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    Ibanez Electric Guitars 160 products


    Ibanez GRGM21L Mikro Left-Handed Guitar

    NEW $199.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The Black Night finish GRGM21BKNL offers lefties the joy of the small yet lethal Mikro. >More


    Ibanez S-7420 7-String Electric Guitar

    NEW $724.99
    NON-NEW $629.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $362.50

    The Ibanez S series first appeared in 1987. Ever since, it has changed in appearance and function to represent the cutting edge of Ibanez design. Famous for its lightweight carved mahogany body, the S can take a beating while still providing the resonance of guitars twice its size. The S series also comes equipped with the ZR tremolo system, a smooth ball bearing tremolo that makes every subtle nuance of whammy bar use come alive. The 7-string version of the Zero Resistance tremolo found on the S7420 features the same ball-bearing based system for precision and friction-free action. >More


    Ibanez AF75 Artcore Hollowbody Guitar

    NEW $399.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $200.00

    If you thought the only good full or semi-hollow guitars were expensive (and the inexpensive ones weren't any good), think again. Ibanez Artcore guitars represent thinking that's way outside the box. No matter what kind of music you play - punk, alt rock, nu rock, whatever - if you're serious about adding rich tones to the mix, it's time to stop just thinking about it. With Ibanez Artcore, you can now afford to go full or semi-hollow. You can't afford not to! >More


    Ibanez DT520 Destroyer Electric Guitar

    NEW $699.99
    NON-NEW $499.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $350.00

    Since it was originally introduced in 1975, the Destroyer has become an icon of that era's chapter in rock n' roll history. Over the years it has undergone many incarnations and the perennial classic returns once again. The DT520 features a slick black finish. >More


    Ibanez RG550XH Electric Guitar

    NEW $479.99 - $529.99
    NON-NEW $419.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $240.00

    Featuring an extra-deep cutaway which allows access to the higher frets effortlessly, the Ibanez RG550XH still retains the beauty of an authentic RG Fody shape. Every inch of this classic screams speed, fury and expression. >More


    Ibanez GS121 GiO Electric Guitar

    NEW $219.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    Known for its smooth, streamlined body and thin maple neck, the S series guitar is the perfect blend of artistic design and function. The Ibanez GS121 GiO now brings those features, along with an uncomplicated fixed bridge, within reach of just about any players. >More


    Ibanez Artcore AGR73T Hollowbody

    NEW $599.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $300.00

    One look at the Ibanez AGR73T speaks of the perfect combination of style and sound. Smartly dressed in classic gold metallic--all eyes are sure to be trained on this handsome compact full hollow-body once it hits the stage. >More


    Ibanez AFD75T Artcore Electric Guitar

    NEW $599.99
    NON-NEW $419.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $300.00

    Under its made-for-the spotlight Sparkle finish, the Ibanez AFD75T features a select-grade Maple top, back, and sides. The fingerboard is warm, bound Rosewood, contrasted by brilliant pearl block inlays. >More


    Ibanez RG920QM Premium Electric Guitar

    NON-NEW $699.95

    The Ibanez RG920QM Premium electric guitars are crafted to the highest possible standards by seasoned Ibanez luthiers. Continuing the tradition to detail and quality of the flagship RG series for over 25 years, the Ibanez RG920QM electric guitar features a richly quilted maple top and American basswood body. >More


    Ibanez S7420QM Electric Guitar, 7-String

    NEW $769.99
    NON-NEW $719.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $385.00

    The Ibanez S7420QM Electric Guitar continues to be a marvel of form and function... and strings, all 7 of them. The S7420QM features an arched flamed maple top and mahogany back body effectively positions the strumming/picking hand optimally for anything from a fast riffing to fat, full power chords. >More


    Ibanez RG8 Left-Handed 8-String Guitar

    NEW $499.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $250.00

    Ibanez has taken their Ingenuity and design of the RG series to create the RG8 8-string guitar. The mysteries of the 8-string have beckoned players everywhere, but until recently such exploration was the privilege of a lucky few. >More


    Ibanez AR220 Artist Electric Guitar

    NEW $419.99 - $499.99
    NON-NEW $359.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $210.00

    The Artist Series represents the pivotal point in Ibanez history when they began to forge their own unique identity as a guitar designer. The AR220 line recalls the excitement of those early days by recreating the style and flexibility that is truly Ibanez. >More


    Ibanez RC320 Roadcore Electric Guitar

    NEW $399.99 - $429.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $200.00

    For the guitarist looking to distinguish themselves from the fray, with a look and sound uniquely their own, the new Ibanez RC320 Roadcare series electric guitar is the perfect alternative. >More


    Ibanez RGIX28FEQM Iron Label 8-String

    NEW $1,099.99
    NON-NEW $799.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $550.00

    Meet Ibanez's made-for-metal guitar series, Iron Label. Working from the chassis of their famous RG, Ibanez luthiers modded and tweaked with the heaviest of metal in mind. The RGIX28FEQM is a hardtail instrument that brings the Iron Label Series to a greater level. >More


