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    5-String or More Electric Bass Guitars 108 products


    Ibanez BTB775PB 5-String Electric Bass

    NEW $949.99 - $1,099.94

    Without a doubt, your instrument should equal the quality of your effort. At some point the word "boutique" comes to mind: Select-grade materials, neck-thru construction, and top quality components, all in a meticulously crafted instrument. But what about the price? That's where the Ibanez BTB775PB 5-String Electric Bass comes in. >More


    Fender Dimension V 5-String Rosewood

    NEW $799.99
    NON-NEW $629.95

    The five-string Fender Deluxe Dimension Bass V is a phenomenal instrument, with an ash body in the Dimension shape (alder body on Black finish model). >More


    Fender 2012 USA STD Precision V Bass MN

    NEW $1,449.99

    The Fender American Standard Precision V electric bass is an indestructible workhorse for the bassist who wants the greater range of a five-string. An American Standard Precision Bass Alnico V split single-coil pickup provides a powerful tone that is well balanced and surprisingly versatile. >More


    Fender 2012 USA STD Jazz V Bass RW

    NEW $1,499.99

    The Fender American Standard Jazz V 5-String Electric Bass is a race car instrument for the bassist who wants the greater range of a five-string that sings, snarls, grooves and growls. A Modern C shape Maple neck allows you to fly up and down the neck. The American Standard Jazz V bass features an American Standard Jazz Bass single-coil pickup for a powerful tone with defined clarity and great punch. >More


    Warwick Rockbass Corvette Electric Bass

    NEW $1,049.99
    NON-NEW $783.95

    The Warwick RockBass Corvette premium 5-string electric bass guitar is known for its unique body shape and stunning features. An alder body, maple neck, rosewood fingerboard, and solid foundation provide this 5-string electric with Warwick's famous low growl and distinctive highs. >More


    Ibanez BTB676M Electric Bass, 6-String

    NEW $899.99 - $1,049.94

    The Ibanez BTB676M features 5 piece Maple/Buginga 35 inch scale thru-neck, which gives you longer sustain and additional tension for the low-B string. Its cutaways are deep enough to reach to the 24th fret with ease. >More


    Ibanez SR805 Electric Bass, 5-String

    NEW $899.99 - $1,049.94
    NON-NEW $699.95

    For 25 years the Ibanez SR has given electric bass players a modern alternative. With its smooth, fast neck, lightweight body, and perfectly matched electronics. The Ibanez SR805 five-string model shows what makes Ibanez such a popular maker of five-string basses. >More


    Ibanez SR1605E Electric Bass, 5-String

    NEW $1,299

    The Ibanez SR1605E was designed with high-end features while maintaining affordability. Part of the SR Premium line and manufactured in the Ibanez Premium factory, the SR Premium 1605E 5-string electric bass is designed with high-end features while maintaining affordability, making it the standard for the serious, professional musician. >More


    ESP LTD B206SM Electric Bass, 6-String

    NEW $529

    The ESP LTD B206SM Electric Bass is built for beautiful performance, looks, and tone. A Spalted Maple top on an Ash body provides optimal tone and a gorgeous look normally only found on much more expensive models. >More


    Ibanez SR655 Electric Bass, 5-String

    NEW $749.99

    The Ibanez SR655 is a handsome 5-string bass designed with the working musician in mind. At the heart of this bass is an ash body, chosen for its bright, articulate tone and long sustain. >More


    Ibanez BTB685 Terra Firma Electric Bass

    NEW $949.99 - $1,099.94

    If you're looking for that new bass tool to enrich your creative palette, The Ibanez Bass Workshop may have built your next instrument. This new product group focuses on combining unusual concepts with the bass-building virtuosity on which Ibanez has built its reputation. >More


    Ibanez GVB36 Gerald Veasley Bass

    NON-NEW $959.95

    The Ibanez GVB36 Gerald Veasley Signature Bass was designed with the close guidance of renowned Jazz bassist Gerald Veasley. This remarkable bass has professional features needed by Veasley and allows him to get a smooth, rapturous, and fluid tone. >More


    Schecter Stiletto Studio 8 8-String Bass

    NEW $859
    NON-NEW $614.95

    Often only available as a custom shop bass, the 8-string's double octave design produces its own wall of sound. This 8-string has a neck-thru construction with a Mahogany/exotic Bubinga body, finished in a Natural Honey Satin. The Studio is armed with EMG HZ pickups with a mid control on its 18-volt 3-band EQ. Other features include satin Gold Grover tuners, a maple/walnut neck and a 24 medium frets on a rosewood fingerboard. >More


