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    6-String Acoustic-Electric Guitars 323 products


    Ibanez AEL108MD Acoustic-Electric Guitar

    NEW $399.99

    The AEL108MDNT is an AEL body acoustic/electric 8-string guitar with the G and D string doubled an octave above, as on a 12-string. This configuration incorporates the full, "chime-y" octave sound of a 12-string, while retaining the ability to bend the B and high E string. >More


    Alvarez MFA70CE Masterworks Folk Guitar

    NEW $1,099.95

    The Alvarez MFA70CE is made from a hand selected, solid AA Sitka Spruce top, and solid, fully-cured East Indian Rosewood back and sides. Each component is made of natural material, including real bone saddles and nuts, Acacia Koa binding, Paua Abalone purflings, ebony bridge pins and green abalone inlays. >More


    Taylor 316ce Grand Symphony Cutaway

    NEW $1,799

    The richness of the solid-wood acoustic experience begins with the 300 Series. Sapele shares mahogany's lively tonal response and, together with a gloss-finish Sitka spruce top, rings out with a brightness and clarity that give these guitars a definitive Taylor voice. Black binding flanks sapele's ribbon-like grain, with large pearl fretboard dots adding a traditional touch. >More


    Takamine P1NC Acoustic-Electric Guitar

    NEW $1,099.99

    Takamine's top-line Pro Series presents the new P1NC acoustic/electric, which delivers full and balanced tone from the unique Takamine NEX/grand auditorium style body with a comfortable Venetian cutaway, smooth playability and state-of-the-art onboard electronics. >More


    Breedlove Solo Dreadnought

    NEW $699.99
    NON-NEW $539.95

    Breedlove Solo Dreadnought Acoustic-Electric Guitar: For the singer-songwriter recording artist, designed to give a whole new perspective on sound, projecting sonic subtleties directly to the player's ears. >More


    Gibson 2015 Custom J45 Mystic Rosewood

    NEW $3,299

    Without question, the Gibson J-45 is one of the most beloved acoustic guitars in history, and the icon of Gibson's round-shoulder line. The J-45 Custom Mystic Rosewood is a celebration of the original. Combining vintage appointments with several modern features, the J-45 Custom delivers the renowned tone of classic. >More


    Taylor 612CE Acoustic Electric Guitar

    NON-NEW $2,429

    Visually and sonically, Taylor's maple guitars command a striking stage presence. >More


    Fender CD-140SCE Classic Design Acoustic

    NEW $299.99

    The Fender CD-140SCE dreadnought cutaway offers full, resonant sound and great value, with a solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides. >More


    Breedlove Pursuit Dreadnought Ebony

    NEW $649

    The Pursuit Plus Dreadnought is a true reflection of Breedlove's distinctively crafted sound found in an exceptional appointment package. The full-depth dreadnought's top, back and sides are constructed of Java ebony, and the top is Adirondack, delivering a warm, musical tone when played both acoustically and plugged in. >More


    Silvertone 633E Reissue Acoustic

    NEW $359.99 - $379.99

    Before the birth of Silvertone electrics, the original Silvertone acoustic guitars graced the American landscape from the 40's through the 70's. >More


    Seagull Maritime SWS QI Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $949

    The Seagull Maritime SWS Rosewood SG, features all solid wood construction with a Select Pressure Tested solid spruce top and solid rosewood back & sides. The Maritime SWS RW SG also features a semi-gloss Custom Polished Finish with a beautiful satin sheen. >More


    Taylor 916ce Grand Symphony Acoustic-Electric Guitar

    NEW $4,999

    The Taylor 916ce Grand Symphony is an astoundingly toneful instrument with beautiful inlay details and an armrest for a distinct look and brilliant feel. Solid Indian rosewood back and sides and a solid Sitka spruce top make up the powerful Grand Symphony body, yielding a rich tone with huge projection which is great for heavy strummers. >More


    Ibanez AEW40ZW Artwood Zebrawood Guitar

    NEW $399.99

    The Ibanez AEW40ZWNT is an EW body acoustic/electric with Zebrawood top, back & sides. With its alternating light and dark lines, the unique appearance of this instrument is truly stunning. Indigenous to Western Africa, Zebrawood is similar to Indian Rosewood with well-defined bass and trebles, and projects with excellent volume. >More


