-front sound. >More


    Schecter Session Riot 4 Electric Bass

    NEW $599
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $299.50

    The no-nonsense Schecter Riot-4 Session bass offers distinct, classic looks and high end electronics in an affordable package. Schecter loads the bass with EMG Active humbuckers and a 3-Band active EQ for huge tonal possibilities, making the Riot-4 Session a joy to play. >More


    Hofner Shorty Travel Electric Bass

    NEW $199.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The Hofner Shorty bass offers full scale length combined with such small overall dimensions that it can be taken anywhere. The Shorty bass has a 30" scale. All Shorty basses include a gigbag. >More


    Warwick Corvette DB Doublebuck 4

    NEW $2,799.99 - $2,999.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $1,400.00

    A solid feel in your hands, the Warwick Corvette Doublebuck 4 bass delivers that classic rock sound. Beautifully made and delivers plenty of that characteristic low growl for which Warwick basses are famous. >More


    Epiphone Limited Edition Thunderbird IV

    NEW $299
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $149.50

    Building upon the long-term success of the classic Thunderbird, Epiphone has created the Epiphone Limited Edition Thunderbird IV Electric Bass Guitar. Featuring a unique 'reversed' zig-zag body design and equally distinct headstock, the Thunderbird IV electric bass is the ultimate rock and roll low-end machine. >More


    Ibanez SR1400E Premium Electric Bass

    NEW $999.99 - $1,149.99
    NON-NEW $799.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $500.00

    The Ibanez SR1400E SR Premium Bass is designed with high-end features while maintaining affordability. The Ibanez Premium factory provides the same award winning quality shown in the Prestige line. SR Premium is the standard for the serious professional musician. >More


    Schecter Stiletto Extreme4 Electric Bass

    NEW $429
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $214.50

    The Schecter Stiletto Extreme 4 electric bass delivers the ideal combination of hard-hitting Schecter sound and jaw-dropping aesthetics. The Stiletto Extreme 4 bass has a lower cutaway basswood body, exquisite figured maple top, maple neck, and 24 jumbo fret rosewood fingerboard that provide a uniquely awesome playing experience. And for dialing in your ideal sound, the Stiletto Extreme 4 bass's 2 Schecter bass humbucker pickups with Active EQ give you maximum control. If you like your sound heavy and your electric bass awe-inspiring, get the Schecter Stiletto Extreme 4. >More


    Hofner Ignition Club Electric Bass

    NEW $469.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $235.00

    The Hofner Ignition HI series models have a fully hollow body combined with Hoefner 70's style 'staple' pick-ups to give the authentic Hofner sound. >More


    Schecter Stiletto Custom Electric Bass

    NEW $549
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $274.50

    The Schecter Stiletto Custom bass offers phenomenal tone, a fast neck, hot EMG pickups, thunderous low end and a snappy high end. The Stiletto Custom bass also features a mahogany body with a figured maple top, rosewood fingerboard with 24 jumbo frets, Grover tuners and a 2-band EQ. >More


    Ibanez GSR200SM Electric Bass

    NEW $249.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $125.00

    Built to hold its own against pro level competitors, the GSR200SMNGT features a solid Mahogany body an exotically Spalted Maple top finished in deep, warm, Natural Gray Burst. A Rosewood fingerboard, accented with medium-size pearl dot inlays round out the visuals. >More


    Tobias Toby Standard IV Electric Bass

    NEW $199
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    Epiphone is proud to reintroduce a classic bass that players have been waiting for: the Toby Standard-IV. With its roots in the original designs of Michael Tobias introduced over 20 years ago, the "Toby" brought real innovation and affordability to bassists hungry for something that reflected modern playing styles. >More


    Ibanez DTB400 Destroyer Electric Bass

    NEW $499.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $250.00

    One of the most recognized body shapes in Ibanez history is the Destroyer. Originally introduced in 1983, its distinctive, dramatic look and bone-rattling low end have allowed it evolve to icon status over the years and its latest incarnation, the DTB400RBT, is a welcome addition to a proud lineage. >More


    Fender Select Active Jazz Bass

    NEW $2,299.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $1,150.00

    Like its passive-electronics 2012 predecessor, the Fender Select Active Jazz Bass takes our most versatile bass to greater heights of elegance and power. Its alder body has a flame maple top and a beautiful hand-stained Tobacco Sunburst finish with gloss-lacquer topcoat. >More


    Peavey Millennium 4 AC BXP Active Bass

    NEW $299 - $330
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $149.50

    Each Millennium AC BXP bass features a basswood body, hard rock maple neck with rosewood fretboard and an attractive quilted maple cap. An active electronic system, driven by Peavey Cirrus neck and bridge active pickups, provides an extra boost in volume and tone with more expressive sound control. These 21-fret, 34 in. scale basses also feature volume, pickup blend, bass, mid and treble controls, as well as the updated Peavey headstock design. >More


    Fender Deluxe Dimension IV Electric Bass

    NEW $749.99
    NON-NEW $589.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $375.00

    The Fender Deluxe Dimension Bass IV is a phenomenal instrument, with an ash body in the completely new Dimension shape. >More


    Gretsch G5440 Long Scale Electric Bass

    NEW $899.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $450.00

    The Gretsch G5440LS Electromatic hollowbody long-scale bass is a stylishly seismic bass guitar, armed with two powerful Black Top Filter'Tron bass pickups that endow it with an electrifying deep-end voice and identity. >More


    MTD Kingston CRB4 Electric Bass

    NEW $299.99 - $399.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $150.00

    The MTD Kingston CRB4 is the result of Michael Tobias wanting to create a classic rock bass that still includes many of his innovative design elements. With the tried-and-true 34 inch scale neck, unique body design and a Buzz Feiten tuning system, this bass simply rocks. >More


