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    Gibson Electric Guitars 127 products


    Gibson Limited Edition Midtown Custom

    NEW $1,499

    The beautiful Gibson Midtown Custom is designed to appeal to a customer who has a budget but longs to own a quality semi-hollowbody guitar. >More


    Gibson Limited Edition LP Traditional

    NEW $1,999
    NON-NEW $1,419

    Classic appointments like a non-wire ABR bridge come together with modern touches like the G-Force automatic tuners in this limited-edition offering from Gibson USA! '57 Classic pickups gives this axe that clean, clear, smooth and edgy PAF-style tone we all love. >More


    Gibson Les Paul Tribute to Les Guitar

    NEW $1,999.99

    The Gibson Les Paul Tribute to Les electric guitar pays homage to the legendary guitar and music innovator. This incredible guitar has many of the features of the original Les Pauls of the early '50s that Les worked with Gibson to build. The 1-piece mahogany body with no weight relief, dual P-90 pickups, Orange Drop capacitors and a wraparound trapeze tailpiece give you that '50s Les Paul look and tone. >More


    Gibson 2015 Les Paul Studio Electric Guitar (with Case)

    NON-NEW $749.95

    A reliable workhorse of a Les Paul, Gibson's Les Paul Studio electric guitar is updated for 2015 with a bold look for today's player. A great-value Les Paul that looks better than ever, the 2015 Studio delivers everything you need for the gig or session -- from classic fat tones to coil splitting. >More


    Gibson Les Paul Classic Custom Lite

    NEW $1,899

    The beauty of this gorgeous Les Paul Custom Lite is more than skin deep, and Gibson USA has also packed added versatility into the traditional formula. >More


    Gibson 2015 Les Paul Classic Electric Guitar (with Case)

    NEW $1,994
    NON-NEW $1,579

    The Classic is back for 2015! Gibson's 2015 Les Paul Classic electric guitar delivers iconic Les Paul looks along with coil splitting and built-in Turbo Boost in a full-size, full-bore Les Paul for an incredible price. >More


    Gibson 2015 Les Paul Traditional Electric Guitar (with Case)

    NEW $2,199 - $2,519
    NON-NEW $1,799

    Carry on a tradition with the 2015 Gibson Les Paul Traditional! With no weight relief and Gibson's thickest neck, this hand-wired Les Paul is the most traditional model in the 2015 lineup, in both sound and feel. >More


    Gibson Left-Handed Les Paul Studio

    NEW $1,099.99 - $1,299.99
    NON-NEW $849.95

    The Gibson Les Paul Studio left-handed electric guitar offers a carved maple top combined with a lightweight modern weight relieved mahogany body for classic Les Paul power and resonance. >More


    Gibson 2015 Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar (with Case)

    NEW $2,949 - $3,289
    NON-NEW $2,279

    With the effortlessly playable, super-versatile 2015 Les Paul Standard, Gibson sets the Standard higher than ever! A superbly comfortable asymmetrical neck profile and compound-radius fretboard make for fast action and easy bending. >More


    Gibson Limited Edition 2014 Kelliher LP

    NEW $2,299.99

    You want to talk heavy? Bill Kelliher's riffs with metal giants Mastodon could just about crush the prehistoric beast that gives the band its name. The Bill Kelliher "Halcyon" Les Paul takes its classic mahogany/maple foundation from this savage-riffing guitarist's longtime favorite singlecut, and blows it through the bedrock with a pair of eviscerating Lace Dissonant Aggressor pickups, with push-pull coil splitting on their individual volume controls for authentic single coil sounds. >More


    Gibson Limited Edition Midtown Standard Electric Guitar

    NEW $1,499

    The Midtown Standard starts with premium tone woods, using Grade-A timbers beneath the transparent finish options (with Grade-C grain beneath the Pelham Blue and Ebony guitars). A solid mahogany body is strategically chambered for optimum resonance and capped with a solid maple top with traditional f-holes. >More


    Gibson 2015 ES Les Paul Electric Guitar

    NEW $3,199 - $3,699
    NON-NEW $2,489

    The perfect marriage of Gibson Les Paul and ES-335 yields powerful tones and a lightweight playing feel, courtesy of PAF-style MHS pickups, rounded 'C' neck profile, historic details and more. >More


    Gibson 2015 Les Paul Less Plus Electric Guitar (with Case)

    NEW $1,699
    NON-NEW $1,329

    Less is more with the 2015 Gibson Les Paul Less Plus! With a contoured, extra-slim back and authentic Les Paul look, the Less + offers superb playing comfort without sacrificing tone or feel. Plus, the Less Plus offers versatile coil-splitting. >More


