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    Guitar Amp Foot Controllers and Switches 38 products


    Marshall CODE 4-Way Stompware Controller

    NEW $80

    Connect your CODE programmable 4-way footcontroller to assign up to 30 Presets or control panel functions. >More


    Boss FS6 Dual Footswitch

    NEW $59.99

    Two switches in one, Boss's FS-6 combines latch- and momentary-type switching into one unit. With two switches conveniently housed side-by-side, the FS-6 allows each switch to be set for latch or momentary operation. Pick the configuration that best suits your playing style and setup. >More


    Boss GA-FC Foot Controller

    NEW $99.99
    NON-NEW $84.95

    If you want to keep your hands on your axe at all times, the Boss GA-FC Foot Controller lets you drive the GA-212 or GA-112 from the floor. It allows for expansion as well: plug in up to two optional expression pedals for volume and drive control, and link to additional stacked amps with the Link In/Out port. >More


    Behringer FCB1010 MIDI Foot Controller

    NEW $149.99

    No matter what you play, or even if you're an engineer with a MIDI arsenal, you'll appreciate the way our FCB1010 helps you get the most out of your gear without tying up your hands or slowing down your performance. On top of its impressive MIDI functions, it gives you 2 jacks for analog switching and rugged, road-proof construction. >More


    Line 6 FBV Express MKII Foot Controller

    NEW $119.99

    Tough enough for arena stages yet small enough to fit in your backpack, FBV Express(TM) MkII delivers a crucial collection of hands-free functionality that will keep you at the foot of the stage instead of tied to the front of your Line 6 amp or POD(R). >More


    Peavey Sanpera Pro Controller

    NEW $299.99

    The perfect companion for the VYPYR Pro, Peavey's updated Sanpera(R) Pro Footcontroller unlocks all the power of the VYPYR Pro. Utilizing dual expression pedals which can be assigned to the default setting (volume on left, wah on right), or to any other stomp or effects parameter, the Sanpera Pro footcontroller is also range definable! >More


    Orange Dual Function Footswitch

    NEW $46.99

    The Orange FS2 is a dual function footswitch with LEDs and 1/4 inch input jacks. For use with Orange Thunderverb and Rockerverb Series amplifiers. >More


    Behringer FC600 Heavy-Duty Foot Pedal

    NEW $59.99

    You can get louder, softer -- or you can get incredibly expressive with the ultra-smooth Behringer FC600 Heavy-Duty Volume and Expression Foot Pedal. This heavy-duty foot pedal works equally well as either a volume or keyboard modulation control pedal, without tying up your hands -- or slowing down your performance. >More


    Orange Single Function Footswitch

    NEW $35.99

    The Orange FS1 is a single function footswitch with LED and 1/4 inch input jack. For use on AD30TC, Rockerverb 50 and 100, Rocker 30, Thunderverb 50 and 200. Not for use with Crush range. >More


    Peavey Sanpera II VIP Foot Controller

    NEW $199.99
    NON-NEW $195.95

    The Peavey Sanpera II VIP Foot Controller features dual, assignable expression pedals with tap switches, dedicated tap tempo and looper control, as well as footswitches for accessing presets, preamp "stompbox" effects, post-amp "rack" effects, delay and reverb. >More


    Boss FS5U Footswitch (Unlatching)

    NEW $29.99

    Boss offers guitarists 2 types of footswitches for different applications. The FS5U momentary type footswitch lets you engage a function while you hold down the switch. >More


    Boss FS-7 Dual Footswitch Pedal

    NEW $54.99

    The Boss FS-7 is a compact dual footswitch for remote control of effect pedals or amp channel switching. Two footswitches are arranged in tandem, which saves space on effects pedal boards. Two selectable modes for latch or momentary allow for control of a wide range of equipment. >More


    Keith McMillen Instruments 12 Step

    NEW $269

    The Keith McMillen Instruments 12 Step opens up another dimension in performance by giving your feet unprecedented control over expressive gestures. Play and control your soft-synths, keyboards or sound modules via USB or MIDI. >More


