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    ESP E-II Horizon III FM Electric

    NEW $1,699
    NON-NEW $1,449

    Like other instruments in the E-II series, the ESP E-II Horizon-III FM guitar is expertly crafted in Japan by ESP luthiers, making the build comparable to more 'high-end' ESP guitars. Seymour Duncan SH-2 and SH-14 humbuckers yield a blend of classic and modern tones ideal for virtually any style of music. >More


    Epiphone Casino Electric Guitar

    NEW $649 - $699
    NON-NEW $549.95

    The Epiphone Casino Arch Top Guitar features two P-90 pickups and chrome hardware. The scale is 24.75 inches and the nut width is 1.68 inches. It has a set neck joint and neck material made of mahogany. The fingerboard is rosewood with parallelogram inlays, and the body material is laminated maple. >More


    Fender American Elite Stratocaster

    NEW $2,049.99

    Externally the American Elite Stratocaster with Streaked Ebony Fingerboard has Fender's timeless style, but under the hood it's a breed of guitar designed for 21st-century players who constantly push the envelope. With over a dozen innovations, each guitar is a true performer with eye-catching style, exceptional feel and versatile sound from the very first moment you plug it in and play. >More


    Epiphone Les Paul Custom Black Beauty

    NEW $729

    The classic "tuxedo" look and world famous features that has made the Les Paul Custom a hit since 1954, plus an additional 3rd humbucker, are now available in a great price range, with the Epiphone Black Beauty. >More


    Epiphone Tommy Thayer Explorer

    NEW $849

    Epiphone presents the Limited Edition Tommy Thayer "White Lightning" Explorer Electric Guitar, the third signature model designed with legend Tommy "Spaceman" Thayer of KISS. >More


    Squier Affinity Maple Telecaster Special

    NEW $549.98

    Squier's Affinity Series Tele guitar features two single-coil pickups, three-way switching and truly classic Telecaster guitar style. This versatile guitar is now available in a left-handed model. >More

    Gibson Custom 56 Les Paul Goldtop VOS

    NEW $4,699

    This 2018 Historic Series replication, Gibson Custom Shop captures the look, feel and searing sound of an original 1956 Les Paul Goldtop in exhaustive detail, featuring all solid woods, vintage-accurate gold paint, the latest True Historic replica appointments, narrow/tall frets, and hot hide glue construction. >More


    Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom Plus

    NEW $799
    NON-NEW $679.95

    The Epiphone Prophecy Les Paul Custom Plus GX electric guitar is the supreme Les Paul for those who dare to break ground in speed, sound, and technique. And now, the GX Outfit features Gibson USA's powerful 490R/498T humbucker combination with push/pull coil-tapping for each pickup, an elegant mother of pearl and abalone block and triangle inlay and pickup individual volume and tone controls in the traditional Les Paul layout. >More


    Squier Classic Vibe '60s Strat

    NEW $579.98

    The rough-and-tumble Classic Vibe Stratocaster '60s evokes that musically adventurous decade, with a few modern features added. The alder body has a three-color Sunburst finish, the '60s vintage-tint gloss-maple neck has a rosewood fingerboard with 21 medium-jumbo frets and a modern 9.5-inch radius. The thick tone comes from the alnico V single-coil pickups -- quick attack with a bit more midrange force and a knockout bridge pickup. Custom staggered polepieces provide improved string-to-string balance. >More


    Ibanez JS2450 Joe Satriani Signature

    NEW $2,599.99
    NON-NEW $2,199

    The Ibanez JS2450 Joe Satriani Signature Electric Guitar is made in Japan with typical Ibanez flair and remarkable craftsmanship. It's a fine instrument, designed to satisfy and inspire both the established performer and one waiting in the wings. >More


    D'Angelico Bob Weir Signature Premier SS

    NEW $1,099

    Co-designed with American music legend Bob Weir, the all-new Bob Weir Premier SS is a landmark addition to his legacy of innovation. Featuring a compact tremolo system for maximum performance, push/pull tone knobs for coil tapping, and a master volume knob for total control, the Bob Weir SS offers remarkable versatility. >More


    Schecter Solo II Custom Electric Guitar

    NEW $899

    Schecter's Custom series guitars stand out from the rest by providing time-tested classic styles with a sound that can only be produced by Schecter. >More


    Gibson Limited Edition ES-335 Anchor

    NEW $4,399

    The Gibson Limited Edition ES-335 Anchor Studio Bigsby VOS Electric Guitar is a classic Rock 'n' Roller with a modern makeover. Originally, if you wanted a Bigsby on your Gibson ES-335, you would need to custom order that feature from the factory. >More


