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    Electric Guitar Cases 76 products


    Gator GW-JM ELEC Electric Guitar Case

    NEW $119.99

    Classic styling and Traditional craftsmanship come together to create the elegant Journeyman series from Gator Cases. Constructed from heavy-duty plywood, Each Journeyman case is protected by a beautiful Pebble Weaved Burlap Exterior and espresso brown trim. >More


    Ibanez AS100C Hardshell Case

    NEW $99.99

    The Ibanez AS100C hardshell case is designed specifically to fit some of their more popular Artcore guitars, including the AS73, AF75 and AF75T. If it doesn't say Ibanez on the case, it isn't an Ibanez. Ibanez cases are well built and designed specifically to fit their instruments. >More


    SKB 56 Molded LP-Style Case

    NEW $149.99

    The entire line of SKB guitar cases is world-famous for unsurpassed protection and solid value. Virtually every major guitar manufacturer worldwide has selected SKB as their original equipment case supplier. >More


    Grundorf Tour 4 Series Guitar Display

    NEW $299.99

    The Grundorf Tour 4 Series Guitar Display Case has an interior that is finished with a rich black plush fabric. The guitar is secured in the case with a velcro strap. There are two areas, one each on the left and right side of the neck, to install placards with information about the guitar. >More


    Epiphone EHLCS Case for AlleyKat Guitar

    NEW $105

    This custom hardshell case was designed specifically for Epiphone's popular AlleyKat. It features quality construction and padding, everything you'd expect from a genuine Epiphone product. >More


    Fender Case for Large-Body Guitars

    NEW $164.99

    Built to the same high quality standards of Fender's Deluxe Textured Vinyl and Tweed cases, their Standard cases feature a similar look at an affordable price. For Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Venus, Toronado, and Jagmaster guitars. >More


    Gator GWEELECWIDE Wide Body Guitar Case

    NEW $89.99

    The Gator GWE-Elec-Wide wide body electric guitar case is made of durable plywood construction with Tolex PVC covering. The plush well padded interior is designed to fit wide bodied guitars such as PRS, ESP Viper, Ibanez GART and other models similar to those. >More


    Gator GWE-JAG Jaguar-Style Wood Case

    NEW $89.99

    The Gator GWE-JAG Jaguar style electric guitar case is made of durable plywood with Tolex PVC covering. The plush padded interior will securely fit to Jaguar, Jagmaster and Jazzmaster style guitars. >More


    PRS Paul Reed Smith ACC4277 Paisley Case

    NEW $299.99

    Covered in Paul's favorite paisley fabric, this Multi-fit case will get you to your gig in style! Wrapped in paisley and featuring brown vinyl binding with gold piping, the brown plush interior will fit your PRS like a glove. >More


    Gator GCSG Case for SG-Style Guitars

    NEW $119.99

    This deluxe SG-type case from Gator will keep your prized guitar in great shape on the road or at home. >More


    SKB 1SKB-66PRO Strat and Tele Case

    NEW $159.99

    Previously manufactured exclusively for Fender Corporation, the popular Strat/Tele guitar and Precision/Jazz bass cases are available now only from SKB Corporation. The 1SKB-66PRO Rectangular Electric Guitar case accommodates Stratocaster and Telecaster shaped guitars. >More


    Reverend Two-Tone Premium Large Case

    NEW $189

    This is Reverend Guitars premium large guitar case. Plywood construction with black vinyl and a screen printed Reverend logo on the top and bottom, with ivory vinyl on the sides. A plush interior has a lidded pocket for accessories. >More


    SKB 3i Series Molded Strat and Tele Case

    NEW $249.99

    SKB is revolutionizing the industry again with the first injection molded guitar case! The 3i-4214-66 accommodates "Strat" and 'Tele" style guitars and is the next size in SKB's 3i series of waterproof cases. >More


    Ibanez AG100C Case for AG75 and AG85

    NEW $99.99

    The Ibanez AG100C is a hardshell case built to fit some of Ibanez's popular Artcore guitars, including the AG75, AG85 and AG95. All three of these guitars are a big hit among players, and the Ibanez AG100C is the best way to protect each of them. Remember, if it doesn't say Ibanez on the case, it isn't an Ibanez. Ibanez cases are well built and designed specifically to fit their instruments. >More


    Ibanez AF100C Case for Artcore

    NEW $99.95

    The Ibanez AF100C is a hardshell case specially designed to fit many of their popular Artcore guitars, including the AF55, AF85, AF75, AF75D, and AK85. These Artcore guitars have striking looks and great tone, and the Ibanez AF100C is the best way to protect them. If it doesn't say Ibanez on the case, it isn't an Ibanez. Ibanez cases are well built and designed specifically to fit their instruments. >More


    Ibanez RG9C 9-String Guitar Case

    NEW $179.99

    The Ibanez RG9C is a hardshell Case for the RG9 series 9-string electric guitars. >More


    SKB-SC66 Strat/Tele-Style Guitar Case

    NEW $99.99

    The SKB SC66 fits traditional body styles, both left and right handed including Fender Strats(r), Teles(r), Jacksons, etc. and offers the superior protection of the very same rigid foam inserts found in this hardshell guitar case line, but with the style and portability of a soft gig bag at an affordable price. >More


    Ibanez UV1000C Deluxe Hardshell Case

    NEW $184.99

    This Ibanez deluxe hard case fits the S7420, RG1077XL, RG7421XL, RG7420, RG7321, RG470XL, RG2570, Steve Vai, and Korn Signature Series. >More