    Marshall PED-L90008 Stompware Pedal

    NEW $59.99
    NON-NEW $44.95

    Made for the MGFX Series Marshals with Built in Effects, this 4 button footswitch gives the MGFX user control over the Channel, overdrive, tap tempo and tuner switches on the front panel or 4 completely independent presets. Switch between Clean/Crunch, stomp the Overdrive to give your setting a volume boost, adjust the speed of your delay or modulation effects with the Tap Tempo switch and tap into the built-in tuner right at your feet so you can get back to playing. >More


    Peavey Sanpera I VIP Foot Controller

    NEW $99.99

    The Peavey Sanpera I includes an expression pedal for executing volume, wah and pitch shifter functions, plus four momentary feature selector buttons. >More


    Peavey 2-Button Stereo Guitar Amp Switch

    NEW $29.99

    This Peavey footswitch is a 2-Button Stereo Footswitch for use with the Peavey Bandit and 6505 Plus combo amplifier. >More


    Positive Grid BT4 4-Button Footswitch

    NEW $179
    NON-NEW $161.95

    The BT-4 Bluetooth MIDI pedal was created so you have total control wherever you play. There are now hundreds of amazing music apps available, including Positive Grid's BIAS FX, BIAS Amp, and JamUp, Loopy, OnSong and countless more. Positive Grid's goal is to give you an effortless and ultimate musical experience through wireless control of all these terrific music apps. >More


    Marshall PEDL91004 2-Way Amp Footswitch

    NEW $59.95

    PEDL-91004 is a replacement for PEDL-00009, PEDL-00010, PEDL-00015, PEDL-90004, and PEDL-90005. >More


    Blackstar ID Series 3 Mode Controller

    NEW $89.99
    NON-NEW $80.95

    The Blackstar ID Series 3 Mode Foot Controller is a 3 button MIDI foot controller for Blackstar ID Series amps. Powerful, multi-function footswitch gives you access to tons of amp functions. Patch Mode - Lets you switch between three banks of four patches and the tuner. >More


    Boss FS-5L Latching Footswitch

    NEW $29.99
    NON-NEW $25.95

    Durable metal footswitch available in latching and unlatching types. >More


    Vox VFS5 Footswitch for VT Series Amps

    NEW $64.99

    Control your tone on stage or in the studio with the VFS5 foot controller which works with any Vox VT series amp. Use this rugged 4-button footswitch to turn reverb and effects on and off, switch between presets, and even adust speed and tap settings with your foot. Vox VT modeling amps each pack an incredible array of amp tones and effects, and you can take advantage of their power and versatility by connecting a VFS5 foot controller! >More


    Blackstar FS-12 Foot Controller

    NEW $99.99
    NON-NEW $84.95

    The FS-12 is a multi-function foot controller in a compact, low profile, durable aluminum body that allows access to all 36 patches of the ID:CORE 100 / ID:CORE 150. The large, clear dot matrix display ensures easy visibility for the fully chromatic tuner and current patch details. >More


    Darkglass Micro 900 Footswitch

    NEW $99.95
    NON-NEW $84.95

    The Super Intelligent Footswitch is the perfect match for our award winning Microtubes 900 Amplifier. It allows for easy access to the wide tonal options the amplifier offers: Clean channel, Vintage Microtubes and Microtubes B3K overdrives and Mute are now a stomp away. >More


    Peavey 5-Button MIDI Footswitch

    NEW $79.99

    The Peavey 5 Button MIDI footswitch will control your Butcher guitar head, MiniMEGA bass head and XR-AT powered mixer. Includes 25' cable. >More


    Vox VFS2A 2-Button Footswitch

    NEW $44.99

    Get control over your channels with an official Vox VFS2A 2-Button Footswitch 2 for your Vox AC custom series amplifiers. This pedal is compact, durable and lightweight. >More


