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    Electro-Voice ZLX-12 2-Way Loudspeaker

    NEW $299 - $598
    NON-NEW $254.95

    Doubling as a main loudspeaker or monitor wedge, the Electro-Voice ZLX12 Passive Loudspeaker duties, the ZLX12 offers big EV sound in a compact size perfect for any venue. >More


    Electro-Voice EKX12 Passive 2-Way Spkr

    NEW $499 - $998

    The Electro-Voice EKX-12 is the 12" passive two-way PA speaker from EV's EKX series, which combines legendary EV sound quality and reliability -- all in a compact package suitable for a wide range of sound reinforcement scenarios, including musicians/DJs and live/club/installed sound applications. >More


    Electro-Voice ELX20012 Passive Speaker

    NEW $349

    Part of the ELX series, the Electro-Voice ELX200-12 passive PA speaker is designed to deliver an unprecedented combination of sound quality, portability and durability at its price point. All-new custom components -- tested to levels far exceeding the industry norm -- make ELX200 a robust workhorse capable of handling real-world abuse and professional applications beyond the capability of competitors' products in its category. >More


    JBL JRX212 2-Way PA Speaker

    NEW $224 - $449.98


    The JBL JRX212 is a portable, twelve-inch, two-way speaker system designed specifically for live performance stage monitoring applications. >More


    Behringer B212XL Eurolive PA Speaker

    NEW $159.99

    These loudspeakers take everything musicians love about the original B212 loudspeakers and upgrade them with the same bass and treble/mid transducers found in our wildly popular B212A active version for even better sound and power handling. And with integrated overload protection circuitry, they arrive ready to push it to the limit without putting their high-or low-frequency drivers in danger. >More


    JBL SRX812 Passive Loudspeaker

    NEW $899
    NON-NEW $649.95

    JBL has made a name for itself by producing great sounding, long lasting portable PA systems. With the introduction of the SRX800 line of passive portable PA loudspeakers, JBL has set the standard for what a fully professional PA system should be. >More


    JBL PRX412M 2-Way Loudspeaker System

    NEW $449 - $898
    NON-NEW $439.95


    The JBL PRX412M is a portable, twelve-inch, two-way speaker system designed for either main sound reinforcement or monitoring applications. JBL PRX400 passive speakers were designed to provide the sensitivity, frequency response and power handling needed to address a multitude of demanding audio environments while still being reasonably priced. >More


    Peavey PV112 Passive Speaker

    NEW $199.99

    The PV 112 is a 2-way speaker system based on a 12 in. heavy/duty woofer and a RX 14 titanium diaphragm dynamic compression driver mounted on a 60 by 40 degree coverage constant-directivity horn. The lightweight-yet-rugged, carpet-covered trapezoidal enclosure with stand-mount cup facilitates portable use for live music or speech sound reinforcement, as well as music playback. A full-length black power-coated steel grille provides driver protection. >More


    QSC E12 Passive Loudspeaker

    NEW $459.99 - $919.98

    The QSC E12 is a trapezoidal, two-way loudspeaker using a 12-inch die cast aluminum woofer with a 3-inch voice-coil. The 15mm, 11-ply enclosure provides enough volume to deliver solid low-frequency extension down to 65 Hz making it an excellent choice for applications in which space or budget preclude the use of a subwoofer. >More


    Gemini GSM1260 3-Way PA Speaker

    NEW $89.99
    NON-NEW $76.95

    Part of Gemini's GSM series, the Gemini GSM1260 is an entry-level 3-way 12" PA speaker from Gemini, and can be teamed with any Gemini amp to make a good quality PA package. All GSM series speakers provide great sound and great power handling without breaking the bank. The GSM speakers also provide push button connectors as well as dual 1/4-inch input jacks for easy connection. For performers that require a cost-effective solution for speakers, the GSM series of wood cabinets is perfect. The GSM series provides great sound and great power handling without breaking the bank. >More


