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    Chauvet Hurricane 1301 Fog Machine

    NEW $149.99

    Chauvet's Hurricane 1301 is a water-based fogger capable of a great output of 20,000 cfm. It has a 3.3-liter (0.9 gallon) tank and takes only five minutes to heat up. >More


    Chauvet Freedom Par Tri-6 Stage Light

    NEW $279.99
    NON-NEW $254.95

    Chauvet's Freedom Par Tri-6 is powerful, bright, and truly 100% wireless with a rechargeable battery and a built-in D-Fi transceiver. >More


    Chauvet Motion Drape LED Stage Light

    NEW $599.99
    NON-NEW $449.95

    The Chauvet MotionDrape LED DJ Backdrop Lighting Effect is a backdrop for any mobile performer. 176 tri-color SMD LEDs matrixed across the 6.5 x 9.8 foot backdrop can be controlled via the included controller or via DMX. >More


    Chauvet Intimidator W350 Road Case

    NEW $399.99

    The Chauvet Intimidator Road Case W350 is a lightweight road case designed to hold 2 Intimidator moving head fixtures. The case's tall lid allows the included hanging brackets to remain on the fixtures during transportation, saving time on installation and take-down. >More


    Chauvet Xpress 512 Plus DMX Controller

    NEW $699.99

    The Chauvet Xpress 512 Plus DMX Lighting Controller is a DMX-512 USB interface with multiple lighting options. Use it in conjunction with your PC or Mac to create unlimited light shows. >More


    Chauvet Freedom Par Quad-4 Stage Light

    NEW $329.99
    NON-NEW $249.95

    Chauvet's Freedom Par Quad-4 is powerful, bright and, truly 100% wireless with a rechargeable battery and a built-in D-Fi transceiver. Freedom Par Quad-4 has 20 watts of RGBA color mixing for that extra richness and variety that amber adds to colors. >More


    Chauvet CHS SP4 SlimPar Travel Bag

    NEW $29.99

    The CHS-SP4 VIP Gear Bag was custom made to house and carry SlimPAR fixtures. Up to four SlimPAR wash lights will fit alongside an Obey 3 controller and cables to connect the system together. >More


    Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 150 Light

    NEW $399.99

    The Chauvet Intimidator Spot LED 150 Lighting Effect moving yoke produces super-crisp optics and an even output for amazing effects every time. It is powered by a 15W white LED and includes 9 gobos and 9 colors on separate wheels for a multitude of effects. >More


    Chauvet Intimidator Wave 360 IRC

    NEW $749.99
    NON-NEW $559.95

    The Chauvet Intimidator Wave 360 IRC brings a "wave" of excitement to your next event. This dynamic effect features four independently controlled 12-watt RGBW LED moving heads on a single rotating base. >More


    Chauvet 4Bar Flex Lighting System

    NEW $329.99

    The Upgraded version of the popular 4BAR(TM), the Chauvet 4Bar Flex Lighting System provides added flexibility and additional features including DMX capability. Two floor stands (L-brackets) are included to maximize setup possibilities and configurations. >More


    Chauvet Slim Beam Quad IRC Light

    NEW $229.99

    Chauvet's SlimBEAM Quad IRC is a versatile fixture that is not only ideal for accenting walls and other surfaces, but also can be used to create unique beam effects. With no moving parts, it's ideal for venues where silent operation is essential. >More


    Chauvet Intimidator Wash Zoom 350

    NEW $2,049.99
    NON-NEW $1,599

    Chauvet's Intimidator Wash Zoom 350 IRC is a feature-packed moving head wash fitted with 20-watt quad-color RGBW LEDs, and a motorized zoom for short-throw or long-throw applications. Easily generate complex looks with built-in automated programs with zone control. >More


    Chauvet LED Followspot 75ST Stage Light

    NEW $499.99
    NON-NEW $399.95

    The portable, LED-powered Chauvet LED Followspot 75ST Stage Light is equipped with a 75-watt white LED for a hardedge, focused beam. Easy to set up and tear down, LED Followspot 75ST comes with an included tripod. >More


