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    Acoustic Guitar Strings - 12 Strings 14 products


    Elixir 12-String Nanoweb Acoustic String

    NEW $26.99

    Elixir Strings Acoustic Phosphor Bronze with NANOWEB Coating deliver distinctive phosphor bronze warmth and sparkle together with extended tone life that players have come to expect from Elixir Strings. >More


    D'Addario 12-String Acoustic Strings

    NEW $9.39

    D'Addario EJ38 strings will give you that bell-like jingle-jangle that only great sounding 12-string acoustics can provide. D'Addario's Phosphor Bronze strings are durable, long lasting, and produce a bright sound. They retain brilliance longer than other bronze and brass alloys. >More


    Elixir 11152 Nanoweb Acoustic Strings

    NEW $21.99

    Elixir Strings with thin Nanoweb coating sound great 3 to 5 times longer than ordinary strings. >More


    Dean Markley Signature Series Vintage

    NEW $7.99

    Dean Markley Vintage Bronze Signature Series Acoustic Strings are used and loved by thousands of pros worldwide, and they have been for decades. Vintage Bronze gives you clarity, tone, and response like no other string. Add a great feel and long life, and there's not much more you could ask for. >More


    Martin Marquis 12-String 80/20 Strings

    NEW $7.99

    Martin Marquis Strings are specifically designed to give you excellent tone, clarity, and response. The Marquis silk-wrapped ball end helps reduce wear on the bridge and bridge plate, making them ideal for valuable, vintage instruments. They also recommend them as the top choice for restringing your guitar for daily use. >More


    Martin 41M190 80/20 Bronze Acoustic

    NEW $7.49

    The Martin 41M190 Traditional strings are from their flagship line that stands the test of time. Tried and true, they are designed to deliver consistent quality and tone with every set. >More


    Martin SP Lifespan 12 Guitar Strings

    NEW $19.99 - $28.99

    Martin SP Lifespan acoustic guitar strings are treated with Cleartone proprietary technology to bring you the longest possible string life without sacrificing tone or natural feel. >More


    Martin MSP3600 80/20 Guitar Strings

    NEW $8.49

    The Martin SP Studio/Performance Series strings are ideal live, in the studio, or wherever maximum string life is desired. The creation of these high performance strings is a result of research done in cooperation with specialty steel producers. >More


    Martin 41M200 Silk/Steel Acoustic Guitar

    NEW $8.99

    The Martin 41M200 Silk/Steel Traditional strings are our flagship line that stands the test of time. Tried and true, they are designed to deliver consistent quality and tone with every set. >More


    Martin 41MM1012 12-String Acoustic

    NEW $13.99

    Martin's proprietary Nickel/Copper alloy blend wrap wire provides for a reduced pick attack and allows the guitar's tone woods to be heard, not overshadowed. It offers a uniquely mellow, yet crisp, sound. Martin's wrap is a solid Nickel/Copper blend, not nickel plated, meaning there is no chance for defects to allow for corrosion. >More


    Martin M180 12-String 80/20 Strings

    NEW $7.49

    Martin Strings are high quality strings for daily use. Core and wrap wires must meet strict requirements in order to make the grade. Martin Strings are wound to precise specifications. >More


    Martin 41M2600 Marquis 92/8 Strings

    NEW $9.99

    Martin created the Marquis line to pamper your guitar by adding a soft silk wrap to the ball ends which prevent wear and tear on the bridge and end plate as you play. >More


    Martin M500 12-String 92/8 Strings

    NEW $7.49

    Today's acoustic guitarists demand strings with great response and brilliance. Martin Phosphor Bronze strings are made from 92/8 composition to give that brilliance, clarity, and longevity of sound required by serious guitarists. The Phosphor Bronze winding alloy is ideally suited for making strings that have deep, rich basses and clear, bright trebles. These strings are a great option for bringing out the chime in your 12-string guitar. >More


    Martin 41MSP4600 Phosphor Bronze Strings

    NEW $9.99

    The Martin MSP4600 92/8 Phosphor Bronze Extra Light 12 String set is designed with the performer in mind. Made with high tensile strength core wire and finished with their highest quality wrap wire, their SP line of strings stands up to rigorous practice and performance schedules to deliver consistent true tone that you can count on song after song. >More

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