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    Foxgear Rainbow Digital Reverb Pedal

    NEW $129

    The Rainbow Reverb is the ultimate digital reverb effect. The Rainbow is based on the well-known and reliable DSP FV-1 used in most of the boutique pedals on the market, and offers 5 reverb presets that include 2 mind-blowing shimmering algorithms in addition to the other 2 classic reverb effects and an innovative and inspiring "Rotary Verb" (imagine to putting an old rotary speaker right in the middle of the Pantheon temple in Rome...) These features are all at a fraction of what other boutique pedals cost. >More


    Foxgear Ballade Chorus Pedal

    NEW $99

    One of the most important effects that created the distinctive sound of the guitar in the 80's was without a doubt, the Chorus. The ability to make a basic clean sound become beautiful, lush, and ethereal was a milestone in the history of music. At that time the equipment was noisy analog, signal reducing pedals. Even if they sounded good. >More


    Foxgear Multitune Polyphonic Tuner

    NEW $99

    After many late head-scratching nights and many extra-large espressos, Foxgear has finally taken a dream to fruition with the Foxgear Multitune. >More


    Gurus 1959 Double Decker Two Channel Overdrive

    NEW $449

    Inspired by the legendary British tone of 1959, the Gurus Double Decker combines the two worlds of historic amps, from blues to hard rock in one device. From slight crunch and sexy tone to boosted hi-gain levels. >More


    Gurus Echosex 3 Echo Pedal

    NEW $449

    he Gurus Echosex 3 updates the legendary echo unit with a completely redesigned power section, now the tube runs at a higher voltage to let you use it in any way and with any instrument without saturating its input. A redesigned and cleaned filtering offer you the same sound of the previous model, with lower noise and better dynamic response. >More


    Gurus Echosex 2 T7E Echo Pedal

    NEW $649

    With the Echosex 2, that will stay in production, Gurus wanted to recreate that kind of magic of the "old Italian Echo" units, but with more versatility, reproducing one of the most used and useful setting, the single head, and give the possibility to set the delay time as in a modern pedal, to bring that magic sound and extend its musical applications. >More

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