    Chauvet Cubix 2.0 Effect Light

    NEW $179.99

    Cubix 2.0 is a redesigned multicolored, LED centerpiece that combines two effects in one fixture. Centrally-mounted LEDs produce multi-colored effects and animations that flow across the room, while the quad-sided derby effect floods the dance floor with rotating, multi-colored beams. >More


    Chauvet Obey 70 DMX Lighting Controller

    NEW $149.99

    Bigger shows call for more accessibility and ease of programming. The Chauvet Obey 70 DMX Lighting Controller bridges the gap between smaller rack mount controllers and massive control desks. >More


    Chauvet H1800FLEX Hurricane Flexible Fog

    NEW $299.99

    The Chauvet Hurricane 1800 Flex fog machine offers DMX control with adjustable 180-degrees angles. A wired timer remote is a standard feature and allows for control away from the machine. This water-based fogger also comes with a low fluid indicator and automatic shut down. The Hurricane 1800 Flex is perfect for DJ's who need to be able to control the machine themselves, or any other band or venue that needs a great quality fogger with top notch features. >More


    Chauvet EZ Gobo Effect Light

    NEW $179.99

    Chauvet's EZ Gobo is a battery-powered LED gobo projector, that can project a custom image anywhere. Its magnetic base affixes to most metal surfaces, eliminating the need for clamps, and the scissor clip with eye loop easily attaches to drop ceiling supports, for quick setup and cable management. >More


    Chauvet COLORstrip Mini Wash Light

    NEW $99.99

    The Chauvet Colorstrip Mini is a 19-inch long, four-channel DMX 512 controlled LED linear wash light. Static colors and RGB color mixing can be done with or without a DMX controller. Blackout, static, dimmer and strobe are included. Additional features include built-in automated and sound-activated programs via master/slave or DMX. Up to 31 units can be linked master/slave for a color-changing runway effect. >More


    Chauvet 4PLAY Moonflower Light Bar

    NEW $229.99

    The Chauvet 4PLAY provides a ready-to-go light bar for the entertainer on the go. The bar is fitted with four LED moonflowers each containing 57 red, green, blue and white diodes to produce razor-sharp rotating beams. The unit features 6-channels of DMX control with built-in automated and sound-activated programs. The 4PLAY(tm) fits onto most standard tripods, including speaker stands and the 4BAR(tm) tripod. And, it comes with a free travel bag. >More


    Chauvet B250 Bubble Machine

    NEW $79.99

    A little dynamo of a bubble machine that really cranks 'em out. Plastic construction prevents rust, a manual bubble button triggers the action, and the fluid tank is easily removed. >More


    Chauvet Mini Strobe LED Effect Light

    NEW $14.99

    The Chauvet Mini Strobe LED Effect Light is an ultra-compact and lightweight strobe light, ready-to-go out of the box. >More


    Chauvet 700 Hurricane Fog Machine

    NEW $39.99

    The Hurricane Series Foggers provide the quality, performance and innovation for which Chauvet is known. All come with generous-capacity tanks and quick heat up of water-based fog to fill a venue within minutes. >More


    Chauvet Hurricane 901 Fog Machine

    NEW $69.99

    With a fog output of 4,000 cfm and a quick heat up time of 1.5 min, the Chauvet Hurricane 901 Fog Machine is a lightweight and compact machine that creates a smoky atmosphere to enhance any light show. >More


    Chauvet Foot-C Lighting Foot Controller

    NEW $149.99

    Foot-C is a compact 36-channel DMX foot controller that can control up to 6 six-channel fixtures and storing 12 sets of chases with up to 24 steps each. Ideal for 6-channel fixtures, it has a rugged guitar pedal-style buttons that can trigger auto and sound modes, as well as control chases and scenes >More


    Chauvet DerbyX LED Derby Light

    NEW $99.99

    The DerbyX is a DMX-512 LED derby effect light, featuring individual control of all 6 LED clusters. Additional features include blackout/static/strobe, built-in automated and sound activated programs, and linkable power for up to 27 units. >More