    Peavey PVx 12 2-Way PA Speaker, 12 Inch

    NEW $229.99 - $459.99

    The Peavey PVx series delivers superior sound quality by utilizing advanced materials, like its lightweight, roadworthy molded ABS exterior. The Peavey PVx 15 and PVx 12 are two-way speaker systems that are lightweight yet rugged for live music or speech applications and will handle 400 watts program and 800 watts peak. >More


    Peavey PR12 Loudspeaker

    NEW $229.99

    The PR series delivers superior sound quality by utilizing advanced materials, like its lightweight, roadworthy molded polypropylene exterior. The PR 12 is a two-way speaker system that is lightweight yet rugged for live music or speech applications and will handle 400 watts program and 800 watts peak. It utilizes a heavy-duty 12 inch woofer with a 2 3/8 inch voice coil and a RX14 1.4 inch titanium diaphragm compression driver coupled to a constant directivity horn. Its durable injection molded enclosure features a black powder-coated steel grille that provides driver protection and a professional appearance. This system can be used on the floor, be pole mounted or flown via top and bottom flying inserts. Connections are made via two 1/4 inch phone jack connected in parallel to accommodate daisy-chaining. >More


    Yamaha CBR12 Passive Loudspeaker (1x12")

    NEW $324.99

    The Yamaha CBR Series is a lineup of passive loudspeakers developed by adopting the extensive knowledge of speaker design and acoustic technologies that Yamaha has accrued over a long and storied history of making speakers of every kind. >More


    Behringer VP1220 PA Speaker

    NEW $159.99

    Behringer's Eurolive series of PA speakers offers a wide palette of PA speakers in different sizes and power ratings, perfect for the professional requirements of musicians and commercial installations. The speakers include long-excursion drivers for massive acoustic power and titanium-diaphragm compression drivers for exceptional high-frequency reproduction. The cabinets are hand-built using heavy-duty MDF, effective internal bracing and included ergonomic, weight-balanced carry handles. >More


    Behringer VS1220 PA Speaker

    NEW $129.99
    NON-NEW $109.95

    The Behringer Eurolive PA speakers are designed to meet the needs of gigging bands, mobile DJs and installations. The Behringer VS1220 includes extremely forceful long-excursion drivers for massive acoustic power and dual electro-dynamic drivers for exceptional high-frequency reproduction. >More


    Behringer B1220 PRO Eurolive Loudspeaker

    NEW $279.99
    NON-NEW $239.95

    The B1220 PRO loudspeaker is yet another addition to Behringer's outstanding Eurolive series, and is geared towards real professional applications. This reference 800-watt loudspeaker with a great price-to-performance ratio is intended for PA applications, and can also be used as floor monitor. >More


    Mackie C300Z Compact Passive PA Speaker

    NEW $349.99
    NON-NEW $299.95

    Designed for optimum performance with Mackie powered mixers and power amps, the C300z is a passive version of Mackie's popular SRM450 portable active loudspeaker. The C300z, an updated version of the current Mackie C300, features an injection-molded composite chassis that is rigid enough to prevent unwanted vibrations and standing waves inside the cabinet, but light enough to keep any touring musician out of traction well into their 70s. >More


    Yamaha BR12 Loudspeaker

    NEW $249.99
    NON-NEW $229.95

    The BR-Series from Yamaha combines affordability with high performance. Five BR models are designed to fit the budgets of performing musicians, small churches, and schools, while delivering the full frequency response and high output of more costly systems. >More


    ElectroVoice Sx100+ Loudspeaker

    NEW $549

    Extremely powerful, efficient and accurate 2-way PA cabinets, the SX100+E, SX300 and SX500+ deliver more output than you ever thought possible from cabinets of their size. EV's breakthrough Ring-Mode Decoupling produces ultra-clear performance by reducing unwanted resonance within the cabinet, making even slight tonal variations easy to distinguish. >More

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