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    Guitar Effects Power Adapters and Supplies 54 products


    Boss PSA-120S Power Supply

    NEW $21.99

    The PSA120S is the recommended power supply for products including the BOSS Compact and Twin pedals, ME-50/-20/-20B Multi-effects, the DB-66/-88/-90 metronomes, DR-Series drum machines (except DR-880 and DR-770), FC-Series foot controllers, MC-202, SH-101, SP-202, TR-626, and all TU-Series tuners. >More


    Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2 Plus Supply

    NEW $169

    Filter, regulate, isolate, and protect! Pedal Power 2 Plus does it, and does it well, because any less will degrade your pedal's performance. Players everywhere upgrade to Pedal Power 2 Plus because it powers what conventional power supplies can't. Pedal Power 2 Plus is hand made in the U.S.A., comes complete with cables, detachable AC power cord, a 5-year warranty, and simply makes you sound better! >More


    Dunlop ECB-003 9VDC Power Supply

    NEW $8.99

    Designed to provide the proper 9V DC power for post 1992 Dunlop pedals, center negative, 5.5mm coax plug. The Dunlop ECB-003 power supply works with the GCB-95 Crybaby(R) Wah Wah, 95Q Crybaby Wah Wah, QZ1 Crybaby Q Zone, Crybaby BB-535 Series Wah, and EW-95V Mister Crybaby Super Volume Wah. >More


    Voodoo Lab PPM Pedal Power MONDO DC

    NEW $299

    The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power MONDO is a high-current capable power supply that can power the largest and most diverse pedalboards. >More


    Power-All PA9B Basic Kit for 5 Pedals

    NEW $30

    The PA-9 Power-All is the world's first 2000 mA, single outlet power supply designed specifically for guitar effect users. Don't waste money on batteries or take up valuable space with multiple "wall wart" adaptors or power bricks - the Power-All system can power your entire pedalboard from a single power supply that takes up only one outlet! >More


    Hosa ADC477 100VAC to 240VAC AC Adapter

    NEW $17.70

    Multi-voltage AC adapter for use practically anywhere >More


    Voodoo Lab Pedal Power ISO-5 Supply

    NEW $109

    The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power ISO 5 is an isolated power supply for powering guitar pedal effects and accessories. It's the ultimate compact solution for smaller pedalboards, rack shelves, or even as an additional power supply for larger boards. With five isolated, filtered and regulated output sections, the Voodoo Lab ISO 5 keeps even the most sensitive vintage and boutique analog pedals dead quiet. >More


    Voodoo Lab P44 DC Power Supply

    NEW $189

    Get Audiophile quality analog power for your high-current digital pedals and 9-volt battery classics with a Voodoo Lab P44 DC Power Supply. >More


    Korg KA-183 AC Adapter

    NEW $14.99

    The Korg KA-183 AC adapter is a power supply for a variety of Korg and Vox products. >More


    Dunlop ECB04 18VDC Power Supply

    NEW $14.99

    The Dunlop ECB04 power supply is a 5.5/2.1mm coax plug 18v/150 ma DC regulated AC Adapter with a positive barrel and negative plug. Plug polarity has a negative center DC in 18V. >More


    Behringer PSU-HSB-ALL Power Supply

    NEW $19.99

    The Behringer Power The World PSU-HSB-ALL is a all-country compatible DC 9 V / 1.7 A power adapter with daisy-chain connectors, jumper cables and all-country mains adapters. >More


    TC Helicon Switch 6 6-Button Footswitch

    NEW $59.95

    TC-Helicon's Switch-6 extends the control of compatible TC-Helicon vocal/guitar processors to fit your unique performance style and needs. >More


    Dunlop M237 MXR DC Brick Power Supply

    NEW $119.99

    Keep your pedals powered all night long with the Dunlop MXR DC Brick, a revamp of the DCB10. Now under the MXR brand, the DC Brick features all of the short circuit and overload protection of the original but now handles twice the power, allowing you to use virtually any combination of effects. >More


    Strukture PowerPig Power Adapter

    NEW $9.99

    Don't let your power adapter hog up more than one space on your power strip. The Strukture Pig Power is a 9V power supply with 1000 mA with a minimal design that requires just a single outlet. >More


    Tascam PS-P520 Power Supply

    NEW $29.99

    Save money in the long run by not having to buy batteries. The landfill will thank you. >More


    Ibanez AC509 Power Supply

    NEW $17.99

    The Ibanez AC509 9V Adapter Replaces AC109, and is great for when you need extra power for your pedals. >More


    Godlyke Power-All Right Angle Cable

    NEW $7.49

    Right Angle Daisy Chain connector with standard polarity tip negative/barrel positive jacks connects the PA-9 Power-All to five effect pedals. The Cable-5 can also be used with Power-All jumper cables to power effects that use different style jacks (reverse polarity, phone plug, battery clip, etc.). Link multiple Cable-5/R connectors to power over twenty 9-volt effect pedals or similar devices (actual number of units depends on current draw of individual units used). >More


    Boss PCS20A Parallel DC Cords

    NEW $16.99

    Parallel DC cords for (up to) 8 Boss pedals. >More


    DOD PS200R Power Supply for FX Series

    NEW $16.99

    This power supply works with the current DOD FX Series, the T2 Tuner, the TEC4 and TEC4X, the VOTec, ACOUSTec, and the BASSTec. >More