    Ibanez SIX70FD Iron Label S

    NEW $899.99
    NON-NEW $699.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $450.00

    Ibanez's marvel of form and function, the S Series, meets their made-for-metal guitar line, Iron Label. Like other Ibanez S models, the SIX70FDBG follows form with a comfortable body-hugging design, slim fast-playing neck, great articulation and quick response of Ebony fingerboard, and tonally matched pickups that invigorate and inspire. >More


    Ibanez GRG250DXB Electric Guitar

    NEW $299.99
    NON-NEW $239.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $150.00

    A guitar doesn't have to cost a bundle to sound good. The GIO series was developed for players who want Ibanez quality in a more affordable package. >More


    Ibanez PM2 Pat Metheny Archtop Guitar

    NEW $999.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $500.00

    Since 1966, Pat Metheny has been an Ibanez signature artist entertaining audiences with his sumptuous guitar playing and his Ibanez signature instruments. Playing different types of music such as jazz, pop, folk, and Latin music have enthralled audiences all over the world. Purchase the PM2 today and enjoy the comfort and projection of Pat's guitar. >More


    Ibanez RG421QM Electric Guitar

    NEW $329.99 - $399.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $165.00

    Every inch of the fixed bridge Ibanez RG421QM Electric Guitar screams speed, fury, and expression. The RG421QM's quilted maple top makes a handsome coat for the RG's mahogany body. Its rosewood fingerboard with classic pearl dot inlays complete the visuals, and the jumbo frets grant license for all the string-bending you can bring. >More


    Ibanez AG75 Artcore Semi-Hollowbody

    NEW $399.99
    NON-NEW $299.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $200.00

    When Artcore guitars debuted in summer 2002, they turned the music industry upside down. No longer were full and semi-acoustic guitars just big expensive jazz boxes for jazz players -- even some of Ibanez' competitors bought them (no, this is not made up). With Artcore guitars you get an amazingly affordable price plus the quality and tone you expect from Ibanez, the guitar company with over 4 decades of experience making full and semi-acoustic guitars. >More


    Ibanez Paul Gilbert 25th Fireman

    NEW $1,199.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $600.00

    As his fans know, Gilbert is not given to standing still for long, and that restlessness is expressed in his gear as well as his playing. He's re-tooled the Fireman several times through the years, and now in honor of his 25th year as an Ibanez endorser, Gilbert and the guitar maker have created what may be their most exciting collaboration yet. >More


    Ibanez AF71F Artcore Electric Guitar

    NEW $399.99
    NON-NEW $289.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $200.00

    Ibanez introduced Artcore in 2002 and has been the hollow-body guitar of choice for musicians for the last 10 years. The Ibanez AF71F Artcore's combination of quality workmanship and affordability has created legions of fans from diverse genres as blues, country, rock and jazz. >More


    Ibanez AR420 Artist Electric Guitar

    NEW $549.99 - $649.99
    NON-NEW $469.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $275.00

    Made of mahogany, just like the classics, the Ibanez Artist AR420 Electric Guitar features a symmetrical double-cutaway body style for classic looks, big tone and a great feel. Along with a three way pickup selector, the AR420 features the tri-tone switching system so you can choose from series, parallel and coil-tap for each pickup. >More


    Ibanez GRX70QA Electric Guitar

    NEW $199.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    Ibanez GRG and GRX70QA guitars feature the same playability, warranty, and set-up as Ibanez's most expensive instruments, but at rock-bottom affordable prices. >More


    Ibanez AM93L Artcore Left-Handed

    NEW $649.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $325.00

    The Ibanez AM93 features a quilted maple top, handsome white binding on body, headstock, and fretboard; and expertly crafted set-in neck construction to ensure body liveliness. The fretboard is rich rosewood contrasted by pearl block inlays, set to a three-piece mahogany/maple set-in neck that has proven its reliability on thousands of Ibanez hollow and semi-hollow bodies throughout the years. >More


    Ibanez S7421QM Electric Guitar, 7-String

    NEW $599.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $300.00

    Now, with an exotic quilted maple top, The S7421QM comes in 2 colors: Transparent Red Burst and Transparent Gray Burst. Beneath each beautiful finish lurks a sleek Mahogany body specifically chosen for S Series instruments. >More


    Ibanez RG950QM Premium Electric Guitar

    NON-NEW $749.95

    The Ibanez RG950QM guitar is built with the hardworking pro in mind. Comfortable to the shoulder yet rich in sustain, the RG950QM Premium is recognized as the ultimate workhorse axe for the gigging player. >More


    Ibanez SIR27FD Iron Label 7-String

    NEW $799.99
    NON-NEW $629.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $400.00

