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    Steinberg WaveLab 8 Audio Editing and Mastering Software (Windows and Mac)

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    Steinberg WaveLab 8 Audio Editing and Mastering Software (Windows and Mac) Product Description

    Steinberg WaveLab version 8 is the first choice for high-profile mastering engineers, musicians and hobby producers alike. With the speaker management system, EBU-compliant loudness processing and a selection of mastering-grade plug-ins alongside 150+ further enhancements, WaveLab 8 is taking audio to perfection.

    Speaker Management System

    During the mastering process it is essential to monitor the pre-master on different speaker setups in order to ensure constant quality level. The good news is that WaveLab 8 comes with an integrated speaker management system, allowing you to switch between up to eight speaker setups for playback and record monitoring, including individual gain control for each output. In addition, the VST Audio Connection dialog allows you to set up individual output configurations for the respective loudspeaker channels and to conveniently adjust your input channe

    - Up to 8 loudspeaker setups for record monitoring and playback
    - No hidden processing, keeping the signal clean
    - Individual gain for each speaker setup
    - Renewed VST Audio Connection dialog for setting up the in- and outputs conveniently
    - A/B/C/D comparison of audio files with zero latency

    EBU-Compliant Loudness Metering And Processing

    The loudness war is over and dynamic sound is getting widespread -- that's why WaveLab 8 features a full-fledged EBU R128-compliant loudness metering and processing solution. Besides the measurement of momentary, short term and integrated values displayed on dedicated scales, WaveLab also contains a zoomable loudness view that visualizes all values as a clear graph.

    Steinberg's Loudness-, Pan- and Batch-Normalizer tools have been extended meet the requirements of EBU standards. If that wasn't enough, the powerful Global Analysis now also provides EBU-compliant measurement. Of course, WaveLab 8 also features True Peak support, which is reflected in many of WaveLab's tools, e.g. normalizers and various analysis functions.

    Voxengo CurveEQ, Brickwall Limiter and Tube Compressor

    WaveLab contains a plethora of plug-ins that take your audio files to perfection. Version 8 goes a step further and adds thee more effects to this impressive arsenal.

    Voxengo CurveEQ

    Thanks to its spectrum matching technology, Voxengo's CurveEQ is perfectly suited to fit the needs of mastering engineers. This versatile 64-band spline EQ with linear and minimum-phase modes also features a built-in professional-grade spectrum analyzer that allows for displaying, saving and loading static spectrum plots for comparison and matching purposes.

    Tube Compressor

    "Warm and rich" is among the most important characteristics when engineers describe their preferred style of compression. Tube Compressor was made to exactly reflect these demands. Known from the worlds most acclaimed music production system, Cubase 7, Tube Compressor not only shapes the dynamics of your signals very precisely but also colors them nicely.

    Brickwall Limiter

    WaveLab 8 contains the Steinberg Brickwall Limiter that keeps the audio signal from passing the threshold -- a must-have for professional mastering applications. Parameters such as Drive, Attack and Mix let you individually adjust the character of the processing while the large VU meter provides excellent visual feedback.

    - EBU R128-compliant loudness measurement with various measurement options (Momentary, Short term, Integrated)
    - Dedicated WaveLab 8 Loudness Graph and metering
    - True Peak support
    - Updated plug-ins such a loudness normalizer, batch meta normalizer, batch audio analysis taking EBU R128 and True Peaks into account
    - Support of ReplayGain metadata

    Single Window Plug-In Management And Organization

    Keep track of your plug-ins -- WaveLab 8 introduces a plug-in chain window that hosts all inserted clip, track or master plug-ins in one single area. Now you can switch between different plug-ins with a single click. Also in version 8 is the completely redesigned plug-in organization. The plug-in settings dialog allows you to group and sort plug-ins by vendor, category and favorites, making it easy to manage your ever growing number of plug-ins.

    - Create single-window plug-in chains with clip, track and master plug-ins
    - Plug-in window automatically adjusts the size
    - Redesigned plug-in organization featuring sorting functions

    Pro Editing

    Making audio editing faster and more convenient has been the main premise for the creation of WaveLab's editing tools. One example is the time-saving Raise Selection function that allows you to adjust the level of individual clip regions in an instant. Plus, several trim and split options have been added to the framework of the Auto-Split function. What's more, you can now process selected regions of your audio file using e.g. a plug-in chain with just a single command, making comparisons between different editings a straightforward matter. And the auto-replay option automatically re-triggers the playback right after your edit.

