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    Zildjian Oriental China Trash

    NEW $179.95 - $274.95

    Authentic "trashy" China sound. Very fast, explosive response with rapid decay. >More


    Sabian AA Holy China Cymbal

    NEW $124.99 - $249.99

    The Sabian AA Holy China Cymbal delivers all of the unique trashy tone of the original Holy China, but with less volume. >More


    Zildjian A Custom China Cymbal

    NEW $299.95

    A Custom cymbals deliver a sophisticated expression of classic Zildjian A Series sounds. They feature thinner weights and radically innovative hammering. >More


    Wuhan China Style Cymbal

    NEW $32.99 - $74.99

    The Wuhan China Cymbal is the standard by which all other China-type cymbals are measured. The Wuhan China cymbal features an unmistakable sound that has been described as dark, explosive, and trashy. Prized for their responsiveness, penetration, and distinctive tonalities, the Wuhan China cymbals are the first choice of top drummers from every style of music. >More


    Zildjian S Series China Cymbal

    NEW $124.95 - $144.95

    Sharp and explosive, the Zildjian S series china cymbals add a bright and trashy tone color that works well for big hits and accents. They speak quickly with a short sustain. >More


    Sabian Mini Monster Stax

    NEW $269.99

    This Sabian 12" AAX Aero Splash over a 10" AA Mini Holy China gets you all the volume, trash and cut you can eat in a dynamic burst of white noise concentration that would make Chad Smith proud. >More


    Ziljian L80 Low Volume

    NEW $139.95

    The Ziljian L80 Low Volume cymbals are up to 80% quieter than a traditional cymbal without losing the authentic Zildjian feel. >More


    Sabian HHX China Cymbal

    NEW $119.99 - $144.99

    A fiery combination of tonal heat and raw aggression, the Sabian HHX Chinese delivers biting attack with a furiously fast and funky feel. Until HHX, it was impossible to project darkness. But the dark, simmering sound, agitated bite and "Tone Projection" design of HHX makes this series more effective than others. >More


    Sabian HHX Evolution Mini China Cymbal

    NEW $244.99

    A small, funky sounding china crash with a dark-edged bite, the Sabian HHX Evolution Mini Chinese China Cymbal is ideal on its own or stacked atop another cymbal. >More


    Zildjian ZBT Series China Cymbal

    NEW $79.95 - $94.95

    Fast, bright, "trashy" China ideal for special accents and musical exclamation points. Bold and colorful with an explosive attack, fast decay and plenty of volume to cut through the music. >More


    Zildjian Planet Z China Cymbal

    NEW $69.99

    The Zildjian Planet Z China puts out powerful accents that are fast, bright, and trashy. It has a fast decay with plenty of volume to cut through the mix. It's the perfect addition to any drum or percussion setup. >More


    Sabian SBR Chinese Cymbal

    NEW $64.99

    The first Chinese model in the SBR family, the Sabian SBR Chinese is tonally tight and bright sounding, with plenty of brash trash in its tone. >More


    Sabian XSR China Cymbal

    NEW $179.99

    Delivers the fast response of a thin model with the power of a medium. >More


    Meinl HCS China Cymbal

    NEW $39.99 - $56.99

    The Meinl HCS China Cymbal has an explosive, brash and bright attack with deep, dark and trashy undertones. >More


    Sabian XSR Sizzle Stax

    NEW $294.99

    This Sabian XSR Sizzle Stax set includes a 16" O-Zone and 16" XSR Fast China Cymbal featuring a raw nasty response with tonally tight and highly aggressive tone. >More

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