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    Spector Timbre Acoustic-Electric Bass

    NEW $749.99
    NON-NEW $639.95

    With 40 years of expertise and a reputation for building some of the world's finest electric instruments, Spector is breaking new ground with their new series of Timbre acoustic basses. >More


    Ibanez AEB10 Acoustic-Electric Bass

    NEW $399.99

    The AEB acoustic bass series delivers real, punchy low end, amplified or not. As an unplugged acoustic bass, these mahogany body/spruce top instruments have the quality woods and construction to create a warm-sounding bottom that can be felt as well as heard. When amplified, these basses utilize Fishman(R) Sonicore Pickups and Ibanez AEQ-SST Shape Shifter Preamps to pump the tones up and offer the thump you need at whatever volume. >More


    Epiphone Masterbilt Deluxe Classic Bass

    NEW $999
    NON-NEW $849.95

    Epiphone presents the Masterbilt Deluxe Classic 4-String Acoustic-Electric Bass. This beauty features all of the Masterbilt Century's critically acclaimed features including a Solid Spruce top with traditional longitudinal bracing, Ebony fretboard, and the eSonic and Shadow NanoFlex HD pickup system for true acoustic tone when plugged in. >More


    Breedlove Solo Acoustic-Electric Bass

    NEW $599.99

    The Breedlove Solo Acoustic-Electric Bass: For the singer-songwriter recording artist, designed to give a perspective on sound, projecting sonic subtleties directly to the player's ears. >More


    Ibanez PCBE12MH Acoustic Bass

    NEW $249.99

    The Ibanez PCBE12MH is Grand Concert body style acoustic/electric bass with Mahogany top, back and sides for a warm, full tone. While the Open Pore Natural finish enhances the instrument's natural beauty, it also contributes to the sound quality. >More


    Breedlove Solo Acoustic-Electric Bass

    NON-NEW $679.95

    The Breedlove Jumbo is their largest body shape by volume. Playing the Jumbo is a powerful experience: Sound feels as though it is propelled by the movement of so much air inside the body. It's the perfect shape for conveying big, beautiful tone across all four strings. >More


    Taylor GS Mini-e Acoustic-Electric Bass

    NEW $699

    Thanks to breakthrough Taylor design, the GS Mini Bass offers players a remarkably inviting small-scale acoustic bass that's compact, lightweight and ultra-comfortable on the hands. Adding to the popular heritage of our GS Mini family, this four-string bass sibling is even more impressive for its ability to create natural-sounding bass notes despite a condensed 23-1/2-inch scale length -- about 10 inches shorter than the scale length of a standard bass guitar. >More


    Breedlove Pursuit Concert CE Spruce Bass

    NEW $599

    The Breedlove Pursuit Concert CE Spruce acoustic bass delivers surprising volume with its solid Sitka spruce top. A Breedlove bridge truss supports the top for aggressive play and profound sound projection. >More


    Ibanez AVCB9CE Artwood Vintage Bass

    NEW $599.99
    NON-NEW $499.95

    The Ibanez AVCB9CE Artwood Vintage Series Acoustic-Electric Bass is another model within the "modern approach to acoustic guitar tradition" and has long been our catchphrase for the Artwood series. Artwood Vintage steps even further back in history and borrows the best features of highly desired vintage instruments. >More


    D'Angelico PB700 Premier Mott Bass

    NEW $499.99 - $599.99

    D’Angelico’s acclaimed acoustic bass has now arrived in the Premier Series. A 16-inch-wide body armed with a solid Sitka spruce top, the D'Angelico PB700 Premier Mott Acoustic-Electric Bass is powerful in stature and smooth in tone. >More


    Dean Exotica Quilt Ash Acoustic Bass

    NEW $429
    NON-NEW $364.95

    The Dean Exhibition Quilt Ash Acoustic-Electric Guitar is designed to be a perfect companion onstage. Made with quilt ash, the thin body of the Exhibition adds comfort while helping to reduce feedback when plugged in. >More


    Ibanez AEB105E Acoustic-Electric Bass

    NEW $399.99

    The Ibanez AEB105E Acoustic-Electric Bass offers tone, style, playability at an incredible value. >More


