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    Tannoy Reveal 601a Studio Speaker, Active

    The Reveal 601a packs performance, accuracy and value into a compact enclosure.

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    Tannoy Reveal 601a Active Studio Speaker Product Description

    The original Tannoy Reveal Active near field monitor has become an iconic fixture in recording studios across the world since its arrival in the mid-nineties, widely recognized as the product that defined the category and has been the active monitor of choice for thousands of amateur and professional recording, creative composition and post production facilities worldwide. Building upon this world-class reputation, the Tannoy Reveal Active series represents the current evolution of Tannoy's high resolution active reference monitor technology.

    Whether you're building a studio on a budget and don't want to compromise on sonic quality, or you need an active monitor with a small footprint, the Reveal 601a offers the perfect solution. Built to the same superior standard as the rest of the Reveal range, the Reveal 601a packs performance, accuracy and value into a compact enclosure. Priced competitively with the entry-level recording setup in mind, the Reveal 601a delivers a wide bandwidth performance that will impress even the most seasoned pro.


    - Integrated 90W total power amp unit
    - 6.5-inch (130mm) LF/MF driver and 1-inch (30mm) soft dome tweeter delivering wide frequency response of 60Hz - 30kHz
    - 6.5-inch (130mm) LF/MF driver and 1-inch (30mm) soft dome tweeter delivering wide frequency response of 60Hz - 30kHz
    - Sculpted and rigid front baffle design to minimise diffraction
    - Response has been optimised for quarter space near-field operation
    - Front firing reflex bass port to negate boundary-coupling
    - Bass unit development using to minimise offsets and linearise the suspension components.
    - Wideband tweeter design extending the amplitude response beyond 20kHz audibility to 30kHz to improve the phase response from within the audible band.
    - LED indicator shows power status
    - + 1.5 / 0 / -1.5dB HF trim switch for custom room adjustment
    - Rear mounted volume control for convenient Home Studio and PC/MAC laptop/desktop use.
    - Balanced XLR and unbalanced jack connectors

    Ahead of the Curve

    The sculpted curved edges of the Reveal's front baffle help to eliminate unwanted diffraction caused when sound dispersed from the sides of the cabinet is scattered back into the near field causing interference and phase distortion. By carefully smoothing off these edges, this unwanted diffraction is significantly reduced, delivering critical improvements to frequency response and crystal clear imaging, even when off-axis.

    Optimized Tweeter Design

    In the pursuit of achieving a wide and even nearfield monitoring 'sweet spot', delivering accurate and highly controlled high frequencies is critical. The Reveals feature a tweeter design comprising of soft dome HF driver coupled to an elliptical waveguide that has been optimized to provide very controlled high frequency directivity and minimize diffraction, providing a wide and consistent listening field.

    Forward Thinking

    Most studio monitors feature bass ports on the rear of their cabinet. This type of design leads to an inherent problem called bass-coupling whereby low frequencies are amplified when the monitors are located close to room boundaries, leading to colored and inaccurate mix results. The Reveals feature front-firing reflex bass ports however, to allow for ideal positioning even within small or confined studio spaces, while still providing defined bass performance.

    With the benefit of being active (self-powered), the Reveal 601a's perfectly matched integrated amplifier ensures maximum efficiency from the 6.5-inch woofer and 1-inch soft dome tweeter and removes any need for a separate power amp. Response has been optimised for quarter space near field operation, such as on a meter bridge or on a table either side of your control surface, while independent gain control is provided on the rear panel, along with HF trim control, to allow fine tuning.

    The low distortion 6.5-inch LF/MF driver voicing has been enhanced to deliver a natural and accurate ultra-linear response in the low and midrange frequencies, while the wide bandwidth tweeter extends the amplitude response beyond the 20kHz audibility threshold to 30kHz to improve the phase response within the audible band. This preserves the harmonic structure of sounds and the stability of the stereo image, ensuring stunningly accurate mix translation.

    The rigid MDF cabinet construction provides stiffness and minimises colouration, while internal bracing of the sides and rear against the back of the bass driver provides a rigid reactive mass for the moving cone assembly; this ensures fast tight bass response and clear midrange. The curved edged design of the front baffle helps eliminate diffraction, while the front-firing bass port avoids the problem of exaggerated bass response as a result of boundary-coupling - a pitfall inherent with rear-firing designs when positioned close to a wall. The elliptical tweeter waveguide has also been optimised to control high frequency directivity and minimise diffraction, ensuring a wide and even sweet spot.

    Both balanced XLR and unbalanced TRS jack inputs complete the versatile package, ensuring the Tannoy Reveal 601a is easily integrated into any home or project studio with the minimum of fuss.

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Tannoy products.

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