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    Epiphone Thunderbird Vintage Pro Bass

    NEW $699

    The Epiphone Thunderbird Vintage PRO Bass is an incredibly accurate reproduction of the classic electric bass first introduced in 1963 that has since powered dozens of hits by artists like The Who, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Cheap Trick. Featuring new ProBuckerTM Bass Humbuckers and a vintage styled 60s Tune-o-matic bridge and Claw tailpiece. >More


    Ibanez BTB745 Electric Bass, 5-String

    NEW $899.99 - $1,029.98

    The BTB745 is a 5-string bass featuring an Ash wing body, with a Walnut top/Mahogany back, for a sound that is deep and rich. The 35" scale, 5pc Maple/Rosewood through-neck supports superior tone, and encourages massive sustain. >More


    Fender American Original '70s Jazz Bass

    NEW $2,099.99

    An authentic recreation of the instrument that created funk and disco, the Fender American Original '70s Jazz Bass is the best way to get inspired and groove. >More


    Sterling by Music Man Ray34 Bass

    NEW $699.99 - $789.99
    NON-NEW $499.95

    The Sterling by Music Man Ray34 pays tribute to the iconic, original Music Man StingRay bass. The no nonsense design, the tones from the 3-band preamp and pickup, and' familiar oval pickguard has supported the most important music of our generation. >More


    Gibson 2018 Limited Edition Thunderbird

    NEW $1,999 - $2,199

    The Gibson Thunderbird Bass takes flight again in 2018, highlighted by a classic neck-through-body construction with the comfortable rounded neck profile. >More


    Warwick RockBass Corvette Double Buck

    NEW $939.99

    The Warwick RockBass Corvette Double Buck electric bass offers premium features like a swamp ash body and two passive MEC MM-style pickups at a great price! >More


    Squier Vint Modified Jaguar Special SS

    NEW $499.98

    The all-new Squier Vintage Modified Jaguar Bass Special SS (short scale) puts classic Fender looks into a distinctively sharp-looking, great-sounding and super-versatile Squier bass model. >More


    Gibson 2018 Limited Edition SG Standard

    NEW $1,389 - $1,699
    NON-NEW $1,179

    The 2018 Gibson SG Bass is born from the timeless tonewood combination of a mahogany body and neck with a rosewood fingerboard, ensuring this new, modern update is steeped in tradition. >More


    Squier Vintage Modified '70s Jazz Bass

    NEW $649.98

    Upgraded, Squier's Vintage Modified Jazz Bass '70s returns you to a great period in Jazz Bass history, with dual Fender-designed pickups and a slim 'C'-shaped maple neck with a vintage-tint gloss finish. >More


    Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro Electric Bass

    NEW $179.99

    Need a smaller guitar for the tour bus or running scales in cramped quarters? The Ibanez GSRM20 Mikro Bass is perfect for anyone who needs a compact axe or the comfort of a smaller neck (most especially young rockers). This 3/4-size bass delivers the sound of a full-scale bass -- a great alternative to small guitars that are really only toys. >More


    Orange O Bass Electric Bass

    NEW $429 - $449

    The O Bass is the brainchild of Orange Technical Director and lead designer Adrian Emsley, whose inspiration came from his self-confessed love of vintage gear. Having spent a lifetime modifying all manner of bass guitars, the O Bass brings together all of his know-how in a unique and truly charismatic instrument. >More


    Ibanez BTB845SC Bass Workshop

    NEW $1,049.99

    The ever-evolving Ibanez BTB series has always aimed to expand the player's range of creative expression. The elegantly contoured, massive body of select tone woods combines with dedicated hardware and electronics to produce huge, rich tones. >More


    Spector Euro4LX Electric Bass

    NEW $2,399.99 - $2,549.99

    The Euro4LX offers all of the features that have made the Spector name famous around the globe. The extremely comfortable, fully carved body is crafted from carved European alder body and is topped off a USA figured maple top. >More


    Epiphone Korina Explorer Electric Bass

    NEW $599

    Epiphone proudly presents the new Ltd. Ed. Korina Explorer Bass, a modern remake of one of the most legendary instruments in rock featuring a solid Korina Body, Epiphone Bass XR and XT Humbuckers, and gold hardware. >More