    Spector Timbre Junior Short-Scale Bass

    NEW $629.99

    Following up on the success of Spector's first-ever acoustic bass, the Timbre, Timbre Jr. is a short-scale acoustic bass with a slimmed down body, similar to that of a traditional dreadnought guitar. >More


    Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass

    NEW $269

    The Dean EAB Electric Acoustic Bass is the perfect starter bass guitar for the beginning bass player. Now you can play bass with or without an amp! This is a comfortable bass that's loud enough for jam sessions with acoustic guitar players, and has the onboard electronics to let you take it right up on stage. >More


    Martin BCPA4 Acoustic-Electric Bass

    NEW $1,799

    The Martin BCPA4 Performing Artist Acoustic-Electric Bass has a deep and powerful voice, versatility (play it acoustically or plugged in), a fast, comfortable PA neck and cutaway body for accessibility anywhere up and down the fingerboard, and all at a very affordable price. >More


    Alvarez AB60CE Acoustic Electric Bass

    NEW $499.99

    In the world of acoustic/electric basses, a big sound usually equals a big price tag. Until now, that is. Alvarez completely redefines bang for the buck with their AB60CE acoustic bass. With a solid Sitka spruce top and hand-sanded scalloped bracing, this bass finally unleashes that huge low "E" that you've been searching for. >More


    Ibanez PNB14E Performance Parlor Bass

    NEW $249.99

    The Ibanez PBN14E-OPN is a short scale acoustic bass guitar that utilizes a parlor body shape. This compact instrument is ideal for situations such as playing on the couch, outdoors, as well as more informal occasions. >More


    Dean EAB Acoustic-Electric Fretless Bass

    NEW $299

    With their EAB Acoustic-Electric Bass, Dean has put together a topnotch fretless acoustic-electric bass guitar for an incredibly low price. It's just the right instrument if you're been wanting to add a fretless to your arsenal but have a tight budget. >More


    Dean Exotica Supreme Acoustic Bass

    NEW $349

    The Dean Cutaway Electric Tobacco Sunburst is a full-sized Acoustic Electric Bass with 34" scale that produces a deeper, fuller tone than bass guitars costing much more. This bass comes standard with a spruce top, mahogany back, sides, and neck, rosewood fingerboard, and die-cast chrome tuners. >More


    Dean EABCS SN Cutaway Acoustic Bass

    NEW $349

    The Dean Cutaway EABCS SN Bass Guitar is a full-sized instrument with 34" scale that produces a deeper, fuller tone than bass guitars costing much more. >More


    Ibanez AVNB1FE Fretless Parlor Acoustic

    NEW $499.99

    The Ibanez AVNB1FE Fretless Parlor Acoustic-Electric Bass is a short scale acoustic bass guitars that utilize a parlor body. >More


    Ibanez AVNB1E Parlor Acoustic Bass

    NEW $499.99

    The Ibanez AVNB1E is a short scale acoustic bass guitars that utilize a parlor body. >More


    Ibanez AEWB32 Acoustic-Electric Bass

    NEW $449.99

    This well crafted Ibanez AEWB32 Acoustic-Electric Bass has shorter 23" scale for a fat and deep bass tone. The AEWB32 is constructed with a classic Spruce top, Mahogany Back & Sides, 3pc Maple/Mahogany satin finish neck with Maple fretboard inlays. >More


    Ibanez AEWB20 Acoustic-Electric Bass

    NEW $499.99

    The Ibanez guiding philosophy for acoustics "a modern approach to acoustic guitar tradition" extends quite naturally to their acoustic bass collection. With tone, style, and playability at incredible value, Ibanez acoustic basses are creatively inspiring tools designed to thrive in a wide variety of musical situations. >More


    Dean EABC Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Bass

    NEW $170

    The Dean EABC Electric Acoustic Bass is the perfect starter bass guitar for the beginning bass player. Now you can play bass with or without an amp! >More


    Breedlove Solo Jumbo Fretless CE Bass

    NEW $799

    Bass players set the cadence for the entire band, but it can be hard for them to hear their music. The Side Monitor Soundhole solves this challenge. With a 34-inch scale length and jumbo body shape, this Breedlove Solo acoustic bass delivers warm and bold sound. It is available with frets. >More

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