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    Carl Martin 6 products


    Carl Martin Andy Timmons Compressor

    NEW $279.30

    The Carl Martin Andy Timmons Signature Compressor/Limiter! Just like the Carl Martin Compressor/Limiter, this might be the most musically useful guitar dynamics processor on the market. >More


    Carl Martin Greg Howe Lick Box Overdrive

    NEW $266

    While chatting over coffee one day a while back, guitar ace Greg Howe asked Carl whether he could develop a pedal that would re-create his signature sound. From this came the creation of the Carl Martin Greg Howe Lick Box Overdrive Pedal which combines Greg's unique High Gain and Crunch tones, but allows him to manipulate these sounds and layer them for even more guitar fun. >More


    Carl Martin PlexiTone Distortion Pedal

    NEW $193.90

    The Carl Martin PlexiTone Single Channel Distortion Effects Pedal was designed in association with Pete Thorn, and is housed in a small pedal-board friendly housing with three knobs and one switch. >More


    Carl Martin Octa-Switch Mk3 Switcher

    NEW $427

    The Carl Martin Octa-Switch Mk3 can put an end to your tap-dancing days. For many players, this pedal is going to be a game-changer, allowing them to store and recall up to eight different combinations of the connected effects with just a single button. >More


    Carl Martin PlexiTone-S Lo-Gain Pedal

    NEW $193.90
    NON-NEW $174.95

    The Carl Martin Plexitone Lo-gain pedal is perfect for the "less is more" type of musicians. Whether you want to push your amp’s natural overdrive into the sweet spot, or give a little extra colour to your tone which is definitely the British Black and Gold, the Carl Martin Plexitone Lo-gain Pedal hits the mark. >More

    Carl Martin Red Repeat Delay Pedal

    NEW $167.30

    The Carl Martin Red Repeat Delay Pedal is designed to take your guitar signal and repeat it after a given amount of time. The simplest description comes from the Echoplexes and Space Echoes of years ago. >More

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