    Schecter SGR-UNIV1 Universal Case

    NEW $129

    Built to protect your Schecter Diamond Series guitar to the fullest, this universal case comfortably fits even your Devil or Stargazer when transporting it from gig to gig. A deluxe hardshell case with a plush interior and accessory compartments to hold your cable, strap, picks, tools and more. Schecter part number is SGR-UNIV1. >More


    Gator GTSAGTRLPS TSA ATA Les Paul Case

    NEW $149.99

    TSA Series ATA Molded Polyethylene Guitar Case for Gibson Les Paul and Single Cutaway Electric Guitars. >More


    Dean Hardshell Case for ML-Style Guitars

    NEW $119

    Dean Musical Instruments offers cases and or gig bags for every Dean instrument. Protect your ML guitar and look great doing it. >More


    Epiphone De Luxe Masterbilt Hard Case

    NEW $145

    The Epiphone De Luxe Masterbilt Century Hard Case fits both the De Luxe and De Luxe Classic large archtop acoustic/electric guitar in a beautiful Russet Brown-colored case modeled to look like the original leather-covered Masterbilt cases from the 1930s. >More


    Fusion Urban Electric Guitar Case

    NEW $199.99

    Fusion Urban Guitar bags have been created for the gigging musician, who demands excellent protection for their instrument and needs to carry additional gear to a gig. The bags are lightweight and portable and incorporate the "Fuse-On" system, whereby a separate range of accessory bags fit quickly and easily onto the front of the guitar bag. >More


    Schecter SGR-9SC SOLO6 Guitar Case

    NEW $95
    NON-NEW $89.95

    Powerful protection for your Solo 6 Schecter guitar, the SGR9SC case easily fits all Schecter's Solo 6 model guitars, keeping them protected for years on tour or in storage. The large accessory compartments provide a place to store accessories that should always be with your guitar, including a cable, tuner, picks and even some extra strings in the event of a quick string change. Keep your axe protected. >More


    ibanez AM100C Case for AM73 and AM73T

    NEW $99.99

    The Ibanez AM100 Hardshell case is specially designed to fit the striking AM73 and AM73T Artcore model guitars. These Artcore guitars have modern aesthetics while offering classic semi-hollow tone, and the Ibanez AM100 is the best way to protect them. Accept no substitutes! Protect your investment by insisting on the genuine article. Generic look alike cases designed to fit everything rarely fit anything right. Only Ibanez cases and bags are made to fit the unique shape of Ibanez guitars and basses. If it doesn't say Ibanez on the case, it isn't an Ibanez. >More


    Gator Gig Box Jr Pedalboard Guitar Case

    NEW $129.99

    Gig-Box Jr. all-in-one pedal board and 3x guitar stand combo case with classic wooden case and 21.5" x 15" pedal board surface. >More


    SKB 6 Economy Universal Guitar Case

    NEW $114.99

    The SKB-6 is part of the Economy line of cases with an EPS plush lined interior that provide an exceptional value for the price. The SKB-6 is designed to hold a variety of electric guitars. >More


    Reunion Blues Semi-Hollow Guitar Case

    NEW $189.95

    When Reunion Blues set out to develop an amazing case, they knew it had a lot to live up to. That's why they spent 3 years thinking through every detail of the RB Continental, a revolutionary fusion of strength and style. >More


    Epiphone Case for Flying V Guitar

    NEW $115

    Each Epiphone case is designed to fit a specific Epiphone model while providing top-quality protection for your investment. This case fits Epiphone Flying V-shaped guitars. >More


    Epiphone Zenith Masterbilt Century Case

    NEW $145

    The Epiphone Zenith Masterbilt Century Hard Case fits both the Zenith and Zenith Classic medium-sized archtop acoustic/electric guitar in a beautiful Russet Brown-colored case modeled to look like the original leather-covered Masterbilt cases from the 1930s. >More


    Schecter SGR-4T Tempest Guitar Case

    NEW $99

    Protect your investment with the Schecter SGR4T Tempest guitar case. This molded hardshell case is designed for the Schecter Tempest guitars. Featuring blue crushed velvet plush interior, accessory compartments, and rugged latches, this case is sure to keep your Tempest in tip-top condition. >More


    Peavey Molded Electric Guitar Case

    NEW $109.95

    Protect your beloved Peavey guitar with this case designed specifically for it. >More


    Grundorf GD4616SB Carpeted Display Case

    NON-NEW $219.95

    Every guitar hero needs the innovative Grundorf Guitar Display Case. Now you can show off your prized possession and keep it protected at the same time! Each case comes with a plexiglass front to perfectly display your guitar while keeping curious fingers at bay. >More


    Gator GPE-LPS-TSA ATA LP-Style Case

    NEW $149.99

    ATA Molded Mil-Grade PE Case w/ TSA Latches for Les Paul-Style Guitars. >More


    Epiphone Hard Case for 1966 Century

    NEW $119

    Hardshell case for Epiphone Inspired 1966 Century Hollowbody Cherry and Archtop Vintage Sunburst models. >More


    Gretsch G6242L Falcon Armstrong CC Case

    NEW $169.99

    It's not just a guitar...It' a Gretsch! Give it the stylishly comfortable and secure ride it deserves with an equally first-rate hard-shell case. This case, available in Black with Gold hinges and locks, a comfortably designed handle and is designed to fit most standard 17" electric hollow body shapes such as the Falcon, Country Club and Tim Armstrong hollow body. >More

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