    Epiphone B.B. King Lucille Guitar

    NEW $729

    The Epiphone B.B. King Archtop Guitar brings Style and Performance to a higher level. The Humbucker Pickups will let you comp chords or play that soaring Blues solo that has always been in the back of your mind. Make B.B. proud and add this instrument to your collection! >More


    Gibson 2017 Firebird Studio T

    NEW $859.95 - $969

    This hard-working rendition of Gibson's original Firebird focuses on what matters most to the working guitarist: tone and playability. It is light, nimble, fast and extremely comfortable to play. >More


    Schecter Sun Valley Super Shredder FR

    NEW $629

    Channel your inner shredder because this series was built to make a scene in the scene! With EMGs NEW RetroActive pickups, 24 fret access, exclusive Floyd Rose "Hot Rod" Tremolos and a Sustainiac option, this guitar was made for metal. >More


    Gibson Custom Modern Les Paul Standard

    NEW $4,699

    The Modern Les Paul Standard tastefully improves on an undeniable classic with the addition of an Apex headstock for improved stability and a fully-chambered body, keeping the guitar balanced, resonant and extremely lightweight. >More


    Epiphone Les Paul ES Pro Electric Guitar

    NEW $649

    The Epiphone Les Paul ES Pro is a true ES-Style Archtop with Les Paul style ProBucker Pickups. Epiphone, whom has been a world leader in archtop design, presents the Les Paul ES Pro TM, a true ES-style archtop that combines Epiphone’s long tradition of building superior archtops with the classic sound and Profile of the world’s #1 electric guitar, the Les Paul >More


    Schecter Banshee Extreme 6FR Guitar

    NEW $539

    An incredible shred machine with the tone and playability to keep up with everything you throw at it! The Banshee Extreme 6FR features an Ultra Thin C-shape neck and a Floyd Rose Special "Hot Rod" locking tremolo. >More


    ESP LTD Eclipse EC-1007 EverTune

    NEW $1,149

    With the ESP LTD EC-1007 EverTune, you get an extended range guitar that's designed to meet the highest standards of quality for professional recording and touring needs. It features the acclaimed EverTune constant tension bridge system, keeping this seven-string guitar in perfect tuning and intonation at all points on the neck under nearly every imaginable environment. >More


    PRS Paul Reed Smith 509 10 Top

    NEW $4,300

    As one of the most versatile guitars in the PRS lineup, the 509 harnesses the power of 5 pickups to deliver 9 uniquely musical tones. The 509 starts with a 5 single coil platform - with the outside four coils grouped as humbuckers. An innovative switching system (a 5-way blade switch and two mini-toggle coil-tap switches), gives players an array of humbucking, singlecoil, and blended tones. >More


    Epiphone Worn G400 Electric Guitar

    NEW $349

    Here's the vintage guitar you're not afraid to play every day! Epiphone's SG-shaped Faded G400 has the well-worn look and feel of a favorite guitar. It's Worn finish showcases the wood grain (similar to Gibson's popular Faded series). The Faded Series' well-traveled look has another advantage when it comes to maintenance: The satin finish and 'aged' inlays on the fingerboard add even more character to an already unique design. The G400 has a one-piece neck with super satin finish, humbucker pickups, chrome hardware and tune-o-matic bridge. >More


    Epiphone Les Paul Classic-T MinETune

    NEW $449
    NON-NEW $379.95

    Epiphone introduces the Les Paul Classic-T, the world's first affordable self-tuning electric guitar featuring the fast, easy, and dependable Min-ETune system that gets you in tune quickly and accurately at the touch of a button. >More


    PRS 2018 SE Custom 277 Baritone Guitar

    NEW $759

    Built with a longer 27.7" scale length, the 2018 PRS Paul Reed Smith SE Custom 277 Baritone Electric Guitar Baritone is perfect for heavier, more aggressive guitar playing. >More


    Music Man St. Vincent Signature Guitar

    NEW $1,899 - $2,399
    NON-NEW $1,629

    Ernie Ball Music Man is proud to announce an imaginative new signature guitar with GRAMMY award-winning musician and guitarist St. Vincent. Envisioned and designed by St. Vincent with support from the award-winning engineering team at Ernie Ball Music Man, the unique electric guitar was crafted to perfectly fit her form, playing technique and personal style. >More


    Gibson Les Paul Custom Figured Guitar

    NEW $4,699.99

    The gutsy, modern tone of today’s Les Paul meets the enhanced sustain of vintage long neck-tenon construction in this beautifully finished Limited Run Gibson Les Paul Custom Figured Top. >More


