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    Guitar Speaker Cabinets 90 products


    Egnater Tourmaster 212X Speaker Cabinet

    NEW $499.99

    The Egnater Tourmaster 212X is a full size 2x12 inch speaker cabinet that offers both a sealed back and partially open back design. The cabinet is shipped with a sealed back but features a removable rear center panel. With the back sealed you get tight powerful low-end and with it removed, you add vintage style sweetness reminiscent of old '60s and '70s combos. The large physical dimensions and all birch cabinet produce a sound that rivals most 4x12 inch cabs. Loaded with the custom-voiced Egnater Celestion Elite-80 speakers, the Tourmaster 212X is a perfect fit to any Egnater head. >More


    Egnater Vengeance VN Guitar Speaker Cab

    NEW $499.99

    Egnater VN-412A/B cabinets are the secret weapons in your quest for "Vengeance". Loaded with four Custom Voiced Egnater Elite-75 speakers by Celestion, your "tone arsenal" is now complete. >More


    Randall RD212-D Diavlo Series 2X12"

    NEW $399.99
    NON-NEW $259.95

    The Randall RD212-D is a 2x12 angled-baffle, front-loaded, straight speaker cabinet with heavy-duty steel grill and tuned center port. Casters included. The RD Cabinets are offered to match the DIAVLO tube amp series from Randall. >More


    Egnater Tweaker 112X Guitar Speaker Cab

    NEW $249.99

    The Egnater Tweaker 112x Cabinet is the perfect complement to both the Tweaker Head and the Tweaker 112 1x12-inch combo. >More


    Marshall 2061CX Guitar Speaker Cab

    NEW $899.99

    Marshall has reissued this hand soldered, 60 Watt, 2x12 in. angled cabinet that matches the 2061X. It's loaded with re-issue 30 Watt Celestion G12H speakers. >More


    Fender Super Champ 1x12 Speaker Cabinet

    NEW $199.99

    The SC112 Enclosure mates perfectly with the Super Champ to create an astounding amount of brute force. >More


    Randall RG8 Guitar Speaker Cabinet 1x8"

    NEW $69.99

    The Randall RG8 Guitar Speaker Cabinet is the ultimate portable cabinet, it features a single 8-inch speaker that handles 35 watts and pushes out an impressive full-range, dynamic sound that you'd expect from a Randall cab. >More


    Randall RG212 Speaker Cabinet 2X12"

    NEW $279.99

    The Randall RG212 Guitar Speaker Cabinet combines high quality speakers, tuned front porting and great durability all at a remarkable price. With 100 watts of power the RG212 cab is a great choice for most small to medium-powered amps on the market today. >More


    Marshall JCM1960A Guitar Speaker Cabinet

    NEW $1,199.99

    The vintage style of the Marshall Custom Shop JCM1960A 4x12 Cabinet is only the beginning. This awesome 300-watt 4x12 cab features four Celestion G12T-75W Speakers and offers Stereo/Mono operation. >More


    Fender Rumble 112 V3 Bass Speaker Cabinet

    NEW $299.99

    Rumble V3 speaker cabinets have been revoiced and re-engineered to produce superior sonic detail and low-frequency translation. Light and loud with classic Fender styling, the Rumble 112 Cabinet V3 is perfect for pairing with the Rumble 200 Head, and it's the ideal extension cabinet for the Rumble 200 combo. >More


    Orange PPC212JR Signature 4 Jim Root Cab

    NEW $599
    NON-NEW $539.95

    The Signature #4 Jim Root PPC212 Cab has been developed alongside the #4 Jim Root Terror head to bring you Jim's full tone. >More


    Randall RD112-D Speaker Cabinet

    NEW $249.99

    These RD Cabinets are offered to match the DIAVLO tube amp series, of which the Randall RD112-D is a part of. These cabinets have been voiced and tuned to offer maximum punch and clarity. Heavy Duty Steel Grill and construction make these cabs ready for action. >More


    Schecter SYN412 Hellwin USA Cabinet

    NEW $1,149

    The perfect match for the Hellwin head or any player who wants a rock-solid, great sounding 4x12 cabinet. The Schecter SYN412 Hellwin USA Guitar Speaker Cabinet is loaded with four 12-inch Celestion Vintage 30 speakers for 240 watts power handling and punchy, powerful tone. >More