    Gibson SG Standard 24-Fret Guitar

    NEW $1,499
    NON-NEW $1,179

    Your playing will reach new horizons with the limited-edition 24-Fret Gibson SG Standard. Constructed with the classic tonewood combination of a mahogany body and mahogany neck topped with a rosewood fretboard, this SG ups the ante with its versatile combination of a Firebird mini humbucker in the neck and Tony Iommi humbucker in the bridge. >More


    Gibson 2014 Les Paul Studio Pro

    NON-NEW $1,069

    To celebrate the 120th Anniversary of the world's most respected guitar maker, Gibson USA is unveiling a whole lineup of Les Pauls that offer unbeatable value in hand-made American electric guitars. >More


    Gibson Exck LP Studio Shred Floyd AA

    NEW $1,899.99

    If you're seeking a full-bore Les Paul primed for the rock excesses of the 21st century, the Shred Les Paul Studio with Floyd Rose is the way to go. This guitar has all the ingredients that have helped to make the Les Paul a legendary rock axe since the 1950s -- including the classic mahogany and maple body construction, glued-in mahogany neck, and dual humbucking pickups -- enhanced with the versatility of a genuine Floyd Rose vibrato bridge. >More


    Gibson 2015 SG Standard Electric Guitar (with Case)

    NEW $1,399 - $1,597
    NON-NEW $1,299

    Updated for 2015, the SG Standard is a truly shred-worthy Gibson electric guitar. Outfitted with a compound-radius fingerboard for easy bending at the upper frets, this is one USA-made Gibson that you just won't be able to keep your hands off. >More


    Gibson 2015 Les Paul M Electric Guitar (with Case)

    NEW $899 - $1,005

    In the 2015 Les Paul M electric guitar, Gibson delivers a true carved-top Les Paul at a righteous price! The LPM offers classic power with added cut and clarity, in an extremely accessible carved-top Les Paul. >More


    Gibson 2014 SG Standard Min-ETune

    NEW $1,472

    The SG Standard for 2014 is both the most comprehensively featured and the best value ever produced in this long and legendary guitar line. >More


    Gibson 2014 Les Paul Futura Min-ETune

    NEW $1,127
    NON-NEW $849.95

    As one of several all-new models for Gibson's 120th Anniversary celebration, the Les Paul Futura 2014 combines an unprecedented set of features with incredible value. >More


    Gibson Limited Edition Flying V Guitar

    NEW $1,599.95 - $1,649

    This radical rocker lives to dominate the stage. Ever since its introduction in the late 50s, the Flying V has turned heads and contributed its powerful, distinctive sound to every musical genre from blues to metal to EDM. Instantly recognizable and truly iconic, the Flying V has staked its place in history as an imaginative re-invention of the electric guitar. >More


    Gibson N-225 Nighthawk Electric Guitar

    NEW $1,099.99

    The Gibson N-225 Electric Guitar is for guitarists who want to stand out. The striking looks aren't all this axe is about though. >More


    Gibson Limited Edition SG Baritone

    NEW $1,299.99

    The Gibson SG Baritone plays just like a standard electric guitar, but injects some serious rumble into your six-string riffing, thanks to being tuned down two and a half steps to B-E-A-D-F#-B. Popular with rock and metal players as an extension of down-tuning, the baritone has also long been a favorite of country and Americana styles, and likewise makes a great alternative in the blues and jazz arsenal. >More


    Gibson 1958 Les Paul Plaintop VOS 2014

    NEW $4,399

    The '58 Les Paul VOS has a carved maple top and solid, non-weight relieved mahogany back with the aniline dye and with a one-piece mahogany neck that has a hide glue neck fit with a long neck tenon. It also has a '50s rounded profile with a rosewood fretboard. With the historic truss rod assembly (no tubing) and the ABR-1 bridge with the lightweight aluminum tailpiece, the guitar also has the gold top hat knobs with dial pointers. >More


    Gibson 2015 Les Paul Junior Single Cut Electric Guitar (with Case)

    NEW $699 - $787
    NON-NEW $644.95

    In the 2015 Les Paul Junior, Gibson delivers classic simplicity with one powerful P-90 pickup. Get that percussive tonal attack in Gibson USA's most affordable Les Paul. >More


    Gibson Les Paul Future Tribute Guitar

    NEW $799.99 - $899.99

    The Gibson Les Paul Tribute Future electric guitar, as its name indicates, blends the best of classic, modern and futuristic design into one unique instrument. This axe starts off with Gibson '57 Classic and '57 Classic Plus zebra pickups in a mahogany body with a maple top. >More