    ESP LTD B205SM Electric Bass, 5-String

    NEW $499

    The distinct, natural appearance of the Spalted Maple top on the ESP LTD B205SM 5-String Electric Bass Guitar provides a gorgeous look that isn't too flashy. >More


    Ibanez BTB33 Electric Bass, 5-String

    NEW $999.99

    Designed for players looking to explore the upper region of the fretboard, the BTB33 is a 5-string bass tuned from E to C. Excellent for playing chords and soloing up by a 33" scale neck. This 5-piece Maple/Bubinga "Medium Scale" neck helps to create the proper tension and tonal quality for the C string without compromising the deep tone of the E string. It also facilitates faster playing and easier chording. >More


    Ibanez GSR206 6-String Electric Bass

    NEW $299.99

    GSR models with high-output pickups offer famous Soundgear professional comfort and playability at "entry-level" prices. The GSR105EX and GSR206 finally give beginners the chance to own a five or six-string high-quality bass for an affordable price. The GSR206 is a solidly built six-string bass, offering added range and versatility to any bassist's arsenal. >More


    Gibson EB Electric Bass, 5-String

    NEW $899.99

    Gibson's EB bass has been a trusted favorite of rock, blues and pop players since the early '60s, so it's only natural that this legendary Gibson four-string should form the foundation of a remarkably versatile five-string. >More


    Fender Deluxe Dimension V Electric Bass

    NEW $799.99
    NON-NEW $639.95

    The Fender Deluxe Dimension Bass V 5-String Bass Guitar with Maple fingerboard provides a look, tone and features that are a departure from what has been produced by Fender over the last 60-plus years. >More


    Schecter Stiletto Vintage 5 Bass

    NEW $339

    A great bass for beginners or pros, the Stiletto Vintage 5 Bass features a basswood body with a flat top contour, rosewood fretboard with 24 x-jumbo frets, Schecter tuners and an active 2-band EQ. >More


    ESP B-55 LTD Electric Bass

    NEW $299

    If you've been waiting for the right time to give the 5-string a try -- here's your chance. Now you can add the expanded range and massive low-end of that low B to your arsenal at an incredibly affordable price. Leave it to ESP to deliver high quality at such an affordable price. The B55 features an Agathis body, a 24-fret Maple/Rosewood neck, and jumbo frets that are so easy to play. >More


    ESP E-II AP-5 5-String Bass

    NEW $1,499

    The ESP E-II AP-5 bass has the tonewoods, electronics and quality craftsmanship by ESP luthiers in Japan to go toe-to-toe with instruments costing much more! The White Ash body combined with the Maple neck and Rosewood fingerboard come together to yield incredible dynamics, punch and resonance. >More


    Schecter Stiletto Stealth-5 Bsdd

    NEW $449

    5-string low end rumble with a killer blacked-out look! The Stiletto Stealth-5 from Schecter features Diamond SuperRock MM and Diamond P pickups with active 2-band EQ for great versatility. >More


    Schecter Diamond-P 5-String Custom Bass

    NEW $849
    NON-NEW $599.95

    The Schecter Diamond-P Custom Active-5 sports a Grover MINI to keep your bass in tune, no matter if you're transporting it to a gig or rocking out on stage. >More


    Ibanez GSR205SM Electric Bass 5-String

    NEW $299.99
    NON-NEW $229.95

    Patterned on their famous SR 5-string, this Ibanez GSR offers the same alternative approach to electric bass that all SR basses do. Light in weight, heavy in tone, with the fast, thin neck that's noticeably easier to play--whether you're a veteran player, or just starting out. >More


    Ibanez GSR206SM Electric Bass 6-String

    NEW $349.99
    NON-NEW $264.95

    Built to hold its own against pro level competitors, the GSR206SM features a solid Mahogany body, and exotically Spalted Maple top. A Rosewood fingerboard, accented with medium-size pearl dot inlays round out the visuals. >More


    ESP LTD D5 5-String Electric Bass

    NEW $559

    The D5 features neck-thru-body construction, a merbau body, and a 5-piece neck. >More


    Ibanez SR705 5-String Electric Bass

    NON-NEW $659.95

    Since 1987, trends have come and gone. But the fast and versatile Soundgear basses continue to lay down the groove in every style imaginable in every venue possible. Now in 2008, Ibanez offers a vast array of different Soundgear models including neck-thru-body, fretless and left-handed. The Ibanez SR705 is one most striking basses in the Soundgear series. WIth a figured maple top and Jatoba/Bubinga neck, the SR705 definitely turns heads. With its Bartolini MK1 pickups and EQ, it sounds fantastic too. >More


