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    Gibson 2018 Les Paul Standard HP

    NEW $3,629
    NON-NEW $3,099

    The Gibson Les Paul Standard HP retains popular features, including comfortable asymmetrical Slim Taper neck profile, while enhancing the experience with upgraded takes on the hallowed PAF humbucking pickups and a AAA+ figured maple top with high-end appointments. >More


    Gibson Les Paul Custom Electric Guitar

    NEW $3,999
    NON-NEW $3,399

    The Les Paul Custom, introduced in 1954, has been affectionately nicknamed the Black Beauty and the Fretless Wonder. By any name, it has always represented the highest level of elegance and beauty in the Les Paul family. >More


    PRS 2018 SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollowbody

    NEW $809

    The 2018 PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 22 Semi-Hollowbody Electric Guitar has musical midrange and outstanding resonance. >More


    Epiphone 1958 Korina Explorer Guitar

    NEW $599

    A rare vintage classic returns with Korina body and Alnico Classic Humbuckers. Epiphone proudly presents the return of the historic Limited Edition Korina Explorer, one of rock's most legendary instruments in a solid Korina Body with Alnico Classic PRO Humbuckers, and gold hardware. >More


    Gibson 2016 LE Les Paul Birdseye

    NEW $2,399
    NON-NEW $2,039

    Stunning torrefied birdseye maple top. Hand selected mahogany body and neck with a thick ironwood fingerboard. Classic Gibson humbucker pickups and hand-wired electronics. A quintessential Les Paul both in tones and looks. >More


    Gibson Rick Nielsen '59 Les Paul Replica

    NEW $6,999

    Gibson Custom is proud to announce the limited release of the Rick Nielsen 1959 Les Paul Standard, a precise replica of the guitar that has been Rick's favorite stage and studio axe since he acquired it over a quarter of a century ago. >More


    Gibson LE Les Paul Signature Player Plus

    NEW $1,999

    For 2018 the Gibson Les Paul Signature Player Plus has been designed specifically for the avid player who is looking for an instrument that will over deliver on practicality. >More


    Line 6 Variax Shuriken HD Guitar

    NEW $1,399.99

    Artist-Designed Signature Variax Guitar with Custom Features and Baritone Scale. The Variax Shuriken guitar is the result of intense collaboration between Line 6 and guitarist Steve "Stevic" MacKay of Twelve Foot Ninja. >More


    Ibanez RGR652AHBF Prestige Guitar

    NEW $1,299.99

    The Ibanez RGR652AHBF features an Ash body for sparkling highs and beefy lows with a generous heaping of sustain. A highlight of the RGR652AHBF is the incredibly fast, Super Wizard High-Performance neck -- constructed of five solid pieces of Maple/Walnut for unrelenting stability throughout the most extreme of performances. >More


    Line 6 JTV-89F Variax Electric Guitar

    NEW $1,399.99
    NON-NEW $1,189

    With 29 incredibly detailed Line 6 Variax instruments --plus the ability to virtually tune down a whole octave without impacting pla yability or intonation -- the JTV-89F shatters the limitations of traditional guitars. >More


    Gibson 2018 Les Paul Standard

    NEW $3,189
    NON-NEW $2,699

    The iconic Gibson Les Paul Standard is celebrated by the world's greatest musicians as the standard for perfection in the world of electric guitars. The new Les Paul Standard features the popular asymmetrical Slim Taper neck profile with Ultra-Modern weight relief for increased comfort and playability. Impeccable looks are highlighted by the powerful tonewood combination of mahogany back and carved maple AAA figured top. >More


    Ibanez RG652AHM Prestige Electric Guitar

    NEW $1,399.99

    The RG652AHM features an ash body for sparkling highs and beefy lows with a generous heaping of sustain. The ultra-fast, 5-piece maple/walnut, Super Wizard High Performance neck has a stunning birdseye maple fingerboard for a snappier sound. >More


    Epiphone 1958 Korina Flying V Guitar

    NEW $599

    Rock's rare bid returns with a Korina body and Alnico Classic Humbuckers. Epiphone proudly presents the historic Limited Edition Korina Flying-V in a solid Korina body with Alnico Classic Humbuckers, and gold hardware. >More


