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    Red Witch 8 products


    Red Witch Zeus Octave Bass Fuzz Pedal

    NEW $299.99

    A bass Fuzz suboctave pedal so good, your guitar player will already be plotting to steal it. Behold, the Red Witch Zeus -- greek God of Sky, Thunder, Bass Fuzz and Suboctave! >More


    Red Witch Fuzz God II Analog Fuzz Pedal

    NEW $199.99
    NON-NEW $179.95

    The Red Witch Fuzz God II lives up to its name - creating a particular kind of distortion known as "fuzz" -- due to the fuzzy, fizzy quality of the processed guitar sound. >More


    Red Witch Deluxe Moon Phaser Tremolo

    NEW $229.99

    The Red Witch design philosophy of "Functional Innovation" was established in the first pedal design produced by the company - The Deluxe Moon Phaser. This template of offering unique, innovative and incredibly useable new features has remained the key differentiator between Red Witch and its competitors. >More


    Red Witch Violetta Micro Delay Mod Pedal

    NEW $179.99
    NON-NEW $139.95

    The Red Witch Violetta Delay offers a myriad of stunning features: 1000m/sec of delay time -- from the hip shaking slap back rockabilly passion of Scotty Moore to the breath taking delay drenched sonic landscapes of Floydian post rock ambience. >More


    Red Witch Factotum Overdrive Pedal

    NEW $299.99

    The Red Witch Factotum Bass Suboctave Drive pedal features two separate effects in one glorious chrome package: the ridiculous might and sub-thumping girth of 100% analog suboctave, and the ultra-dial-able grit of 100% analog bass overdrive. >More


    Red Witch Titan Analog Delay Pedal

    NEW $299

    The Titan: a triptych of time transformers, a trinity of time tailors, a troika of time tools! Yes indeed, housed in this one small box is not one, not two, but three completely independent delay units!!! >More


    Red Witch Eve Analog Micro Tremolo Pedal

    NEW $119.99

    Shy and coy, Eve's tremolo tone is delicate, musical and hypnotic. Able to offer everything from a light pulse to a deep throb, Eve encapsulates the idea of a simple, super musical sounding trem. >More


    Red Witch Empress Analog Chorus Pedal

    NEW $229.99
    NON-NEW $199.95

    Not just any ordinary analog chorus/Vibe pedal...The Empress offers unparalleled chorus options; an infinite number of analog chorus/vibe devices in one box. >More

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