    Randall Thrasher 212 Speaker Cabinet

    NEW $599.99

    The Randall Thrasher 212 Guitar Speaker Cabinet was specifically engineered to be a smaller extension cabinet option for the Thrasher series. The hi-density composite construction, tuned porting and Celestion G12H100 speakers allow it to keep up with most 4x12 cabs. >More


    Blackstar HTV Metal 412 Speaker Cabinet

    NEW $649.99

    The Blackstar HT METAL 412 cabinet is equipped with Celestion drivers and have been voiced to work with the HT METAL range amplifiers, as well as a wide range of other products. >More


    Blackstar HTV412 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

    NEW $599.99

    The HT Venue Series has four outstanding speaker cabinets that are all equipped with Celestion drivers and have been voiced to work with the HT Venue amplifiers, as well as a wide range of other products. All the cabs have finger-locked (comb) joints, heavy duty wiring and a cool vintage styling. >More


    Egnater Rebel 112X Guitar Speaker Cab

    NEW $279.99

    The Egnater Rebel 112x 1x12-inch extension speaker cabinet is the perfect companion to the Rebel-20 head. This closed-back cab features birch-ply construction and a front-port design for powerful bass response and clear, singing highs. Loaded with a single 12-inch Egnater Celestion Elite-80 loudspeaker, the Rebel-112x packs a powerful punch in a compact, easily portable extension cab. Put two cabs together for the ultimate Rebel stack! >More


    Fender Super-Sonic 60 212 Cabinet

    NEW $699.99
    NON-NEW $629.95

    The Fender Super-Sonic 60 212 enclosure mates perfectly with the Super-Sonic 60 head or other quality tube amplifier. Unlike most other 2x12 enclosures, this classic Fender design includes an over-sized baffle board with a slight tilt and internal insulation for a uniquely rich and resonant response. >More


    Vox V212NTG2 Nighttrain G2 Cabinet

    NEW $499.99

    Vox provided dedicated speaker cabinets that are the perfect match in both sound and looks for the Night Train G2 amplifier heads with their cool-looking mirror finish. >More


    Blackstar HTV112 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

    NEW $229.99

    The HT Venue Series has four outstanding speaker cabinets that are all equipped with Celestion drivers and have been voiced to work with the HT Venue amplifiers, as well as a wide range of other products. All the cabs have finger-locked (comb) joints, heavy duty wiring and a cool vintage styling. >More


    Blackstar Series One 412 Speaker Cabinet

    NEW $1,099.99
    NON-NEW $699.95

    The oversized vintage Blackstar Series One cabinets are built to the highest standards using the finest materials. Every care has been taken with the design of these cabinets to ensure that they produce the best possible sounds and will really last a lifetime. >More


    PRS Paul Reed Smith DB Big Mouth Cabinet

    NEW $899

    PRS Paul Reed Smith's DB "Big Mouth" 2x12 closed back stealth speaker cabinets feature solid pine, finger-joint construction for strength and durability. The DB "Big Mouth" 2x12 Cabinet features Celestion Vintage 30's speakers. All of PRS Paul Reed Smith's Stealth Cabinets are wrapped in their heavy duty black "Stealth" tolex covering with gold piping. >More


    PRS 2X12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet

    NEW $899

    The PRS Paul Reed Smith 2X12 DB Big Mouth cab is essentially a classic 4X12 sized down to a convenient 2X12 format with modified Celestion Vintage 30's. Same width, same depth, just about half as tall! Made of Baltic Pine and featuring a traditional center post baffle board brace to control resonance, this cab delivers big bottom end while remaining focused and tight. >More


    Schecter HR412 Hellraiser USA

    NEW $999

    With four 12-inch Celestion Vintage 30 speakers and high quality USA construction, the Schecter HR412 Hellraiser USA Guitar Speaker Cabinet is ready to rock any stage. >More


    Rivera SS1 Silent Sister Isolation Cab

    NEW $999

    The Silent Sister isolation cabinet from Rivera is perfect for the apartment studio, smaller stages or anywhere you want to take full advantage of your amplifier but don't need the excess of volume. Loaded with a single 12-inch Celestion G12T-75, the silent sister offers two prewired mic goosenecks for mounting two microphones (not included). >More


    Peavey 6505 Angled Guitar Speaker Cab

    NEW $799.99

    The 6505 412 cabinets are outfitted with four Sheffield loudspeakers and feature a closed-back cabinet made of high-density plywood construction. >More


