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    6-String Acoustic Guitars 167 products


    Martin 000-28K Authentic 1921 Acoustic

    NEW $5,999
    NON-NEW $4,349

    Based on a pristine 1921 000-28K from the Martin Museum collection, this second new addition features a slotted head 12-fret neck and is a completely faithful recreation of the original, featuring heavily flamed Hawaiian koa top, back and sides, hide glue construction and a hand -shaped neck without a truss rod. >More


    Alvarez AF66 Folk Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $329.99

    If you're looking for killer acoustic tone & playability combined with top-shelf fit & finish at a value price, look no further. With standard features normally only found on high-end instruments, the Alvarez AF66 delivers that huge acoustic sound you never thought you could afford. >More


    Alvarez AD60 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $299.99

    If you're looking for killer acoustic tone & playability combined with top-shelf fit & finish at a value price, look no further than the Alvarez AD60. With standard features normally only found on high-end instruments, the Alvarez AD60 delivers that huge acoustic sound you never thought you could afford. >More


    Taylor 520 All-Mahogany Dreadnought

    NEW $2,099
    NON-NEW $1,559

    Taylor's all-mahogany Dreadnought 520 guitar pairs a traditional acoustic body style with a classic tonewood, resulting in an extra punchy midrange (especially the upper mids) that will respond well to assertive strummers and pickers. >More


    Taylor 522 12-Fret Mahogany

    NEW $2,249

    The Taylor 522 12-Fret Grand Concert blends mahogany's meaty midrange character with the focused sound of a smaller body, and incorporates a 12-fret design for a slightly warmer, more "broken-in" tone. >More


    Ibanez AW58 Artwood Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $249.99

    The Artwood series is the embodiment of what Ibanez refers to as a "modern approach to tradition." Cutting edge woodworking technology enables the guitar maker's luthiers to reproduce the sophisticated bracing techniques of the one-of-a-kind instruments of yesteryear. >More


    Ibanez AW400 Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $299.99

    The dreadnought body shape of the Ibanez AW400, along with the solid Sitka Spruce top, delivers enormous frequency range that offers wave after wave of shimmering highs along with tight mids and a full-bodied low end. >More


    Taylor 414 Acoustic Guitar

    price too low to show!

    Classic appointments and world-class tone make the Taylor 414 acoustic guitar ideal accompaniment for any situation. With warm lows, balanced mids and highs, and that certain zing that is all ovangkol, these guitars are ideally suited for fingerstyle playing or medium strumming. >More


    Taylor 524 All-Mahogany Dreadnought

    NEW $2,099

    Taylor's 524 all-mahogany Grand Auditorium acoustic guitar is adept at a full range of playing styles. The mahogany top adds a natural compression to the strong midrange, accommodating snappy pluckers and lively strummers while fitting clearly into a mix with other instruments. >More


    Guild F-130 Orchestra Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $699.99
    NON-NEW $529.95

    The Guild F-130 features a solid spruce top and solid mahogany back and sides that deliver a strong, articulate voice, and its 1 3/4 nut makes it ideal for advanced fingerstyle techniques. >More


    Fender CD-140S Classic Design Acoustic

    NEW $199.99

    The Fender CD-140S dreadnought offers full, resonant sound and great value, with a natural-finish solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides. >More


    Guild F-130R Rosewood Orchestra Acoustic

    NEW $799.99

    Rosewood orchestra-style guitars, like the Guild F-130R acoustic guitar, are ideal for players looking for a rich, complex sound with great balance and articulation. This perfectly describes the F-130R, which has all the smooth playability and solid construction discerning players have come to expect from Guild. >More


    Ibanez AVN1 Artwood Vintage Parlor

    NEW $349.99

    The Ibanez AVN1BS parlor guitar -- also known as "The New Yorker" -- is a charmingly intimate guitar that recalls instruments so popular in the early 20th Century. With it's short scale Mahogany neck, and 12th fret body joint, it is extremely inviting and comfortable to play. >More