    T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior Power Supply

    NEW $105

    The T-Rex Fuel Tank Junior is a lean, mean power supply that will handle virtually any 9-Volt effects pedal - and then some. Just like its big sister Juicy Lucy, Junior features 5 isolated outputs that deliver clean, quiet power to your pedals. Don't let the compact size of this unit fool you - Fuel Tank Junior is a real powerhouse! >More


    Pignose AC9 9-Volt Adapter for 7100

    NEW $14.99

    Power your Pignose 7100 portable amplifier with this handy 9-volt AC adapter. >More


    HardWire V-10 Pedal Power Block

    NEW $199.99

    The quality of your pedalboard is the sum of all its parts. That's why you should power your pedals with the same high-quality materials that every HardWire product is built with. The HardWire V-10 Power Block silently powers up to 10 of your favorite DC powered pedals. >More


    Radial 15VDC Power Supply

    NEW $19.99

    15V DC Power supply for Radial and Tonebone pedals. >More


    Morley 9VDC Regulated Power Supply

    NEW $19.99

    Morley 9 volt 300mA. Regulated adapter for use with ALL Morley pedals. Center polarity is negative. Equipped with handy LED to show that power is on. >More


    Line 6 PX2 9VAC Power Supply

    NEW $24.99

    Use this power supply to power your Line 6 PODXT and Variax. >More


    Tech21 9VDC Power Supply

    NEW $12.99

    For all Tech 21 floor/pedal models, except for SansAmp Classic. >More


    MXR MC403 Custom Audio Power System

    NEW $249.99

    The MXR MC403 Power System--a collaboration between Bob Bradshaw and the MXR design team--is truly the ultimate power supply. The MC403 powers more types of pedals and electronics at one time than any previous power supply unit available. >More


    Boomerang III and ES-155 Power Supply

    NEW $22

    The E-Series Boomerang Power Supply is specifically modeled for powering the E155 Chorus Delay and the E156 Rang III Looper. The E-Series pedals work perfectly with this 9V power supply. >More


    Power-All PA9S Universal Power Supply

    NEW $22.50

    The PA-9S provides 9 volts DC at 2000 milliamps - use it with the C-11/R daisy chain cable (sold separately) to power dozens of effect pedals, including up to 4 Line 6 Modelers! The PA-9S features a Ten-Foot, 18-gauge cable that allows for longer power runs without the need for an extension cord. >More


    T-Rex Fuel Tank Chameleon Power

    NEW $149

    The Fuel Tank Chameleon is the most versatile power supply T-Rex has ever produced. Built for players with a large number of diverse pedals, the Fuel Tank Chameleon offers all the advantages of the other Fuel Tank power supplies, plus an unprecedented 4 separate voltage options! >More


    Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital Pedal

    NEW $139

    The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power Digital Guitar Effect Power Supply is an isolated power specifically designed to make digital pedals sound their best. >More


    DigiTech PS0913B Power Supply for RP100

    NEW $17.99

    Save the earth by avoiding the use of costly batteries that end up in landfills. Feel better about yourself by using an AC adapter instead. >More


    Power-All PA9D Deluxe Kit for 11 Pedals

    NEW $40

    The Power-All Deluxe Kit provides 9 volts DC at 2000 milliamps - more than enough current to power dozens of effect pedals, including up to 4 Line 6 Modelers! The Power-All Deluxe Kit can power eleven pedals out of the box, and comes complete with a variety of jumper cables that allow connection of phone plug, reverse polarity, digital, and battery-only pedal types. The ten-foot, 18-gauge output cable allows for longer power runs without the need for an extension cord. >More


    Behringer PSU8UL Power Supply for V-Amp

    NEW $9.99

    The Behringer PSU8UL Power Supply is a 120v UL replacement power supply designed specifically to be used with the Behringer V-AMP, V-AMP 2, and V-AMP 3 guitar effects processors, as well as, the Behringer LX1B and DFX69. >More


    Dunlop ECB02 9VDC Power Supply

    NEW $10.99

    This power supply is designed to provide the proper 9V DC power to pre 1993 Dunlop pedals, smaller MXR pedals and the GCB-100 Bass Crybaby. >More


    Voodoo Lab Pedal Power AC Power Supply

    NEW $129.95

    The Voodoo Lab Pedal Power AC is a pedalboard power supply designed to operate high current and AC powered pedal effects. Finally, a professional solution for powering tube overdrives, modeling pedals, or devices including the Whammy, POD, Rotosphere and many others without wall warts. >More


    Godlyke Power-All Daisy Chain Cable

    NEW $7.99

    Add this cable to the Switchmode power supply to power up to 5 more pedals. >More


    Hot Stone Deluxe PSU

    NEW $179

    Decibel Eleven Hot Stone Deluxe Dual Voltage Isolated DC Power Supply A long time coming, the Decibel Eleven Hot Stone Deluxe Isolated DC Power Supply is the hottest power supply to hit the market in a decade. Packing more power for your dollar, the Hot Stone Deluxe features 8 isolated outputs, a super efficient. >More


    Rocktron OnTap DC Universal Power Supply

    NEW $33

    The Rocktron DC OnTap Universal Stomp Box Power Supply powers up to 20 stomp boxes at the same time. Includes cables allowing connection to almost all stomp boxes and effect pedals available (old and new!) >More


    Line 6 DC1 ToneCore Power Supply

    NEW $19.99

    Connect a Line 6 DC-1 power supply and you'll never need a 9 volt battery again! It is also compatible with most popular 9 volt DC stomp boxes. >More

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