    Peavey 430A 412 Slant Cabinet

    NON-NEW $589.95

    Peavey 430A 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cab featuring premium Stephens Tru-Sonic 30 watt speakers, the Peavey 430A cabinet brings back the classic sound of the guitar 4x12 cabinets of the 1960s and '70s. USA made and ready for the road. >More


    Schecter Hellwin Stage Speaker Cabinet

    NEW $899

    The Schecter Hellwin Stage 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet is the ideal match for the Hellwin amp head or virtually any other head, especially high-gain tube monsters. >More


    PRS Paul Reed Smith DG Custom 2x12 Cab

    NEW $899
    NON-NEW $669.95

    Developed and refined over many years, PRS Paul Reed Smith David Grissom signature amplifiers "DG Custom 30" and "DG Custom 50" and signature "DG 2x12 cabinet" bring David's discriminating tone to players looking for a highly-responsive, musical amp rig. >More


    Schecter Hellraiser Stage

    NEW $799

    The Schecter Hellraiser Stage 4x12 Guitar Speaker Cabinet provides incredible construction and top-end components all at a great price for the working guitarist who wants to move some air. >More


    ISP Technologies Vector 210 Active Sub

    NON-NEW $629.95

    Part of ISP Technologies' popular Vector series of powered guitar subwoofer cabinets, the Vector 210 features a built-in 400-watt amplifier. This guitar sub's internal crossover network is designed to provide that huge bass impact for a compact guitar rig. >More


    Rivera K412TMT Mick Thomson Cabinet

    NON-NEW $1,119

    Rivera Mick Thomson Signature speaker cabs are ruggedly built with Finland birch plywood for years of road use, and are fitted with Celestion 8-ohm K100 speakers, standard. This super loud tight 4x12 is perfect for fast drop tuned metal. >More


    Marshall 1974CX Cabinet

    NEW $899.99

    The Marshall 1974CX is a Handwired 1x12 in. Speaker Cabinet. Designed to partner with the 1974X combo, the 1974CX is also loaded with the proprietary, "aged", 20-watt Celestion Greenback T1221 speaker. >More


    Randall RD412-D Diavlo Speaker Cab

    NEW $599.99

    The Randall RD412D Diavlo Guitar Speaker Cabinet was designed to match perfectly with high-gain amps like the Randall Diavlo series heads. >More


    Rivera K412T Guitar Speaker Cabinet

    NEW $1,199

    Rivera K412T Angled cabinet enclosures are ruggedly built with Finland birch plywood for years of road use, and are fitted with Celestion 8-ohm Vintage 30 speakers, standard. >More


    Quilter Aviator Gold 2x10 Guitar Cabinet

    NEW $549

    Light, powerful, agile. The Aviator 2x10" extension cabinet delivers on the promise of weight to size. The perfect complement to your Aviator Head, or to deliver massive power in conjunction with your Aviator Twin Ten or Open Twelve. Plug one in and watch the jaws drop. >More


    Paul Reed Smith Stealth Pine Cabinet

    NEW $899

    The Paul Reed Smith Stealth 2x12 cabinet is constructed out of solid pine for rugged durability and incredible tonality. Using finger-joint construction for added strength this 2x12 cabinet uses Celestion's much loved Vintage 30 speakers and is wrapped in heavy duty PRS black Stealth tolex covering with gold piping. >More


    Peavey 6505HP Patriotic 4x12 Speaker Cab

    NON-NEW $599.99

    Producing that vintage sound, the Peavey Patriotic 4x12 guitar speaker cabinet features four premium Stephens Tru-Sonic 30-watt speakers. This 4x12 guitar speaker cabinet features heavy duty casters, 16 ohms and made in the USA. >More


    Randall ISO12C Speaker Isolation Cabinet

    NEW $399.99

    The Randall ISO12C speaker isolation cabinet is a revolutionary way for musicians and sound engineers to deliver the true tone of their instruments in a noiseless isolated environment. Randall's computer aided cabinet design has helped them capture a "neutral" guitar sound environment. >More


    Laney IRT412 Ironheart 412 Speaker Cab

    NEW $499.95

    A metal amp deserves something special for a cabinet and that's exactly what the IRT-412 cabinet is! Designed to be used stand-alone or as part of a full stack setup each cabinet is loaded with 4 HH Custom designed 12 inch Custom drivers which hammer out a blistering 320 watts (16 ohms). >More

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