    The Ibanez SIR27FD guitar which is part of the made-for-metal Iron Label line has the form and function of the renowned Ibanez S Series 7-string guitars. Cloaked in an Iron Pewter finish and sleek bound rosewood fretboard makes for a dramatic silhouette. >More


    Ibanez FR320 Electric Guitar

    NEW $399.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $200.00

    With its striking "something old, something new" body shape, the Ibanez FR320 is designed to be a musical chameleon. >More


    Ibanez ARZ400 Artist Electric Guitar

    NON-NEW $369.95

    Ideal for the metal players of today, the Ibanez ARZ400 electric guitar with EMG pickups is unrivaled in its class. Excellent tone for unbelievable solos, the ARZ400 electric guitar also meets the demand when you are performing heavy power chords. The single cutaway body features a smooth neck joint to access all 24 frets on the 25 inch scale neck. >More


    Ibanez AR325 Artist Electric Guitar

    NEW $499.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $250.00

    The return of a legend, the Artist is back with the Ibanez AR325. Anyone who knows their guitar history will tell you: Ibanez spent much of the 1970s in the role of the prodigious student building copies that exceeded the quality of the originals. >More


    Ibanez AR720 Artist Electric Guitar

    NEW $899.99 - $999.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $450.00

    Like the classics of yesteryear, the Ibanez AR720FM's Mahogany body features the first-of-its-kind symmetrical double-cutaway and Abalone body binding that gracefully outlines its exquisite flamed Maple top. >More


    Ibanez RG7421 7-String Electric Guitar

    NEW $399.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $200.00

    Ibanez has more years of experience with solid body 7-strings than all the other companies combined. That's why their 7-strings have better low B resonance, and why they don't have the low B buzz you find on other sevens. >More


    Ibanez RG927QM Electric Guitar

    NON-NEW $829.95

    The RG is the most recognizable and distinctive guitar in the Ibanez line. Three decades of metal have forged this high-performance machine, honing it for both speed and strength. Whether you favor a hardtail (fixed) bridge or Ibanez's industry-leading locking tremolo system, the RG is a precision instrument. Ibanez luthiers' insane attention to detail is evidenced by the RG927QM Premium's hand-rolled fret edges. This slow, demanding process makes for a smooth, fast playing neck. The RG927QM's DiMarzio IBZ pickups were made by DiMarzio specially for Ibanez, delivering tone that's easy to tweak to your sonic requirements. >More


    Ibanez JS100 Joe Satriani Guitar

    NEW $799.99
    NON-NEW $629.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $400.00

    The Master of Tone designed and plays his signature JS models. That almost says it all. Because if you know how exacting Joe is in getting the best tones in the business, then by definition his signature models have to be great guitars. If that doesn't convince you, then you can see from the spec lists here some of the serious cutting edge features that make these great guitars. >More


    Ibanez GRG150 GiO Electric Guitar

    NEW $189.99 - $199.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The Ibanez GRG150 GiO Electric Guitar provides the speed, fury and expression of the legendary RG series, at a remarkable price. The proprietary PSND humbucking pickups deliver the fat, distorted tone metal and rock players crave. >More


    Ibanez S970 Electric Guitar

    NON-NEW $799.95

    For 25 years fans have appreciated the S-Series as a marvel of form and function, and now the S970 electric guitar gets what Ibanez has come to call "the premium treatment" -- high quality luthiery at a price that's within the budget of today's working player. >More


    Ibanez AFJ91 Artcore Express Hollowbody

    NEW $599.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $300.00

    The Ibanez Artcore AFJ91 Hollowbody Electric Guitar features a Spruce top with Flamed Maple back and sides, as well as a handsome clean white binding on body, headstock, and fingerboard. >More


    Ibanez AG95L Artcore Left-Handed Guitar

    NEW $699.99
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $350.00

    The fully-hollow AG95 features a select figured bubinga top, back, and sides, and handsome ivory binding on the body, headstock, and fretboard. An expertly crafted three-piece mahogany/maple set-in neck ensures body liveliness and is fitted with a rich rosewood fretboard with silky contrasting pearl block inlays. >More


    Ibanez RG3250MZ Prestige Electric Guitar

    NON-NEW $1,399

    You can't find a rock guitar that looks as cool and has as many amazing features as the Ibanez RG3250MZ Prestige Electric Guitar. Start with an amazingly thin and fast 5 piece Super Wizard HP Maple/Walnut Prestige neck with KTS Titanium reinforcement and an Edge Zero bridge with ZPS3 Zero Point spring system. Add in perfectly matched DiMarzio pickups in an ultra-versatile hum/sing/hum configuration and you have a lethal rock guitar that more than lives up to the sterling legacy of the Ibanez RG. >More


    Ibanez FRM100 Paul Gilbert Guitar

    NEW $899.99
    NON-NEW $719.95
    SpeedPlay: 2 payments of $450.00

    The design of the Ibanez FRM100TR was inspired by many hours of playing and performance by Paul Gilbert with the original Ibanez Fireman model. >More

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