    Fishman Loudbox Amplifier Footswitch

    NEW $32.95

    The Fishman ACC-LBX-FSW is a Remote Channel and FX Muting Switch for Loudbox Amplifiers. >More


    Roland FC300 Guitar Foot Controller

    NEW $449.99

    The FC-300 sets a standard of power, versatility and innovation for MIDI foot control. With features such as bi-directional MIDI data flow to the Roland VG-99 via the RRC2, patch memory recall, twin expression and control pedals and more, this advanced control station is a perfect companion for Roland's VG-99 V-Guitar System or any other performance-based MIDI instrument or device. >More


    TC Electronic RC4 Floor Controller

    NEW $159.99

    Designed as a floor controller for RH450, RC4 offers you a tuner indicator, a mute switch, and three preset foot switches to recall the three user memories. RC4 is conveniently powered from the amp and is a great addition to the system. >More


    Line 6 FBV2 2-Button Footswitch

    NEW $49.99

    This 2-button footswitch allows you to scroll through the first 4 presets on PODXT, PODXT Pro, Bass PODXT, Bass PODXT Pro, Flextone III, Vetta, Vetta II, HD147, Duoverb, Spider II, and Spider IV. >More


    Positive Grid BT2 2-Button Footswitch

    NEW $79

    The BT-2 Bluetooth pedal allows you to effortlessly and wirelessly control music apps for guitar, sheet music, controller, keyboards or drums. Positive Grid looks to the future to inspire more musicians to go one step further in their everyday music life. >More


    Bugera FSB102B 2-Button Footswitch

    NEW $29.99

    The Bugera FSB102B Heavy-Duty 2-Button Footswitch is the ideal companion for our BXD and Veyron Series amplifiers. It is designed to perform as a remote activator/deactivator for the onboard FX Loop and Mute functions. >More


    Behringer FCV100 Dual Mode Pedal

    NEW $29.99

    The Foot Controller FCV100 is a flexible dual-mode foot pedal for volume and modulation control. It features volume control of one stereo or two individual musical instruments, and its dedicated modulation function provides a direct connection to a keyboard's modulation control input. The FCV100 is VCA controlled for utmost reliability and smooth audio performance. >More


    Supro SF2 Tremolo/Reverb Dual Footswitch

    NEW $54.99
    NON-NEW $46.95

    A Genuine Supro SF2 Tremolo/Reverb Dual Button Footswitch for Supro Amplifiers. This footswitch is for the Tremolo equipped Supro Jupiter, Royal Reverb, Supro Saturn, Tremo-Verb, Titan and Rhythm Master amplifiers. >More


    Bugera FSB102A 2-Button Footswitch

    NEW $29.99

    The Bugera FSB102A Heavy-Duty 2-Button Footswitch is identical to the one that ships with our Bugera Vintage Series amplifiers. It is designed to perform as a remote activator/deactivator for the reverb and to switch between channels. >More


    Bugera FSB106A 6-Button Footswitch

    NEW $49.99

    The Bugera FSB106A Heavy-Duty 6-Button Footswitch is identical to the one that ships with our Bugera Trirec amplifiers. It is designed to perform as a remote switch for Channel selection, Boost, Reverb and FX Loop functions -- plus doubles as a MIDI IN / THRU conduit for complete MIDI remote switching. >More


    Supro SF1 Tremolo Single Footswitch

    NEW $49.99

    A Genuine Supro SF1 Single-Button foot-switch for Supro Amplifiers. This footswitch is for the Tremolo equipped Supro Dual-Tone, Coronado, and Black Magick amplifiers. >More


    Bugera FSB102 2-Button Footswitch

    NEW $29.99

    The FSB102 Heavy-Duty 2-Button Footswitch is identical to the one that ships with our Bugera 1990 amplifiers. It is designed to perform as a remote activator/deactivator for the reverb and to switch between channels. >More

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