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    Guaranteed Same Day Shipment

    We guarantee that our most popular items will ship the same business day the order is placed. If you place a valid order before the shipping deadline and your order does not ship that day, we will pay you $100. (And of course we'll apologize too.)

    Same day shipping is available Monday through Friday. A valid order placed before 2pm EST will ship the same day. Orders placed after 2pm EST will ship the next business day.

    There are some important details you'll want to read below.

    How Can We Guarantee Same Day Shipment?

    Orders are sent securely from our website to our mainframe system for processing. Our mainframe coordinates a series of steps we take to verify your identity and authorize your credit card. For valid orders, a packing slip and label are printed directly from the mainframe for all items on your order that are ready to ship. For most orders, this is the first and only time any paper is involved in our highly efficient process. The mainframe keeps a record of any backordered items and automatically fills these orders immediately upon receipt of the item in our warehouse.

    There are no worries that a store clerk will misplace your order, misprint your address on the shipping label, charge your credit card the wrong amount, or place your backorder in that "lost forever" status until you call to complain; our automated system makes sure you are treated right. We designed our system to near-perfection because we've had those same bad experiences you've had shopping with other music-instrument retailers.

    When the warehouse receives an item from one of our vendors, this is recorded in our mainframe; likewise, each order that we receive from a customer is recorded in our mainframe. Because we record these inventory movements on every item in exact detail, the mainframe knows at all times exactly how many items we have in stock and conveys this information to our website. For good measure, we also routinely count the boxes in our warehouse and verify the accuracy of our already-accurate mainframe inventory counts. (And we have a lot of inventory.)

    Once your box is packed, the contents (even including the packing slip) are scanned and compared to the mainframe's record of your order; we do this to confirm the accuracy of the shipment. Then your package is sealed and ready for pickup by the optimal shipping carrier, as determined by the mainframe (typically Federal Express or UPS). It is only at this point that your credit card is actually charged for the purchase - and only for the items that ship. The carrier typically scans your package at pickup in our warehouse or at their local hub. However, sometimes they expedite your package to the next hub before scanning it. As your package is scanned along the delivery route, this information is transferred back so you can track your order at all times from our website.

    With all this automation, are mistakes even possible? Sure, but they are extremely rare. We designed the system this way so we could be so confident in our ability to ship your valid order the same day you place it, that we can give you $100 cash when we don't. (And of course we'll apologize too.)

    What items qualify for Guaranteed Same Day Shipment?

    Items eligible for Guaranteed Same Day Shipment or $100 Cash Back are labeled throughout the site with the "Guaranteed Same Day" icon . This information is updated most frequently on the product page and at checkout and is almost realtime; the availability information on other pages on the site is updated less frequently (roughly every 6-24 hours). The item is only guaranteed when it is still shown as guaranteed when you checkout.

    Availability information updates from our warehouse to our website almost in realtime. We are highly confident of the status of each item whenever you view a page. However, we do not reserve inventory being viewed or even placed in shopping carts. So please be aware that we cannot guarantee this information until you have checked out. In particular, if you have been in the checkout area for more than about 10 minutes, we do recommend that you refresh the page to get the most current inventory prior to checking out.

    What is a valid order?

    A valid order is for a valid item at a valid price, placed with a US-issued credit card with complete and verifiable address and other information. Details


    In extremely unusual emergency circumstances beyond our control, we reserve the right to suspend the Guaranteed Same Day or $100 Cash Back policy. These circumstances may include, but are not limited to, the following examples:

    • Warehouse, call center, or web operations lose power or telecom connectivity.
    • Warehouse, call center, or web operations lose capability due to adverse weather (blizzard), safety threat, or other factors.

    So when do we pay the $100 cash back?

    When we tell you Guaranteed Same Day shipment applies to an item and we are unable to ship it due to rare but possible mistakes in the common operation of our business. Examples include:

    • Our mainframe indicates we have the product in stock but we cannot find it in our enormous warehouse that day.
    • Your order is valid but our credit department fails to review it in time for our warehouse to ship your package that day.
    • Your order is confirmed by email but our mainframe does not show a record of the order (for some reason other than an unusual emergency circumstance affecting many orders, as mentioned in the exceptions).
    If your order is placed with Ground or Second Day shipping, we may choose instead to provide you "De Facto Same Day Shipment" by upgrading your package to Next Day or Second Day delivery, resulting in service comparable or superior to what you would have received if we had actually shipped the package the same day you placed your order.

    Do we guarantee when the package will arrive?

    On all items, we will refund expedited shipping charges if the carrier's service levels for your shipping method are not met. However, our "Guaranteed Same Day" applies to shipment and not to delivery.

    How to collect if we do not meet the Same Day Guarantee


    Each quarter, each customer is eligible to be compensated for only one incident (one payment of $100 total) under this guarantee. This is true regardless of the number of orders placed (or the number of items on those orders).

    How do you collect your $100 if your Guaranteed Same Day items don't ship the same day?

    To collect on your guarantee, contact us at

    Please include the following information to expedite your claim:

    • Your first and last name
    • Your order number. This order must include at least one item that was Guaranteed Same Day on a valid order that did not ship the same day, according to the rules above.
    • Your billing address. This is so we can verify your identity.
    • Daytime contact phone number. This is so we can work out any issues that arise as quickly as possible for you.

    What happens after you send in your claim?

    Your claim will be reviewed by our caring Claims department. Pending approval, we will send payment via check to your billing address as it appears on the referenced order number. You should expect this check 10-14 business days after you submit your claim. If you have not received it within 15 business days please feel free to contact us.

    Are there any other important details of the guarantee?

    By submitting a claim, you authorize Same Day Music to post (if we should choose) your first name and last initial, city, state, and a description of your purchase to our site if we do approve and pay the claim. This is used solely to demonstrate to customers that, although our mistakes are rare, we do fulfill our guarantee and issue $100 payments when we make those rare mistakes.

    What can you do if you don't feel we've lived up to our Guarantee?

    If you ever feel we have not lived up to any of our Guarantees, we want to know about it - and we want a chance to do right if we agree.

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