    Ibanez AS53 Artcore Electric Guitar

    NEW $299.99

    The Ibanez AS53 is a semi-acoustic Artcore guitar built to tackle just about any genre of music you throw at it. The pickups on the Ibanez AS53 are mounted into a sustain block for increased sustain and feedback elimination. >More


    Gibson 2018 Limited Edition Les Paul BFG

    NEW $999

    The Gibson 2018 Limited Edition Les Paul BFG Electric Guitar in all its variations has won fans the world over, proving itself one of the most versatile incarnations of the legendary single-cutaway tone machine that Gibson has ever concocted. >More


    Gibson 2018 LE ES-335 Big Block Retro

    NEW $4,399

    The 2018 Gibson ES-335 "Big Block" is a guitar born to break the rules. Inspired by the American car culture of the 1950's, this guitar captures the individuality that is expressed through the customization of the automobile. >More


    D'Angelico Excel SS Shoreline

    NEW $1,799.99

    The all new D'Angelico Excel SS Shoreline Electric Guitar is a single-cutaway semi-hollow equipped with P-90's and a Bigsby B-50. With a slim C-shape neck, 15-inch-wide body, and a lightweight center-block, the SS Shoreline is built for comfort and playability. >More


    Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid C-1 Electric

    NEW $949 - $979

    Schecter designed and crafts the Hellraiser Hybrid C-1 with the modern player in mind. A set Maple 3-piece neck with an Ultra Thin-C profile and Ultra Access plus a 12-16-inch compound radius Ebony fingerboard yields remarkable playability all the way up the neck. >More


    Epiphone Gothic Series Explorer Guitar

    NEW $499

    Epiphone announces the introduction of the Epiphone "Goth" Collection. Based upon Gibsons very successful "Gothic" line, the Epiphone Goth Collection features a Les Paul Studio, G-400, Flying-V, and Explorer all with Satin-Black finish and Black hardware for an absolutely wicked look. >More


    Epiphone Dot Archtop Electric Guitar

    NEW $449 - $548

    The Epiphone Dot archtop guitar features 2 humbuckers and chrome hardware. The scale is 24.75 inches and the nut width is 1.68 inches. It has a set neck joint and maple neck material. The fingerboard is rosewood/Dot and the body material is made of laminated maple. >More


    Epiphone Les Paul Special VE Guitar

    NEW $149

    Epiphone introduces the Les Paul Special VE (Vintage Edition) electric guitar featuring the classic Les Paul profile with a lightweight Poplar body. >More


    Music Man Valentine Electric Guitar

    NEW $2,099 - $2,199

    The Ernie Ball Music Man James Valentine "Valentine" guitar features a slab ash body, two Ernie Ball Music Man designed pickups (1-humbucker/1-single coil), with 3-way custom wired lever switch, coil tap, modern hardtail bridge with vintage bent steel saddles, 25.5-inch scale, oil and wax rubbed roasted maple neck with 10-inch radius maple fingerboard, 22 stainless steel frets, oversized 4-over-2 headstock and compensated nut, designed for superior tuning stability. >More


    D'Angelico Premier EXL1 Hollowbody

    NEW $749.99 - $799.99

    The D'Angelico Premier EXL-1 Hollowbody Electric Guitar. D'Angelico's flagship archtop returns in the Premier Series. Crafted from John D'Angelico's original design, the Premier EXL-1's balanced, organic tone recalls the sound of a classic New York jazz box. >More


    Music Man StingRay Electric Guitar

    NON-NEW $1,359

    The Ernie Ball Music Man Stingray guitar pays homage to the vintage styling and cosmetic appeal of the original Music Man models. Updated vintage spec electronics, super smooth modern tremolo system, and lightweight African mahogany body are welcome refinements to these new modern renditions. >More


    Gibson 2017 HP SG Special Electric

    NEW $1,169

    Based on the same vintage architecture as its more traditional counterpart, the SG Special 2017 HP starts from classic Gibson origins and dives straight into our latest innovations. >More


    Sterling Music Man JP150 John Petrucci

    NEW $699.99 - $1,049.98

    Put the Pedal To The Metal with the Sterling by Music Man John Petrucci Signature JP150 electric guitar. The JP150, based on the Ernie Ball Music Man JP15, features sleek styling, and seductively good looks with its highly figured, Quilted Maple top. >More


    Ernie Ball Music Man BFR Steve Morse HH

    NEW $3,599

    Steve Morse is widely known as one of the greatest and most versatile guitarists of our time. The Steve Morse signature, made to Steve's exact specifications, has been his instrument of choice both in the studio and on stage for more than 25 years. >More

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