    Music Man 40th Anniversary StingRay

    NEW $2,299

    Since its introduction in 1976, the Ernie Ball Music Man StingRay has been embraced as one of the world's classic electric bass designs. To celebrate, Ernie Ball Music Man is proud to introduce the 40th Anniversary "Old Smoothie" Stingray, a faithful reproduction of StingRay prototype #26, designed by Leo Fender for Sterling Ball during his time spent testing and developing the original prototypes back in the 70's. >More


    Ibanez SR300E Electric Bass

    NEW $349.99
    NON-NEW $299.95

    The Ibanez SR300EB is a handsome 4-string bass designed for the experienced player. The bass starts with an immaculately finished Mahogany body. Other features include a sturdy 5-piece Maple/Rosewood SR4 neck, a Rosewood fretboard, and an Accu-cast B120 bridge for superior string vibration transfer and precise intonation. Black hardware adds a hint of stealth. >More


    Epiphone Embassy Pro Electric Bass

    NEW $399

    Epiphone presents the Embassy Pro Bass, inspired by the rare 60s classic and commemorating the 60th anniversary of Epiphone joining the Gibson Family of Instruments. Featuring ProBucker #760 Bass Humbuckers and improved hardware including a Tune-o-matic bridge, a 1960s-inspired "claw" tailpiece, and 2-on-a-side Premium 17:1 ratio tuners for better balance. >More


    Ibanez GSR200 Electric Bass

    NEW $199.99

    Not only do GSR Soundgears look and play better than everything else in their price range, every GSR Soundgear gets the same warranty, rigorous setup, and inspection of their more expensive models. >More


    ESP LTD B204SM Electric Bass

    NEW $479

    The ESP LTD B204SM Electric Bass yields incredible looks and a punchy, dynamic tone thanks to a beautiful Spalted Maple top on an Ash body! This wood combination provides great clarity and resonance. >More


    Warwick GPS German Pro Series Corvette

    NEW $1,699.99

    The Warwick German-Made Pro Series Corvette is a powerful bass with that classic Warwick growl. With an ash body, ovangkol neck and wenge fingerboard this bass offers really offers the "sound of wood" a popular slogan from the Warwick team. >More


    Fender Adam Clayton Precision Bass

    NEW $1,999.99

    Adam Clayton's impeccable groove and expansive bass tone form the sonic foundation of one of the biggest bands in the history of rock music: U2. Fender's Adam Clayton Precision Bass puts his rock-solid sound and style in your hands. >More


    Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass Bass

    NEW $2,199 - $2,299

    The Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass bass is the latest edition to the Modern Classic line of instruments. This newly designed passive 4-string bass features rich, vintage tone surrounded by streamlined, modern appointments for ultimate comfort and playabilty. >More


    Fender American Original '60s Jazz Bass

    NEW $1,999.99

    An inspiring instrument, the Fender American Original '60s Jazz Bass is the best way to add original-era Fender tone and style to your sound. >More


    Ibanez SR500 Electric Bass

    NEW $599.99

    The SR500 family is one example of this evolution. The SR500 models feature a fast SR4 neck (bubinga/wenge), a mahogany body, and Bartolini MK1 pickups. Onboard Bartolini 3-band EQ provides precise tone control. >More


    Yamaha BB734A Electric Bass Guitar

    NEW $749.99

    Music isn't just something you "do" anymore -- it's your life. The Yamaha BB734A Bass will immediately make you want to get on stage or hit the record button. >More


    Sterling Music Man Ray35 StingRay Bass

    NEW $779.99 - $829.99

    The Sterling by Music Man Ray35 StingRay Electric Bass design stays true to the Modern StingRay 5 body-style. The Music Man designed humbucker, equipped with Alnico magnets, is paired with an award winning 3-Band active preamp, and onboard controls for volume, bass, mid and treble and 3-position pickup selector. >More