    - Enhanced volume clip handles to adjust the level of an individual selection in no time
    - Auto-replay function for immediate playback of performed edits
    - Auto-Split with various options
    - More than 25 further editing enhancements, including Track Lock, extended key command support and improved name editing in list views

    Master Transport Panel

    Stay in control -- record, play, stop, loop, jog, shuttle, selections, markers and many other functions to speed up project navigation are now easily accessible via the Master Transport Panel. Additionally, the Master Transport Panel features a status window that shows the time position, timecode, samples bars and beats.

    iZotope MBIT+ Master Dither

    Quality first for WaveLab 8 -- the MBIT+ dither plug-in made by the specialists of iZotope provides the finest wordlength reduction algorithms available, allowing you to effectively convert and dither to 24, 20, 16, 12 or 8 bits. The advanced dithering process also reduces quantization distortion with minimal perceived noise. What you get is a smooth conversion and a major audible improvement.

    - World-class dithering from the specialists of iZotope
    - Different bit-depths, three types of algorithms and four noise shaping options selectable
    - DC offset filtering, auto-blanking
    - Reduction of quantization distortion

    Extended Audio Montage Support Environment

    The SuperClip concept makes it easy to handle complex audio projects with a large number of clips by combining several clips into one SuperClip and still giving you the chance to edit these clips in internal sub-montages. Also WaveLab 8 is the Master Plug-In Section that enables you to save a plug-in chain locally with each single montage for total recall. To further enhance the quality of the mastering process, WaveLab 8 allows you to simultaneously use audio files of different sample rates. The target sample rate is chosen at the end of the mastering process, which leads to best sounding results.

    - Combine mutiple clips into one SuperClip for improved overview
    - Master Plug-In area for local effect plug-in recall
    - Work at highest sample rates from start to finish

    Metadata Support

    With WaveLab 8 you get extensive metadata support for file formats such as ID3 v2, BWF, CART and iXML. Add information about the artist, pictures, copyright, the engineer's name, date and many more to your audio files and provide your clients with valuable information. WaveLab 8 even allows for automatic creation of metadata. Besides, you can add various further technical information, enabling a flawless workflow with the CD manufacturer.

    - Extensive metadata support for file formats such as ID3 v2, WAV, BWF v2 and iXML
    - Automatic generation and batch processing of metadata
    - Include information about the artist, pictures, copyright, the engineer's name and more

    150+ Further Improvements

    WaveLab 8 contains many additional improvements, such as 16-bit float waveform zoom resolution for ultra-precise editing as well as enhancements in the marker handling. Plus, you can transfer the master section plug-ins to a clip, track or the master plug-in area of a montage.

    Not to forget the option to import dual-mono files and various improvements in the batch processing area. And the improved in-app help system provides guidance in any situation. In sum, the latest WaveLab version once again sets the standard in all aspects of professional mastering.


    - Speaker management system, featuring management of up to eight loudspeaker setups with zero latency for quality audio comparison
    - Advanced EBU-compliant loudness metering and processing, including measurement in EBU R128 loudness scale plus dedicated loudness graph, True Peak support and loudness normalizer
    - iZotope MBIT+(TM) high-end master dither for adding a warm and natural flair to every nuance of your audio files
    - Voxengo CurveEQ, Brickwall Limiter and Tube Compressor for mastering-grade audio quality
    - Master Transport Panel for quick and easy project navigation
    - Single-window plug-in management and organization for simplified overview on all plug-ins used within the project
    - Professional editing+ featuring volume clip handles with Raise Selection option, auto-replay function and single-click audio file processing
    - Extended Audio Montage environment featuring the SuperClip concept, a master plug-in section and support for files of different sample rates
    - Metadata support for a broad number of formats, including ID3 v2, BWF v2, iXML, CART and many more
    - 150+ improvements to user interface, editing, batch processing, in-app help system and many others

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Steinberg products.

    Steinberg WaveLab 8 Audio Editing and Mastering Software (Windows) Technical Description

    - OS X Version 10.8
    - Intel dual core CPU
    - CoreAudio compatible audio hardware

    - Windows 7 / Windows 8
    - Intel or AMD dual core CPU
    - Windows compatible audio hardware

    System Requirements:
    - 2 GB RAM
    - 1 GB of free HD space
    - Display resolution of 1024 x 768 recommended
    - DVD-ROM drive required for installation
    - USB port for USB-eLicenser
    - Internet connection required for license activation and grace period update download

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Steinberg products.

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