    Music Man Classic StingRay 5-String Bass

    NEW $2,254

    Combining the best of vintage style and modern appointments, Music Man's Classic StingRay 5 String basses are rock solid! Features such as an ash body, stunning figured maple neck, Music Man humbucker and a 2 band active EQ give the Classic StingRay 5 strings massive tone, superb feel, and great looks. Topped off with a Music Man bridge, 6 bolt neck construction, Schaller tuners and Music Man's unequaled craftsmanship, this is definitely a bass you must have in your arsenal. >More


    Tobias Toby Deluxe V Electric Bass

    NEW $329

    The Tobias Toby Deluxe V 5-string electric bass guitar is based on the original Toby bass released over 10 years ago and brings real innovation to modern bass players. >More


    Ibanez BTB-675 5-String Electric Bass

    NEW $849.99 - $999.94
    NON-NEW $614.95

    The concepts behind boutique basses are often the justification for making them extremely expensive. With the advent of the BTB however, Ibanez decided that these same concepts of well-selected body materials, 35-inch neck scale, and deep cutaways could be applied to an instrument that anyone could afford. All the BTBs feature neck-thru construction and deeper cutaways for enhanced playability and balance. >More


    Ibanez GSR105EX 5-String Electric Bass

    NEW $199.99

    GSR models with high-output pickups offer famous Soundgear professional comfort and playability at "entry-level" prices. The GSR105EX and GSR206 finally give beginners the chance to own a five or six-string high-quality bass for an affordable price. The GSR105EX features a single exposed-coil humbucker for beefy rock sound that goes all the way down to B. >More


    Ibanez SR305 Electric Bass, 5-String

    NEW $399.99

    The Ibanez SR305B 5-string electric bass is priced like a beginner's instrument, but it has features that make it anything but a cut-rate starter axe. First off, it has a 5-piece SR5 maple/rosewood neck and light, Mahogany body with smooth rounded edges and a deep, lower cutaway for better access to the upper frets. >More


    Ibanez GSRM25 GiO Mikro Electric Bass

    NEW $199.99

    Ibanez GSR Mikro basses offer anyone who needs a compact axe or the comfort of a smaller neck (especially young rockers) a real alternative to smaller scale basses. >More


    Ibanez SR755 Electric Bass

    NEW $899.99 - $1,049.94

    The Ibanez SR755 is a handsome 5-string bass designed with the working musician in mind. The Mahogany body, combined with a Bubinga top, creates a warm balanced tone that is punchy and articulate. >More


    ESP LTD D6 6-String Electric Bass Guitar

    NEW $599

    The ESP LTD D6 6-string Bass Guitar is a fantastic neck-thru-body bass with powerful 3-band EQ and a fast-playing neck. The D6 sounds as incredible as it looks. The body is made of merbau, a superb, if often overlooked tonewood. The neck is 5-piece maple and mahogany, and the 24-fret fingerboard is made of rosewood. The D6 has a 34-inch scale length, which is great for players who are not used to the 35-inch scale often found on 6-string basses >More


    Fender American Standard Dimension V HH

    NEW $1,499.99

    Dimension basses present the modern pinnacle of Fender style, power, performance and personality. With an original body style, powerful pickups and electronics, and other fine features, they let you sculpt your tone with unparalleled bass artistry. >More


    Jackson David Ellefson CBXV Bass

    NEW $499.99

    The Jackson David Ellefson CBXV Electric Bass Guitar brings you formidable features with all the attitude and beefy looks designed by the fleet-fingered Megadeth bassist. >More


    ESP LTD RB1005 Electric Bass

    NEW $1,199 - $1,249
    NON-NEW $969.95

    The RB Series basses have been a labor of love, passion and hard work between ESP and bass legend Rocco Prestia (Tower of Power). The RB basses utilize unique features including Aguilar J and P pickups, Aguilar OBP-2 preamps and gorgeous spalted maple and burled maple finishes. >More


    Fender 2012 USA STD Jazz V Bass, Maple

    NEW $1,499.99

    The Fender American Standard Jazz V 5-String Electric Bass is a race car instrument for the bassist who wants the greater range of a five-string that sings, snarls, grooves and growls. >More


    Godin A5 Ultra Fretted Electric Bass

    NON-NEW $914.95

    The Godin A5 Ultra SA semi-acoustic basses feature more sonic possibilities than ever with the addition of a Low Profile Lace Sensor electric pickup with side mounted volume and tone controls. >More

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