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    Pearl Rhythm Traveler Portable Drum Kit, 5-Piece

    Muffle heads, silent cymbals and a compact size make this portable drum set from Pearl the perfect practice kit for any situation.

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    Pearl Rhythm Traveler 5-Piece Portable Drum Kit Product Description

    If you're like most drummers, rehearsal time is limited. Simply finding a place to practice without disturbing the peace can be a nightmare. But imagine being able to practice anytime of the day or night, on a full size 5-piece kit, without disturbing people in the next room. Then imagine carrying the same kit, neatly stacked in the passenger seat of your car, to do a live gig. The Pearl Rhythm Traveler is the only kit that combines both these drumming necessities at a price well within reach of any working drummer. Rhythm Traveler is the go anywhere, practice anytime kit of your dreams.

    With Rhythm Traveler, you get a complete set of ultra-high-quality drums and hardware, specifically designed to be lightweight yet super sturdy and highly durable. Rhythm Traveler shells are manufactured by Pearl's patented Heat Compression Shell Molding System, which is the same process used for every drum Pearl makes. Tom sizes are 10", 12" and 14" and their 5" deep, single-headed design allows them to neatly stack for compact travel while producing a great tone for live performance. Rhythm Traveler's wood shell snare drum is 5" x 13" and produces a very warm, full-bodied snare tone with excellent crack. With Rhythm Traveler, you get two complete sets of heads, one for live performance and one set of Pearl's Muffle Heads for silent practicing. Muffle Heads are manufactured of a super strong mesh fabric that responds like a regular drumhead, while producing virtually no sound. Together with Pearl's Silent Cymbal Pads, Rhythm Traveler produces the realistic feel of a regular kit, complete with rim shots, every time you rehearse. And the best part is changing from a practice kit to a live kit is as easy as changing the batter heads and adding cymbals. Rhythm Traveler is great for the working drummer needing a small portable kit, the beginning drummer needing to get started with a high quality set, or any drummer that's tired of practicing at someone else's convenience.

    Muffle Head

    Pearl's Muffle Heads allow you to silently practice anytime while maintaining the feel of a regular drumhead.

    Silent Cymbals

    Together with their Muffle Heads, Rhythm Traveler's Silent Cymbal Pads offer the perfect combination of feel and performance.

    Compact Travel

    Rhythm Traveler's toms neatly stack to create an extremely compact kit for transport. Every facet of the kit, including every piece of hardware, has been designed with the working and rehearsing drummer in mind. Their super sturdy 70W Series hardware offers both double braced legs and a low mass, lightweight design, making it the perfect compliment to Rhythm Traveler. You no longer have to have a large vehicle to be a drummer. With Rhythm Traveler your kit can even fit in the passenger seat of your car.

    Live Performance

    Rhythm Traveler is the perfect kit for most any live performance situation where space, or the lack of it, is a major concern. With Rhythm Traveler, you're set-up, sounding great, and ready to play before most drummers could even unload their set. And when the gig is over, you're out just as quickly. With Rhythm Traveler, going from practice to live is as easy as changing the batter heads and adding a couple of cymbals.

    Silent Rehearsal

    When you're ready to practice, there's no substitute for the feel of a real drum kit. Rhythm Traveler's silent Muffle Heads and cymbal pads allow you to keep the response of a drumhead, and quietly rehearse anytime you choose. Plug in a set of phones and play along with your favorite tunes, or just grab a few minutes when everyone else is sleeping, with Rhythm Traveler anytime can be rehearsal time.

    Rhythm Traveler Hardware

    Rhythm Traveler comes complete with a full set of Pearl's 70W Series double braced hardware. This impressive hardware line was developed to provide maximum stability and durability, while keeping weight to a minimum for ease of transport. Every function and feature on their 70W series hardware is straight forward and dependable, with ease of use as the ultimate goal. All pipe joints feature an extended nylon joint bushing providing an extremely strong and stable adjustment system.

    Rhythm Traveler's H-70W Hi-Hat stand offers a direct link pull system for precise feel and strong action, sturdy double braced legs, full height adjustability and a fully adjustable cymbal clutch. The S-70W provides adjustments for both height and basket tension, and its double braced leg tripod and low center of gravity make it an extremely stable stand. The C-70W cymbal stand provides a 3-section adjustment system, a deep gear cymbal tilter, and sturdy double braced legs. The P-70 bass drum pedal features a great feeling strap drive cam system, full adjustment over spring tension and Duo Beat beater for use with both standard and Muffle Heads.

    What's Included:
    - 2008B: 20x8 in. bass drum
    - 1005T: 10x5 in. tom
    - 1205T: 12x5 in. tom
    - 1405T: 14x5 in. tom
    - 1350S: 13x5 in. wood snare drum
    - CX-316C 16 in. brass Cymbal
    - CX-314HH 14 in. brass hi-hat cymbals
    - RP-14C rubber cymbal muffler (2)
    - RP-14B rubber cymbal muffler
    - RC-10 10 in. clear head
    - RC-12 12 in. clear head
    - RC-14 14 in. clear head
    - RC-20 20 in. clear head
    - WAS-13 13 in. coated Head

    C-62W cymbal stand
    P-62 pedal
    H62W hi-hat
    S-62W snare stand
    TH-60/B black tom arms
    TH-60S/B black tom arm short
    ADT-2 adapter clamp

    Double braced stands
    Silent ride/crash cymbal
    Silent hi-hat cymbal
    Muffle heads (mesh)
    Plastic heads

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Pearl products.

    Pearl Rhythm Traveler Technical Description

    2008B: 20x8 in. Bass drum

    1005T: 10x5 in. Tom

    1205T: 12x5 in. Tom

    1405T: 14x5 in. Tom

    1350S: 13x5 in. Wood Snare drum

    CX-316C 16 in. Brass Cymbal

    CX-314HH 14 in. Brass Hi-hat Cymbals

    RP-14C Rubber Cymbal Muffler (2)

    RP-14B Rubber Cymbal Muffler

    RC-10 10 in. Clear head

    RC-12 12 in. Clear head

    RC-14 14 in. Clear head

    RC-20 20 in. Clear head

    WAS-13 13 in. Coated Head

    Hardware included:
    C-62W Cymbal Stand
    P-62 Pedal
    H62W Hi-Hat
    S-62W Snare Stand
    TH-60/B Black Tom Arms
    TH-60S/B Black Tom Arm Short
    ADT-2 Adapter Clamp

    Double Braced Stands
    Silent Ride/Crash Cymbal
    Silent Hi-hat Cymbal
    Muffle Heads (Mesh)
    Plastic Heads

    Jet Black # 31

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Pearl products.

    Pearl Rhythm Traveler 5-Piece Portable Drum Kit Catalog Description

    Compact performance and silent practice kit@Includes plastic and quiet mesh heads@Single-headed 10", 12", and 14" toms@13" wood snare w/stand; 20" kick w/ pedal@Crash and hi-hat cymbals with stands and rubber mufflers

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Pearl products.

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