    Jasmine JD-36 Dreadnought Acoustic

    NEW $139.99

    The Jasmine JD-36 is a handsome dreadnought guitar with a full, robust sound and refined features. Great for any player seeking the bold sounds that the dreadnought body style offers, the JD-36 features a select spruce top with Jasmine's Advanced "X" Bracing, and sapele back and sides. >More


    Dean AXD Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $149

    The classic sound of a dreadnought has a favorite among countless players over the decades. The Dean AXS Dread captures that sound thanks to a dreadnought body crafted with a Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides. >More


    Martin 0018V Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $2,849

    The Martin 0018V Vintage Series grand concert acoustic guitar features a 14-fret "00" Grand Concert body size built with a scalloped braced Sitka spruce top and vintage Martin appointments including a Geib style 500 series case. >More

    Ibanez AVN2 Artwood Parlor Acoustic

    NEW $499.99

    The new Ibanez AVN2OPN is a charming parlor guitar with a short scale Mahogany neck and 12th fret body joint that recalls the instruments so popular in the early 20th Century. Featuring all solid-Mahogany construction (top, back and sides) with an open-pore finish, the AVN2OPN produces a warm, open sound with volume and tone that belies its intimate size. >More


    Seagull Excursion Natural SG Acoustic

    NEW $299

    As with all models in this series, the Seagull Excursion Natural SG dreadnaught features Canadian Wild Cherry top, back & sides made of a 3-layer lamination of real hardwood. >More


    Alvarez AF30 Folk Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $229.99

    The AF30 from Alvarez sets the standard in bang for the buck. With standard features normally only found on high-end instruments, the Alvarez AF30 is the best-sounding folk-body acoustic guitar you can buy for its price range. At the heart of the Alvarez AF30's amazing tone is its hand-sanded scalloped bracing, which allows the top to resonate more freely without compromising strength & stability. >More


    Ibanez PF15 Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $149.99

    If you're a serious player who's just getting into performing live, Ibanez has what you need: the professional features and quality of the Performance acoustic guitars. They're completely affordable, but are as carefully crafted and thoroughly tested as their top-of-the-line Artwoods. >More


    Alvarez AD90 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $429.99

    Mention the word "Koa" to an acoustic guitar player, and you'll get two reactions -- gushing praise for its unique, sparkling tone, and fear and loathing for the dent it'll put in your wallet. But fear not: koa isn't out of reach with the Alvarez AD90. >More


    Washburn WJ130EK Vintage Series

    NEW $499

    The Washburn WJ130EK Vintage Series Acoustic Guitar recreates or resembles some of the great Washburn instruments that were crafted in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. In order to create the "vibe" of a 100 year old instrument that has been well played but not abused, Washburn have added a vintage finish and distressed hardware. >More


    Ibanez AW535 Artwood Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $399.99

    There may not be a better illustration of why Ibanez takes so much pride in its modestly priced Artwood guitars than the Ibanez AW535. The three piece rosewood/flamed maple back is a perfect example of a woodworking appointment you'd expect to find on a guitar costing two or three times as much. >More


    Fender CF60 Folk Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $229.99

    Ideal for beginners and flatpickers, Fender's CF-60 folk-size acoustic is a slightly smaller adaptation of our top-selling CD-60 dreadnought that offers wonderful tone and playability. >More


    Jasmine JD-37 Dreadnought Acoustic

    NEW $189.99

    For the music in you, the Jasmine JD-37 is a stunning dreadnought guitar that offers refined looks and solid-top construction for a big, bold sound. For players seeking an enhanced tonal experience, the JD-37 features a select solid-spruce top with Jasmine's Advanced "X" Bracing, and sapele back and sides. >More


    Jasmine JO-37 Orchestra Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $189.99

    The Jasmine JO-37 is an elegant orchestra-style guitar that offers refined features and solid-top construction for a sweet, singing sound with great balance and articulation. >More


    Luna Safari Starry Night Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $169

    The Luna Safari Starry Night Travel Acoustic Guitar is carefree, compact and convenient with the Starry Night artwork by Vincent Van Gogh featured on the top of the guitar. >More