    Fender Mike Dirnt Roadworn Bass

    NEW $1,099.99
    NON-NEW $849.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $550.00

    Fender and hard-hitting Green Day bassist Mike Dirnt join forces once again to bring you the Mike Dirnt Road Worn Precision Bass. With original era 1951 Precision styling, its ash body wears a 3-Color Sunburst or White Blonde lacquer finish worn to perfection to simulate years of hardplayed onstage glory. >More


    Fender Cabronita Precision Bass Maple

    NEW $599.99
    NON-NEW $469.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $300.00

    The Cabronita Precision Bass takes Fenders revolutionary first bass and decks it out in distinctive and powerful Cabronita style. >More


    Fender Classic Rosewood '70s Jazz Bass

    NEW $849.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $425.00

    Fender's '70s Jazz Bass captures the essence of the decade; defined by striking cosmetics and a bright, full sound. The '70s saw the repositioning of the bridge pickup (closer to the bridge), creating a brighter tone that cuts through the mix. The biggest cosmetic upgrade came in the form of gorgeous block inlays and neck binding, which are highly sought after by many bass players. >More


    Warwick Pro Series Thumb 4 Electric Bass

    NEW $1,199.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $600.00

    The Pro Series Thumb Bolt-On bass from Warwick provides truly remarkable value with high-end tonewoods and electronics for working bassists. The Ovangkol body, bolt-on Maple neck and Wenge fingerboard provide a beautiful look as well as an incredible punch and dynamic tone. >More


    Reverend Mercalli 4 Electric Bass

    NEW $899
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $449.50

    Big, deep and punchy with excellent clarity is the calling card of the Reverend Mercalli 4. The innovative passive pickups have that vintage warmth, while the five-piece neck and lock down bridge deliver modern punch and sustain! >More


    Ibanez AGB200 Artcore Semi-Hollow Bass

    NEW $549.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $275.00

    The Ibanez AGB200 Artcore Semi-Hollow Electric Bass features a select-grade maple top, back and sides for a classic look and superb tonal response. With its expertly crafted set-in neck, bound rosewood fretboard, and pearl dot inlays, the AGB200 is a remarkable value. >More


    ESP LTD B-10 Electric Bass Guitar

    NEW $199
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    Based on the popular B series by ESP, the B10 is a great and affordable addition to the series. Designed from the ground up for beginners, featuring an agathis body, 24 extra jumbo frets, split single pickup and a comfortable thin maple neck perfect for those just starting out on the instrument. If you need a solid bass at an affordable price then look no further! >More


    Squier Bronco Electric Bass, Maple

    NEW $149.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The Squier Bronco bass is great for guitarists who occasionally need a bass, younger beginners, smaller players, or for anyone who likes the feel of the short scale (30"). >More


    Ibanez GATK20 GIO Electric Bass

    NEW $149.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The Ibanez GATK20 GIO Bass is a streamlined version of the ATK bass. It gives you a huge rock sound straight from the same big ATK body. >More


    ESP B-50 LTD Electric Bass

    NEW $219
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The ESP B50 features both P and J-style pickups, making it a very versatile instrument. >More


    Fender Mike Dirnt Precision Bass

    NEW $799.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $400.00

    The Mike Dirnt Precision Bass is as unique and cool as Green Day's music and was designed to Mike's own unique specifications. Mike's bass was modeled after the Fender '51 P Bass, and features an ash, slab body with a '55 arm contour and pickguard. >More


    ESP LTD B204SM Electric Bass

    NEW $449
    NON-NEW $329.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $224.50

    The ESP LTD B204SM Electric Bass yields incredible looks and a punchy, dynamic tone thanks to a beautiful Spalted Maple top on an Ash body! This wood combination provides great clarity and resonance. >More


    Schecter Stiletto Studio4 Fretless Bass

    NEW $699
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $349.50

    The Schecter Stiletto Studio 4 fretless basses neck plays fast and smooth, and satin gold hardware-including Grover tuners and a Diamond Custom bridge-perfectly accents the beautifully figured bubinga top. A sleek, sharp looking bass loaded with features that count. Neck-thru construction gives it excellent sustain. A mahogany body gives it great tone and resonance. EMG-Hz pickups and active 3-band tone circuitry deliver the output and dialability you need to handle every situation. >More


    Warwick Rockbass Corvette 4 Bass

    NEW $599.99
    NON-NEW $459.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $300.00

    The Warwick RockBass Corvette 4 Basic Passive Bass Guitar is beautifully made and delivers plenty of that characteristic low growl for which Warwick basses are famous. >More


    Warwick Rockbass Corvette Premium 4

    NEW $949.99
    NON-NEW $699.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $475.00

    The popular Warwick Corvette body shape, known worldwide, features an alder body lends graceful curves and a solid foundation to provide both thundering lows and distinct highs in an instrument that is just as much fun to play as it is to look at. >More


    ESP LTD Streamer 204 Electric Bass

    NEW $499
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $249.50

    The ESP/LTD Stream-204 bass features Bolt-on neck construction, 34" scale, Mahogany Body with Maple Neck and Rosewood fingerboard. >More


    Traveler Guitar TB4P Electric Bass

    NEW $499.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $250.00

    The Traveler Guitar TB-4P Bass is a 32-inch scale electric travel bass with a built-in headphone amplifier. Electronics include volume & tone controls and standard 1/4-inch out as well as a 1/8-inch aux-in for jamming with your mp3 player. At just 6 pounds 8 ounces and 35 1/4 inches long, the TB-4P fits in airline overhead compartments and is the most portable full-featured travel bass on the market. >More

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