    PRS Paul Reed Smith 2018 SE Standard 24

    NEW $499

    The PRS Paul Reed Smith 2018 SE Standard 24 is a workhorse guitar that is ideal for the studio and the stage. >More


    Gibson 2018 Limited Edition ES-330

    NEW $2,399

    The 2018 Gibson ES-330 Satin provides players with a finish option never before offered on this classic instrument. >More


    Gibson Limited Edition ES-335 Anchor

    NEW $4,399

    The Gibson Limited Edition ES-335 Anchor Studio Bigsby VOS Electric Guitar is a classic Rock 'n' Roller with a modern makeover. Originally, if you wanted a Bigsby on your Gibson ES-335, you would need to custom order that feature from the factory. >More


    Fender American Original '60s Strat

    NEW $1,949.99

    The Fender American Original '60s Stratocaster Electric Guitar keeps these refinements intact while adding modern feel and pickup switching to the iconic instrument that helped birth guitar rock as we know it. >More


    Epiphone Les Paul Standard

    NEW $469 - $529

    The Les Paul Standard remains one of the most sought after guitars in the world 50 years since its first issue. Now, Epiphone's Les Paul Standard brings you the classic features and tone of Les' invention with legendary Epiphone quality and value. >More


    Fender American Original '50s Strat

    NEW $1,899.99 - $1,949.99

    When Fender released the Stratocaster in 1954, they didn't set out to create a classic -- but they did. The Stratocaster's sleek style, articulate sound and plethora of innovations redefined electric guitar and opened up a brave new world of musical possibilities. The Fender American Original '50s Stratocaster maintains Fender's legendary original-era style and ground-breaking tone, while adding modern feel and pickup switching. >More


    Ernie Ball Music Man Monarchy Majesty

    NEW $3,299
    NON-NEW $2,799

    Introducing the Monarchy Series John Petrucci Majesty guitars. The Monarchy series feature a highly flamed maple shield seated in an African Mahogany body. While previous models have featured a completely matte finish, the Monarchy series features a glossy finish on the front and a matte finish on the back for a luxurious look and feel. >More


    Gibson 2018 ES-335 Figured Guitar

    NEW $3,999 - $4,399

    The 2018 Gibson ES-335 Figured is more than top-of-the-line appointments and enhancements, it's a statement. AAA figured maple veneer and an Aquamarine finish create an impressive visual individuality. >More


    Gibson 2016 Les Paul Standard Walnut

    NEW $2,399

    A natural, almost raw beauty, enhanced by an exquisite gloss lacquer finish. The figured Walnut top yields a classy visual which will be a great addition to any guitar arsenal. Limited Edition. >More


    Gibson 2017 Les Paul Studio T Guitar

    NON-NEW $1,089

    The Workhorse. Now with extra horse power. Beautiful yet simple, the Les Paul Studio offers everything you demand from a true Les Paul--and then some. Lighter than ever, the 2017 Les Paul Studio T benefits from our new Ultra-Modern weight relief that offers endless sustain and hours of comfortable playing, while its slim-taper neck profile is ideal for fast yet comfortable playing. >More


    ESP LTD E-II ECDB Eclipse

    NEW $1,799

    Expertly crafted by ESP luthiers in Japan using high-quality tonewoods and electronics. The E-II Eclipse DB guitar features set neck construction for optimal sustain and resonance as well as a Mahogany body, Maple top and Ebony fingerboard. >More


    Dean Dimebag ML Series Electric Guitar

    NEW $749

    The Dean Dimebag Dime Slime ML Series guitars has a gorgeous top and comes in a special Dime Slime finish. It's armed with a versatile and powerful combination of DMT Design and Bill Lawrence pickups. >More


    Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid C-1FRS

    NEW $1,189 - $1,229
    NON-NEW $1,029

    The modern guitarist appreciates the distinctive tone of the EMG 57 and Sustainiac pickups on the Hyrid C1FRS guitar. A set maple 3-piece neck with an Ultra Thin-C profile and Ultra Access plus a 12-16-inch compound radius Ebony fingerboard yields remarkable playability all the way up the neck. >More


    Gibson 2018 Limited Edition SG Junior

    NEW $1,299

    An essential favorite, the Gibson 2018 Limited Edition SG Junior guitar delivers vintage looks and tones with improved modern playability. >More