    Taylor 414G Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $1,799

    The 414 Gloss from Taylor offers a solid Sitka spruce top with gorgeous Ovangkol back and sides, all finished in gloss which highlights the beautiful wood grain. The Grand Auditorium body shape is versatile enough to handle virtually any style from fingerpicking to heavy strumming. Includes hard case. >More


    Guild D-150 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $799.99

    The Guild D-150 delivers the undeniably rich and powerful sound of a rosewood dreadnought, with a solid spruce top and solid rosewood back and sides that produce warm, round bass and clear mids and highs. >More


    Taylor 410 Acoustic Guitar

    price too low to show!

    With its large voice and rosewood-like tone and harmonics, this Dreadnought can hold its own in any situation. >More


    Martin D18 Authentic 1939 Acoustic

    NEW $5,399
    NON-NEW $4,499

    The Martin D18 Authentic 1939 Acoustic Guitar w/Case is here to remind you why you fell in love with Martin in the first place, the Authentics are constructed the old way -- with hide glue, throughout, and historically-accurate detailing confirmed by using a CAT scan machine located at the Smithsonian Institute. >More


    Alvarez ARD70 Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $389.99

    In a sea of me-too acoustics, the ARD70 from Alvarez is truly unique. The fusion of the quintessential singer-songwriter slope-shoulder body and a 12-fret slot-head neck creates a look, feel, and tone that are unlike anything else in its price range. >More


    Ibanez AW4000 Artwood Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $599.99

    Created for the discerning player who appreciates the sonic superiority of an all-solid wood instrument, the Ibanez AW4000BS is a stunningly handsome sunburst dreadnought offered at a price that will surprise and delight players looking to make that leap. Featuring a solid Caucasian Spruce top, balanced with solid Mahogany back and sides, the AW4000BS has the rich, full-bodied tone that one can only expect from an instrument constructed from all solid tone woods. >More


    Seagull S6 Cedar Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $449 - $499

    Winner of several awards, the S6 is perhaps the instrument that best represents the Seagull philosophy. >More


    Seagull Entourage Rustic Concert

    NEW $499

    The Seagull Entourage guitars offer an exceptional value for players of all levels. These finely crafted Canadian made instruments feature select pressure tested solid cedar tops, wild cherry back & sides, cream double binding and a Custom Polished finish. >More


    Ibanez AVD1 Artwood Vintage Series

    NEW $399.99

    The Ibanez AVD1 is a Dreadnought that recalls early 20th Century guitars. The vintage dread body style, slotted headstock, and 12th fret body joint echoes pre-war instruments coveted by collectors. >More


    Washburn WSD5240 Warren Haynes

    NEW $599

    The Washburn WSD5240 acoustic guitar is based on the original Washburn Solo Deluxe from 1937, which is similar in size to the popular OM shaped guitars commonly found on the market today. >More


    Ibanez AVN3 Artwood Parlor Guitar

    NEW $399.99

    As a "modern approach to acoustic guitar tradition", the Ibanez Artwood Series of acoustic instruments has long been a source of pride and a labor of love. Now with the new Artwood Vintage Series, Ibanez looks to the past for inspiration in the development of new historically influenced instruments. >More


    Alvarez AD30 Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $229.99

    The AD30 from Alvarez sets the standard in bang for the buck. With standard features normally only found on high-end instruments, the AD30 is the best-sounding acoustic guitar you can buy for under two hundred bucks. >More


    Martin SS-D35-13 Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $7,999

    The Martin SS-D35-13 acoustic guitar is a truly stunning instrument with remarkable Martin craftsmanship and tonewoods that absolutely sing. A Madagascar rosewood sides and 3-piece back of solid Madagascar rosewood and a cocobolo center wedge with a gorgeous waved edge combine with a solid Engelmann Spruce top for piano-like lows with smooth and clear highs, not to mention the gorgeous look. 42-style appointments complete this stunning instrument. Limited to a run of 30. >More

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