    Fender Adam Clayton Jazz Electric Bass

    NEW $1,999.99

    Adam Clayton's impeccable groove and expansive bass tone form the sonic foundation of one of the biggest bands in the history of rock music: U2. Fender's Adam Clayton Jazz Bass puts his rock-solid sound and style in your hands. >More


    Schecter Model T Session Bass

    NEW $669

    The swamp ash body combines with a maple neck and bolt-on construction for a fresh yet classic look and a punchy, full sound. EMG J and EMG P pickups and a 2-band active EQ provide huge versatility to dial in your sound. >More


    Schecter Stiletto Stage 4 Electric Bass

    NEW $699
    NON-NEW $469.95

    The Schecter Stiletto Stage bass was built to rock! Featuring a mahogany body, 3-piece maple neck, thin-C neck shape, neck through body construction, carbon fiber reinforcement rods, ebony fretboard, 24 extra jumbo frets, and glow in the dark side dots, this beast is stage ready. >More


    Steinberger Spirit XT2 Standard Bass

    NEW $399 - $449

    Steinberger presents the new XT-2 Standard 4-string Electric Bass Outfit, the Ultimate Travel Bass featuring the revolutionary Steinberger body design, patented DoubleBall Bass Bridge, Patented 40:1 Ratio Direct-Pull tuning system, powerful Steinberger HB pickups, plus a deluxe gig bag. >More


    Schecter Stiletto Custom Electric Bass

    NEW $629

    The Schecter Stiletto Custom bass offers phenomenal tone, a fast neck, hot EMG pickups, thunderous low end and a snappy high end. The Stiletto Custom bass also features a mahogany body with a figured maple top, rosewood fingerboard with 24 jumbo frets, Grover tuners and a 2-band EQ. >More


    Epiphone Goth Thunderbird IV Bass

    NEW $399

    The Goth Thunderbird Bass puts a dark twist on an old favorite and with a Pitch Black finish, becomes the black diamond of the Goth collection. The Thunderbird first issued from the legendary Kalamazoo factory in 1963 was for a time the only bass available from Gibson or Epiphone. But really, what else could you need? >More


    Sterling by Music Man Ray34QM Bass

    NEW $799.99
    NON-NEW $679.95

    The Sterling by Music Man Ray34QM pays tribute to that iconic, original Music Man StingRay bass design in look, feel and sound. >More


    Ibanez SR1400R Premium Electric Bass

    NEW $1,199.99
    NON-NEW $1,019

    Professional players and gear reviewers alike have been singing the praises of the SR Premium series since its introduction. Crafted by the Ibanez Premium luthiers, the SR1400 shares many of the high-end appointments of the much-respected Prestige line. >More


    Ibanez SRH500 Bass Workshop Bass

    NEW $699.99

    If you crave a new bass tool to enrich your creative palette, the Ibanez Bass Workshop may have already built your next instrument. This new product group focuses on combining unusual concepts with the bass-building virtuosity on which Ibanez has built its reputation. >More


    Ibanez BTB845 Electric Bass

    NEW $999.99

    The BTB845 is a 5-string bass featuring an Ash wing body with Poplar Burl top/Mahogany back that creates a sound that is response, articulate, and deep. A 35" scale, 5pc Maple/Rosewood through-neck provides superior resonance, and enhances sustain. >More


    ESP LTD B4E Electric Bass

    NEW $599

    The ESP LTD B4E Electric Bass combines darkness and elegance in an outstanding, neck-thru bass. Features on the B4E include a mahogany body with an ebony top, an ebony fingerboard, neck-thru body construction with a 5-piece maple/mahogany neck. >More


    Ibanez SRF706 Portamento Fretless

    NEW $999.99

    Over 30 years ago, the SR established Ibanez as the leader in innovative bass building. Throughout the years, we've made fretless versions of this classic for a limited number of esteemed Ibanez artists. >More


    Music Man Caprice Electric Bass

    NEW $2,199

    The Ernie Ball Music Man Caprice, another welcome newcomer to the Modern Classic family of instruments is a bold new statement in passive design. A workhorse bass that is capable of blending two distinct pickup voicings offering a variety of tones suitable for any musical environment. >More

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