    Washburn WD-20SCE Acoustic-Electric

    NEW $349

    The solid spruce top of the WD20SCE provides the ultimate sound board for projection, clarity, and resonance -- lending itself to all styles of music and playing from strumming to finger-picking. A single cutaway with a Fishman USA pickup and Equis II+ electronics. Outstanding design is the philosophy behind the creation of the Washburn WD20S acoustic electric guitar. With its competitive price, classic dreadnought body and rosewood back and sides, the WD20SCE acoustic guitar is an unbeatable instrument. >More

    Gibson 2016 SJ-200 Jumbo Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $4,149 - $4,349

    The legacy of Gibson's "King of the Flat-tops" lives on in the 2016 SJ-200 Standard. From its inaugural appearance in 1937, Gibson's SJ-200 set an unmatched standard. >More


    Washburn WCD18CE Comfort Series

    NEW $299

    Washburn's Comfort Series, which the WCD18CE is a part of, combines looks and ergonomics to deliver the ultimate player-friendly guitars. With their unique belly and top carves, these guitars hug the body rather than digging into it and provide a comfortable playing experience whether you're sitting or standing. >More


    Dean Exotica Quilt Ash Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $299.95 - $399

    Beautiful quilted ash guitar with 3-band EQ, and sealed tuners! >More


    Taylor 812e-ES2 Grand Concert

    NEW $3,299

    Taylor's rosewood/spruce 812e-ES2 Grand Concert Acoustic-Electric Guitar is all about articulation and intimacy. It's a fingerstyle favorite for its balanced and focused response and makes a perfect recording guitar, as it fits well with other instruments. >More


    Takamine P6JC Pro Series Jumbo

    NEW $1,999
    NON-NEW $1,709

    Takamine's P6JC jumbo cutaway model is loud and forceful, with a resonant solid spruce top with scalloped "X" top bracing for maximum volume, a solid flame maple back and flame maple sides, a convenient Venetian cutaway for easy access to the upper reaches of the fingerboard, and elegant body binding with black and white purfling and mother-of-pearl rosette. >More


    Breedlove Discovery Dreadnought CE

    NEW $399
    NON-NEW $269.95

    For players who want distinctively crafted sound with the notable projection of a Breedlove dreadnought, the Discovery Dreadnought CE is ready for amplification and outfitted for ease of playability with a soft cutaway. >More


    Taylor 618e Acoustic-Electric Guitar

    NEW $2,999
    NON-NEW $2,399

    Maple's bright, focused tone gives the Taylor 618ce a powerful voice with impressive sustain and a splash of extra warmth. An array of color and burst options embellish maple's striking figure. >More


    Guild F-130RCE Orchestra Acoustic Guitar

    NON-NEW $684.95

    The orchestra-style Guild F-130RCE is an ideal choice for live performance. The solid spruce top and solid rosewood back and sides produce warm bass and clear mids and highs, and the 1 3/4 nut makes it great for everything from fingerstyle playing to folk strumming. >More


    Merida A15-DCES Dreadnought Guitar

    NEW $599

    The A15-DCES acoustic/electric cutaway dreadnought has an amazing bold and balanced tone. The solid Sitka spruce top resonates incredibly well and will continue to improve with time. >More


    Alvarez MFA66CESHB Masterworks Acoustic

    NEW $839.99

    The all-new Alvarez MFA66CESHB is made from a hand selected, solid African mahogany top, and solid, fully-cured African mahogany back and sides. Each component is made of natural material, including real bone saddles and nuts, Acacia Koa binding, Paua Abalone purflings, ebony bridge pins and green abalone inlays. >More


    Gibson J29 Acoustic-Electric Guitar

    NEW $2,249

    Gibson expertly crafted the J29 round-shoulder dreadnought guitar in Bozeman, Montana with an exciting tonewood selection and pro electronics. >More


    Alvarez AD70CE Dreadought Guitar

    NEW $489.99

    The Alvarez AD70CE is a dreadnought acoustic-electric guitar is suitable for all styles of playing and comes fitted with the awesome SYS650 blend system EQ with tuner. >More


    Godin Multiac Steel Duet Guitar

    NEW $1,399

    A fantastic addition to the Multiac family is the Godin Multiac Steel Duet Ambiance, quite possibly one of the best sounding electro-acoustic steel string guitars the company has ever produced! >More