    Epiphone G400 PRO Electric Guitar

    NEW $399 - $419

    Epiphone honors the historic SG with the G-400 PRO, which now features Alnico Classic PRO pickups and push/pull coil-tapping. >More


    Gibson 2018 Explorer Electric Guitar

    NEW $1,649

    This Gibson Explorer embodies the trail-blazing characteristics of the Explorers originally introduced in 1958, which made these rare and desirable guitars so far ahead of their time. Featuring a solid mahogany body and set-in mahogany neck with fast, comfortable Slim Taper profiles and torrefied Granadillo fingerboard, these Explorers are also equipped with BurstBucker humbucking pickups and the classic Gibson hardware for superb tone and sustain. >More


    Epiphone Sheraton-II PRO Electric Guitar

    NEW $699
    NON-NEW $594.95

    The Epiphone Sheraton-II PRO honors Epiphone's most influential "thin-line" semi-hollowbody electric archtop now with a Wine Red finish plus critically acclaimed ProBucker pickups with coil-tapping and a Graphtech NuBone XL nut. >More


    Ibanez JEM77WDP Steve Vai Guitar

    NEW $1,699.99
    NON-NEW $1,449

    When Steve Vai teamed up with Ibanez in 1987, little did he realize what a lasting impact his signature model guitar would have. Today, the JEM is an iconic instrument immediately identified with the legendary guitarist. As part of the Ibanez Premium series, the JEM77WDP is a high quality instrument created for the working pro. >More


    Dean Stealth Floyd FM Electric Guitar

    NEW $1,099
    NON-NEW $934.95

    With a classic Dean body shape, distinct finish and Seymour Duncan Dimebucker and USA DMT DimeTime humbuckers, the Stealth Floyd DS guitar is a truly unique axe. >More


    Fender American Original '60s Jazzmaster

    NEW $1,999.99

    For Fender fans who want the authentic sound of the '60s, the American Original '60s Jazzmaster is the best way to experience the performance, style and sound from that era of innovation. >More


    Gibson 2017 Exclusive Firebird Zero

    NEW $439
    NON-NEW $379.95

    The Firebird Zero is new for 2017, designed around Gibson's S Series, with rigorous standards of quality and innovation. It is Made in USA featuring superior quality, tone, and playability, and a unique design that will make heads turn. >More


    D'Angelico Bob Weir Signature Deluxe SS

    NEW $6,999

    Co-designed with guitar legend Bob Weir, the Bob Weir Deluxe SS is an innovative masterwork. Available only in the all-new Stone custom finish, it features a gold Bigsby B-50 tremolo system, push/pull tone knobs for coil tapping, a full centerblock for maximum sustain, and a master volume knob for total control, with Weir's signature engraved on the truss rod cover. >More


    Gibson 2018 Les Paul BFG Humbuckers

    NEW $999

    Its back and it's awesome! The 2018 BFG Humbuckers from Gibson is a fully upgraded version of the now legendary model introduced over 10 years ago. >More


    Fender Special Edition '50s Telecaster

    NEW $899.99

    This Fender Special Edition '50s Telecaster Electric Guitar features a Pro Series Tweed case, a P-90 neck pickup and American vintage '58 bridge pickup to get those authentic tones and a modern twist. >More


    Epiphone Bjorn Gelotte Les Paul Custom

    NEW $899

    Epiphone welcomes one of the greatest metal guitarists of all time, Bjorn Gelotte of In Flames, to the Epiphone family of signature artists with the premier of the Limited Edition Designed exclusively by the Swedish riff master (and former drummer!) of In Flames, Bjoern Gelotte, the Epiphone Limited Edition Bjoern Gelotte Les Paul Custom Outfit. >More


    Epiphone LE Inspired by 1955 LP Custom

    NEW $799

    Epiphone presents the Ltd. Ed. Inspired by "1955" Les Paul Custom Outfit, a historic reissue of one of the most popular Les Pauls ever made. Featuring Gibson USA Soapbar P-90 pickups, gold hardware, an Ebony fretboard, and a vintage style hard case. >More


    Gibson 2018 Limited Edition RD Artist 40

    NEW $1,799

    Reintroducing a modern design classic of the late ’70s, the special edition Gibson 2018 Limited Edition RD Artist 40th Anniversary guitar delivers radical looks with versatile tones. >More

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