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    Vater Acoustick Multi-Rod Sticks

    NEW $17.99

    The Vater Acoustick combines 7 high quality wood dowels and 6 strips of impact resistant Polymer. The Polymer acts as a protective striking layer to allow the player to dig in without the short life span of other multi-dowel sticks. Includes rubber O-Rings for wide range of adjustment for sound and feel. >More


    Zildjian Ronald Bruner Jr Drumsticks

    NEW $7.99

    Ronald's revised model features a multi-layer bright orange finish. This finish features super vibrant color that glows under black light. A great all-around 5A type stick with a pinpoint round bead made from Select U.S. Hickory. >More


    Pro-Mark Rebound 595 Drumsticks

    NEW $6.99

    Promark designed the Rebound 595 drumsticks to optimize the finesse and agility with a rear-weighted feel. >More


    Pro-Mark Forward 565 Drumsticks

    NEW $7.99

    Promark designed the Forward 565 sticks to optimize POWER and SPEED with a front-weighted feel. >More

    Vater Hickory Timbale Drum Sticks

    NEW $3.95

    The stick of choice by some of the world's hottest percussionists, Vater's traditional Timbale sticks are available in Hickory and in 3 standard diameters. >More


    Vater Splashstick Traditional Wood Multi-Rod Sticks

    NEW $15.99

    The ultimate traditional style multi-dowel stick. 19 hand-select birch dowels with a comfortable rubber grip that is perfect for lower volume settings. >More


    Vater Splash Stick Multi-Rods

    NEW $15.99

    Vater Splashstick Rods are constructed of 19 hand-selected Birch dowels that provide warm acoustic tonality but still produce a solid CRACK around the drumkit. The extended rubber grip leaves 4 inches of the dowels exposed and gives a solid stick-like feel with excellent durability in the rimshot area. >More


    Vater Stewart Copeland Signature Sticks

    NEW $8.99

    Stewart's stick features a rounded oval style bead that provides crisp, clear, articulate tones on cymbals and full-body tones from drums combined with superb balance and rebound, making this a great feeling stick. Hickory. >More


    Vater Recording Hickory Drumsticks

    NEW $7.99

    Vater Recording Hickory Drumsticks feature a nicely sized barrel-shaped tip for broad and dynamic tones with superb balance and feel. >More


    Vater Rock Hickory Drumsticks (Pair)

    NEW $7.99

    Vater Rock Hickory Drumsticks feature a full sized barrel tip and long shaft for weight and extra reach. >More


    Vater Mike Mangini Wicked Piston Sticks

    NEW $9.25

    Mike Mangini's unique design starts out at .580 in the grip and increases slightly towards the middle of the stick until it reaches .620 and then tapers back down to an acorn tip. >More


    Vater Mike Wengren Drumsticks (Pair)

    NEW $9.50

    Vater Mike Wengren Drumsticks measure between a 5B and a 2B with a quick taper to an oval nylon tip. The extra length gives some added weight and a bit more reach. Nicely weighted and durable, this is a perfect stick for hard-hitting drumming. >More


    Vater Studio Hickory Drumsticks (Pair)

    NEW $7.99

    Vater Studio Hickory Drumsticks feature a barrel-shaped tip that gives a full sound without overwhelming volume. Its just under a 7A in grip size. >More


    Vater Mike Johnston 2451 Drumsticks

    NEW $8.75

    A great all-around design that can be used in any musical style. It has a grip size between a 5A and 5B with a gradual taper to a barrel tip for ride cymbal definition. The gradual taper gives the model a fantastic and quick feel around the kit. >More


    Vater Session Hickory Drumsticks (Pair)

    NEW $7.99

    Vater Session Hickory Drumsticks are comfortable to the traditional 5A player. They feature a small acorn tip for great cymbal and drum sounds. >More


    Vater Josh Freese H220 Drumsticks (Pair)

    NEW $8.75

    Vater Josh Freese H220 Drumsticks are between a 5A & 5B, with a quick taper and heavy shoulder. A bit more weight up top for a solid feel, great response and durability, yet still sensitive enough for lighter playing. >More


    Vater Pro Rock Hickory Drumsticks (Pair)

    NEW $7.99

    Vater Pro Rock Hickory Drumsticks are slightly under a 5A in the grip with an oval tip. >More

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