    Ibanez EP10 Steve Vai Signature Acoustic

    NEW $1,099

    The Ibanez EP10 Euphoria Steve Vai acoustic electric guitar features a solid Engelmann spruce top, mahogany neck, and a special thin body that is designed for comfort. The 'Tree of Life' inlay and original metal plate rosette give the EP10 a fantastic elegant look. The Fishman Aura IC preamp has 4 pre-set images customized specifically for Steve Vai which give a great array of tone for virtually any style. >More


    Taylor 210ce Deluxe Cutaway Guitar

    NEW $1,199 - $1,299
    NON-NEW $924.95

    Guitar makers have been trying to replicate the tonal capabilities of Taylor guitars for decades, and the Taylor 210ce Dreadnought Deluxe is a good reminder of why. This Taylor acoustic electric uses the new Taylor Expression System 2 along with choice woods on the top, back and sides to produce the warm and balanced Taylor tone with great intonation musicians have grown accustomed to over the years. >More


    Taylor 520e All-Mahogany Dreadnought

    NEW $2,399

    The powerful dreadnought Taylor 520e, paired with an all-mahogany tonewood selection, unleashes a robust tone with a strong upper midrange that hearty strummers and lively pickers will love. >More


    Ibanez AEW40ZW Cordia Acoustic-Electric

    NEW $399.99

    The Ibanez AEW40CDNT is an EW body acoustic/electric with Cordia top, back & sides. Indigenous to Mexico, Cordia is a colorful tonewood that inspires tonal comparisons to Rosewood, but with added clarity. It has a resonant, "reverb-y" character that makes for a vibrantly responsive instrument. >More


    Alvarez AD60CE Dreadnought Guitar

    NEW $429.99

    The Alvarez AD60CE is an acoustic-electric version of the AD60 which is fitted with the awesome SYS550, blend system EQ w/tuner, developed by our friends at B-BAND. >More


    D'Angelico SD400 Brooklyn Dreadnought

    NEW $899.99 - $999.94

    No, it will not bum you a smoke. The brand new Brooklyn (SD-400) has a voice all its own. Its rich, dreadnought shout is propelled by a sapele back, sides, and a solid Sitka spruce top. >More


    Taylor 514ce Grand Auditorium Acoustic

    NEW $2,999

    Taylor Guitars is introducing a limited run of Grand Auditorium guitars featuring a trio of stunning tonewoods and features a dramatic, hand-crafted Florentine cutaway and a new appointment package to accent these hand-selected woods. >More


    Taylor 814e Grand Auditorium

    NEW $3,299

    Taylor's popular 814ce offers players the ultimate all-purpose guitar. Its balance, warmth and articulation are great for fingerstyle, it has enough punch as a strummer to front a band, and the top-end power will fuel lead runs without getting shrill. >More


    BC Rich BCR4 Cutaway Acoustic-Electric

    NEW $299.99

    What initially started Bernie Rico on his quest to making the great guitars that make up B.C. Rich was his passion for making acoustic guitars. The BCR4 mimics those great original ideas and enhances them. >More


    Greg Bennett GOM-100-SCE Guitar

    NEW $189

    The Greg Bennett GOM-100-SCE is a full size Orchestra Model acoustic guitar specifically engineered for the serious player. Carefully selected tone woods of mahogany and spruce create a sound that is well balanced and articulate, especially for finger pickers. >More


    Fender CD-100CE Classic Design Acoustic

    NEW $299.99

    The Fender CD-100CE dreadnought cutaway delivers great sound, looks, feel and value, with a natural-finish spruce top, and mahogany back and sides. >More


    Taylor 314e Grand Auditorium Guitar

    NEW $1,599

    The richness of the solid-wood acoustic experience begins with Taylor's 300 Series. Sapele shares mahogany's lively tonal response and, together with a gloss-finish Sitka spruce top, rings out with a brightness and clarity that give these guitars a definitive Taylor voice. Black binding flanks sapele's ribbon-like grain, with large pearl fretboard dots adding a traditional touch. >More


    Kremona Sofia S63CW Classical

    NEW $699.95
    NON-NEW $534.95

    The heart of Kremona's Crossover Series of hybrid-feel acoustic/electric nylon string guitars, the Sofia S63CW classical guitar features a 500mm radius fingerboard, a narrow 48mm neck width at nut, a compact 63cm scale length a solid red cedar top, rustic matte-finish back and sides and Fishman electronics. >More

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