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    Supro Amplifiers 11 products


    Supro Dual-Tone 1624T Guitar Combo Ampliier (25 Watts, 1x12")

    NEW $1,199
    NON-NEW $1,079

    The Supro 1624T "Dual-Tone" 1x12 combo amplifier is the undeniable rock star of the mid '60s Supro amplifier lineup. Vintage 1624T amps have been sought-after for decades because they embody the most desirable aspects of the Supro sound. >More


    Supro 1600 Supreme Guitar Combo Amp

    NEW $1,249

    The Supro 1600 Supreme is an all-tube tribute to one of the great guitar icons of the British Invasion. This historic, "Classic Series" combo is a replica of the Chicago-made 1x10 amplifier used extensively by the Stones throughout decades of rock and roll hits. >More


    Supro 1695T Black Magick Combo Amp

    NEW $1,499

    The Supro Black Magick is a recreation of one of Rock & Roll music's holy-grail amplifiers. This all-tube, high-gain blues machine hearkens back to the dimensions, cosmetics and circuitry of the Supro amps from 1959, just like the one loaned by Jimmy Page to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum. >More


    Supro Saturn Reverb 1648RT Guitar Combo Amplifier (15 Watts, 1x12")

    NEW $1,399

    The Supro 1648RT Saturn Reverb amplifier is a future-retro amplifier designed for the working player who needs a lightweight, vintage-flavored amp with world-class tube reverb. This 15-Watt, Class-A 1x12 luxury combo is powered by a pair of 6973 tubes with a 5U4 tube rectifier—giving you the ultimate in tactile response and signature Supro breakup at manageable gigging volume. >More


    Supro Comet 1610RT Guitar Combo

    NEW $1,349
    NON-NEW $1,214

    The Supro 1610 Comet is a high-gain, low-wattage 1 x 10 combo with reverb, tremolo and switchable power. Designed to act as a go-anywhere companion to your favorite guitars, this lightweight tube amp cranks out 6-Watts or 14-Watts of screaming hot vintage tone with an on-board option to drench your sound in tube-driven reverb and tremolo. >More


    Supro TremoVerb 1622RT Guitar Combo Amp

    NEW $1,299

    The Supro 1622RT Tremo-Verb is a feature-rich update to the coveted late-60's Supro 1x10 combo platform. This compact, Class-A, 6973-powered bruiser pushes a LOUD 25 watts through their custom-made 10" speaker to capture the old-school Supro magic in an amp you can easily haul around to gigs. Tremo-verb is, without a doubt, pound-for-pound the most potent tube amp in the Supro line. >More


    Supro Coronado 1690T Guitar Combo Amplifier (25 Watts, 2x10")

    NEW $1,349

    The Supro 1690T Coronado is their top-of-the-line 1964 reissue tube amplifier. True to the original, this luxurious 2x10, 35-Watt combo delivers remarkable dynamic range with a clear, full sound. >More


    Supro Thunderbolt S6420 Combo Amplifier

    NEW $1,199

    The Supro S6420 Thunderbolt, Two knobs and the Truth! The legendary 1964 "Blue Rhino Hide" Supro Thunderbolt is back. >More


    Supro Thunderbolt Plus S6420+ Amplifier

    NEW $1,299

    The Supro Thunderbolt Plus amplifier adds switchable power amp topology to the legendary 1964 Supro Thunderbolt, giving you the original 35-Watt "Class A" Cathode bias sound as well as beefy 45-Watt and 60-Watt Grid bias modes for additional headroom and tonal variation. This unique design is implemented via a three-way selector switch on the front panel. >More


    Supro Rhythm Master 1675RT Combo Amp

    NEW $1,599

    For those players who love the huge, bold sound of the 1×15" Thunderbolt amp, but need a lush, all-tube reverb to fill out their sound, Supro presents the 1675RT Rhythm Master amplifier. Rooted in Supro tradition, this vintage inspired model is loaded with independent bass and treble controls, six-spring long pan reverb, output tube tremolo and switchable Class A / Class AB power amp wiring for 35, 45 or 60 watts of vintage American tone. >More


    Supro Royal Reverb Guitar Combo Amp

    NEW $1,499

    The Supro 1650RT Royal Reverb is the flagship tube amplifier of their line. This retro-modern masterpiece updates the mid 60's classic with an all-tube feature set designed to deliver superior sonic flexibility and ample headroom along with enough stage volume to handle any gig. >More

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