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    Rolls Featured 16 products


    Rolls PM50s Personal Monitor System

    NEW $49.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    Mix your microphone with a main monitor mix for a perfect monitor mix that you can control. This monitor amp also works as a line tester. It has 1/4" input that accepts line and speaker levels and a mic pass-through for mixer connection. >More


    Rolls MSC106 Microphone Stand Adapter

    NEW $19.95
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The MSC106 microphone stand adapter is perfect for mounting accessories such as headphone amplifiers, 1/2 rack effects, etc. >More


    Rolls HA43 Headphone Mixer

    NEW $49.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    This device has single input, 4-output headphone amplifier, slider volume controls, full frequency response, and lots of output level. (In other words, it's loud!) >More


    Rolls DB24 Passive Stereo Direct Box

    NEW $64.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    Introducing the DB24 Stereo Direct Interface. This unit is a two channel isolation device designed to connect high impedance devices to low impedance. The unit is completely passive, and utilizes Rolls proprietary audio transformers for superior sound. A heavy duty steel chassis was chosen to provide maximum reliability when used in demanding live sound reinforcement applications. >More


    Rolls PB223 Dual Phantom Power Adapter

    NEW $59.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The PB223 is for powering phantom powered microphones with 48VDC. Since the units use a 100KHz switching power supply there is no audio noise generated. >More


    Rolls MX28 Mini-Mix VI Mixer

    NEW $69.95
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The MX28 is a 3-channel true stereo line mixer. Each channel has an individual 1/4 in. input for the right and left sides, and the outputs are individual right and left 1/4 in. jacks. Each channel has a level and pan (balance) control. The Master Level controls the output volume and the Headphone Level controls the level to the 2 headphone outputs. >More


    Rolls HE18 Buzz Off Hum Eliminator

    NEW $44.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The HE18 is a 2-channel audio hum and buzz remover. Everyone knows how annoying it is to have 60 cycle hum in your sound. Now you can eliminate virtually all ground hum and buzz by simply inserting the HE18 into the audio path. Plus, the unit will convert an unbalanced signal into a balanced signal, and vice-versa. This greatly improves overall noise performance. >More


    Rolls MS111 Microphone Mute Switch

    NEW $49.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The Rolls MS111 is a general purpose muting switch for microphones and will pass phantom power. It is configurable to be Push to Mute, Release to Mute, Push ON and Push OFF maintained contact. It is the result of many requests for variations of the popular MM11 that is push to mute only. >More


    Rolls DB25B Passive Direct Box

    NEW $24.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The DB25B is a transformer balanced, passive direct box. It features a Ground Lift switch for hum elimination, and an Attenuator control for padding the input signal from -20dB to -infinity dB. Padding the input signal provides a way to connect the DB25B to a line level signal, even a speaker level signal and connecting it to a balanced line or Mic input on a mixer. The two 1/4 inch; inputs are paralleled pass-throughs to also send the input signal to a tuner, pre amp, etc.. >More


    Rolls CL151 GLC Mic Preamp

    NEW $89
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The Rolls CL151 is a very versatile processor and can be used in any application where you need single channel mic or line level input processing. It is primarily designed for connecting studio mics to the inputs of hard disc recorders and has all the input stage processing power you need and an unbalanced 1/4 in. line level output. >More


    Rolls MX56C MiniMix A/V Mixer

    NEW $79.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The MX56c, an upgrade to the Rolls MX56s, features 4 inputs including a mono 1/4 in. line input, a stereo 1/8 in. (3.5mm) line input, a balanced XLR microphone input with jumperable phantom power, and a stereo RCA line input. A variety of outputs have also been included on the MX56c. >More


    Rolls MX153 Mix Mate 5-Channel Mixer

    NEW $129.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The MX153 is a one-half rack space, two microphone and three stereo source mixer. The unit provides a compact and efficient way to mix sources such as AM/FM tuners, CD players, and video players with dynamic or condenser microphones. Applications include background music and paging for small clubs, churches, schools, restaurants, and much more. >More


    Rolls MP222 Studio Pro Microphone Preamp

    NEW $165.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The Rolls MP222 Studio Pro Preamp is a professional, two channel microphone preamp designed for use with both large diaphragm and standard studio mics. >More


    Rolls PM351 Personal Monitor Station

    NEW $84.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The PM351 is ideal for live bands and church musicians, as well as studio musicians and singers. Having the ability to monitor a main mix along with the musician's voice and their instrument make the PM351 an effective and versatile tool. >More


    Rolls MB15b ProMatch Stereo Direct Box

    NEW $64.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    The Rolls MB15b - Stereo Signal Converter - is essential for connecting the XLR balanced inputs of powered speakers to the -10 dB unbalanced RCA outputs found on most DJ mixers and controllers. >More


    Rolls VP29 Phono Preamp

    NEW $49.99
    SpeedPlay: on orders of $249 or more

    Phono players require special equalization because of the frequency response of recording on vinyl. The VP29 equalizes and amplifies the phono signal to a clean, and full line level for professional amplification. >More

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