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    Dunlop M237 MXR DC Brick Power Supply

    NEW $99.99

    Keep your pedals powered all night long with the Dunlop MXR DC Brick, a revamp of the DCB10. Now under the MXR brand, the DC Brick features all of the short circuit and overload protection of the original but now handles twice the power, allowing you to use virtually any combination of effects. >More


    Dunlop ECB-003 9VDC Power Supply

    NEW $9.99

    Designed to provide the proper 9V DC power for post 1992 Dunlop pedals, center negative, 5.5mm coax plug. The Dunlop ECB-003 power supply works with the GCB-95 Crybaby(R) Wah Wah, 95Q Crybaby Wah Wah, QZ1 Crybaby Q Zone, Crybaby BB-535 Series Wah, and EW-95V Mister Crybaby Super Volume Wah. >More


    Dunlop Dual Design Guitar Straplocks

    NEW $13.95

    The Dunlop Straplok System is the strap retainer designed with the artist in mind. Its 360-degree groove and ball design allows the unit to rotate without catching. >More


    Dunlop ECB04 18VDC Power Supply

    NEW $14.99

    The Dunlop ECB-004 power supply is a 5.5/2.1mm coax plug 18v/500mA DC regulated AC Adapter with a positive barrel and negative plug. Plug polarity has a negative center DC in 18V. >More


    Dunlop System 65 Guitar Maintenance Mat

    NEW $12.99

    Get to work on your instrument without worrying about dinging or scratching it up. The System 65 Guitar Setup Mat is made from no-mar neoprene with thick padding to protect your guitar or bass while it's on the workbench. It's easy to clean, too, with tight webbing to keep debris from getting stuck in the fabric. >More


    Dunlop Superlube Gel Pen

    NEW $7.99

    Keep the moving parts of your stringed instruments working smoothly with the Superlube Gel Pen. With its flexible spatula tip, you can easily apply Superlube Gel where you need it--from saddles and nuts to string trees and tremolo parts--and the thick gel will stay put. >More


    Dunlop System 65 Magnetic Parts Tray

    NEW $9.99

    Keep your guitar and bass parts secure in the System 65 Magnetic Parts Tray. It's perfect for holding pickguard screws, pickup springs, washers, nuts, saddles, string trees, and any other parts you can't afford to lose. >More


    Dunlop DGT07 Guitar String Cutter

    NEW $9.99

    The Dunlop DGT07 String Cutter will cut through the thickest bass strings just as smoothly as it'll cut through the thinnest guitar strings, and it'll fit right in your gig bag so you always have it on hand. >More


    Dunlop DGT06 Guitar Screwdriver Set

    NEW $8.99

    Keep the Dunlop DGT06 System 65 screwdriver in your case or gig bag for on-the-fly adjustments that just might save your gig >More


    Dunlop DGT05 Fret Collar Kit

    NEW $16.99

    The Dunlop DGT05 Fret Collar Kit has all the tools you need for quick and effective fret polishing without having to spend time taping off your fretboard. >More


    Dunlop DGT03 Uni Wrench

    NEW $12.99

    The Dunlop Uni-Wrench can adjust nearly every nut on your guitar or bass, even the round ones, thanks to the exceptional grip provided by its precision-tooled teeth. >More


    Dunlop DGT02 Guitar Multi-Tool

    NEW $12.99

    The Dunlop Multi-Tool is a screwdriver, socket wrench, and hex key all in one, featuring numerous attachments to help you keep your instrument in tip-top shape. >More


    Dunlop DGT04 Guitar String Action Gauge

    NEW $12.99

    A must for every player's toolkit, the Dunlop DGT04 String Action Gauge provides the precise measurements you need to setup your instrument for greater playability. >More


    Dunlop DGT01 Gig Light

    NEW $9.99

    This road-ready Dunlop DGT01 Gig Light is a gig-saver when you need to set up your amp, arrange your pedalboard, or change your strings on a dark stage. >More

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