    Gibson LP Signature Min-ETune Guitar

    NEW $1,799.99

    Featuring the Min-ETune Electronic Tuning System, the Gibson Les Paul Signature T Min-ETune electric guitar offers a traditional weight-relieved mahogany body, a pair of '57 Classic humbuckers and a smooth '60s SlimTaper neck profile for a great sounding, great feeling Gibson that you can play all night. >More


    Gibson 2014 Les Paul Signature Min-ETune

    NEW $1,899.99 - $2,059
    NON-NEW $1,599

    Orville Gibson invented the archtop guitar in 1894. Gibson unveiled the world's most desirable solidbody electric guitar in 1952. Now 120 years after it all started, Gibson USA brings you a cutting-edge evolution of the Les Paul in a guitar that perfectly blends legendary tone, classic elegance, and 21st century innovation, all at truly astounding price. >More


    Gibson 1963 ES-335 TD Electric Guitar

    NEW $4,199

    Totally authentic early '60s construction and playing feel, with great PAF-style MHS pickups, rolled fingerboard binding, accurate finish colors, and great block-neck looks. >More


    Gibson Les Paul '70s Min-ETune Guitar

    NEW $879.99 - $999.99
    NON-NEW $654.95

    Complete with the Min-ETune Electronic Tuning System, the 2013 Les Paul '70s Tribute offers is an authentic Gibson with traditional features to provide the feel and tone of iconic '70s Les Pauls. >More


    Gibson SG '60s Tribute Min-ETune Guitar

    NEW $799.99

    The Gibson SG 60's Tribute Min-ETune Electric Guitar brings together classic 1960s Gibson style and tone and Gibson's electronic tuning system. The Min-ETune system packs 12 factory stored preset tunings and 6 user programmable presets. >More


    Gibson Limited Edition Les Paul Custom

    NON-NEW $2,999

    The Gibson Les Paul Custom introduced in 1954, has always represented the highest level of elegance and beauty in the Les Paul family. The Les Paul Custom of the 1950s Featured multilayered Binding and gold plated hardware and was the top model in the original Les Paul line of guitars. >More


    Gibson 2015 Les Paul Special Double Cut Electric Guitar (with Case)

    NEW $899 - $962

    With a vintage-styled double-cutaway body, two P-90 pickups, and an improved neck joint for added stability, the 2015 Gibson Les Paul Special Double Cut electric guitar delivers legendary tone and distinctive looks. >More

    Gibson 1959 ES-175D Electric Guitar

    NEW $5,199 - $5,699

    An accurate reproduction of the ES-175 that set the standard, with dual PAF-style pickups, rounded 'C' playing feel, authentic archtop tones, and vintage-correct '59 looks. >More


    Gibson Les Paul '50s Tribute Min-ETune

    NEW $829.99 - $979.99
    NON-NEW $759.95

    The Gibson Les Paul '50s Tribute Min-Etune electric guitar combines fantastic vintage tone and vibe with a modern tuning system, resulting in one serious axe. >More


    Gibson Limited Edition 2014 Explorer

    NEW $1,599.99
    NON-NEW $1,399

    Gibson has always been about blending innovation and tradition, so there's no better addition to the 120th Anniversary celebrations than this creative re-think of the radical Explorer. >More


    Gibson Limited Edition Firebird VII

    NEW $2,399.99

    This Gibson Exclusive 3 Pickup Firebird is a must have for live performers studio players and collectors alike. The bold look and tonal options offered by the use of three 57 Classic humbuckers makes this guitar really shine when playing out and the Lyre Tailpiece adds to the vintage style and playability for players who need a solid tremolo on their instrument. >More


    Gibson LP Axcess Std Floyd Rose

    NEW $4,799
    NON-NEW $3,499

    The Les Paul Axcess Standard from Gibson Custom carries all the elegant styling, fluid body lines and rocking attitude of a classic Les Paul Standard from the golden era of the late 1950s. Upon closer examination, however, the Les Paul Axcess reveals a handful of upgrades -- all modifications made in the name of maximum playability and versatility. >More


    Gibson Les Paul '60s Tribute Guitar

    NEW $899.99

    Classic 1960s styling and tone with Gibson's Min-ETune electronic tuning system. The Gibson Les Paul '60s Tribute Min-ETune Electric Guitar features this revolutionary tuning system which provides 12 factory-stored preset tunings and 6 user-programmable presets, all while remaining very sleek and with vintage style buttons. >More


    Gibson LE Firebird Non-Reverse

    NEW $1,599 - $1,649

    A revolutionary guitar born in revolutionary times, and reincarnated for today. The revolutionary days of the 1960s were the perfect backdrop for the Firebird Non-Reverse's revolutionary style and tonal versatility, whose fresh look and sound was embraced by artists as diverse as Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones and blues legend Clarence Gatemouth Brown. >More

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