    Chauvet CHS50 DJ Lighting Rolling Bag

    NEW $69.99

    The Chauvet CHS50 DJ Lighting Effect Wheeled Travel Bag is a soft-sided rolling transport bag that fits many of their most popular fixtures. Its wheels and retractable handle make moving heavier fixtures a breeze. >More


    Chauvet CHS40 DJ Lighting Effect Bag

    NEW $24.99

    The Chauvet CHS40 DJ Lighting Effect Travel Bag is a soft-sided transport bag that fits many of their most popular fixtures with a removable divider to keep multiple units packed safely in place. >More


    Chauvet 4Play CL Stage Lights

    NEW $229.99
    NON-NEW $209.95

    Chauvet 4Play CL Stage Lights is a pack-and-go LED moonflower package that comes complete with its own carrying case. Four individually controllable heads in clear casings can be aimed to fill any room with red, green, blue and white beams. >More


    Chauvet Quick Dissipating Fog

    NEW $29.99

    CHAUVET DJ fluids are designed and tested to provide exceptional output from CHAUVET DJ fog, snow, and bubble machines. >More


    Chauvet Mega Trix Light

    NEW $159.99

    Equipped with 192 RGBW LEDs, the Chauvet Mega Trix is a lightweight DMX effect light that projects animations from pod to pod for a very unique look with no moving parts. >More


    Chauvet Bubble Machine Juice

    NEW $19.99

    This is the stuff to get your bubble machine bubbling. Non-toxic, non-staining -- bubbles! >More


    Chauvet EZpin Pack Stage Lighting Pack

    NEW $349.99
    NON-NEW $314.95

    Chauvet's EZpin Pack bundles 6 EZpin IRC fixtures and 1 IRC-6 remote into an easily transportable VIP Gear Bag perfect for the mobile entertainer. This cost saving bundle is the perfect starter pin-spotting package or a great addition to an existing lighting rig and you can use multiple packages together for easy expansion. >More


    Chauvet EZpar56 Stage Light

    NEW $159.99

    The Chauvet EZpar 56 is a battery-powered wash light designed to speed up the setup process by freeing the mobile entertainer from the hassle of running cables. >More


    Chauvet VIP Gear Bag for 2 LED Lights

    NEW $29.99

    Protect and easily carry around your LED strip lights with the Chauvet VIP Gear Bag for 2 LED Strip Lights an extremely affordable, practical soft bag. An internal divider separates the bag into two padded compartments for enhanced protection of your lights during transportation. >More


    Chauvet FunFetti Confetti Launcher

    NEW $319.99
    NON-NEW $239.95

    The CHAUVET DJ Funfetti Shot is a professional confetti launcher and its easy, single person setup and operation make it perfect for perfect for concerts, parties or other special events. Just add confetti! No compressed air or CO2 required. >More


    Chauvet EZ Wash Hex Pack Stage Lights

    NEW $499.99

    Simply the fastest set up and break down of any wash light on the market. Magnetic mounting plate and included scissor clip base make mounting to a drop ceiling a snap. Battery powered means no cables to deal with. Using 6 in 1 (RGBAW+UV) Trillions of colors are possible. >More


    Chauvet Bubble King Bubble Machine

    NEW $179.99

    The Chauvet Bubble King is the largest name in bubble effects, featuring 3 double wands, a manual bubble button, and extremely high output. >More


    Chauvet LED Pinspot 2 Stage Light

    NEW $39.99

    The Chauvet LED Pinspot 2 Stage Light includes two front focal lens options to produce hard-edge beams for a variety of applications. The LED Pinspot 2 is extremely lightweight, at less than one pound, and is powered by a 3W white LED. >More


    Chauvet LX5 Effect Light

    NEW $59.99

    The Chauvet LX5 Effect Light is an update to the ZX-5 of CHAUVET's Precision Series, as it features LED technology in addition to the popular characteristics of the ZX-5. >More


    Chauvet Hurricane Haze 3D Haze Machine

    NEW $449.99

    Chauvet's Hurricane Haze 3D is a water-based haze machine with a 2.5-liter (0.7 gallon) tank and takes only four minutes to heat up to create a subtle atmosphere, enhancing any light show. It features a low-fluid indicator and automatic shutdown. >More

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