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    One Control Prussian Blue Reverb

    NEW $169

    Unlike other reverb pedals, that have a high octave and spring-like sound, the One Control Prussian Blue is a perfect combination of several classic reverb tones. With a dynamic range five times broader than your ordinary reverb pedal, a high-end natural sound is guaranteed. >More


    One Control Minimal AB Box

    NEW $40

    Use the One Control Minimal AB Box to control the direction of your signal path in order to select amps, mute your signal, control what effects you'd like to use, and various other uses. >More


    One Control Purple Plexifier Distortion

    NEW $149

    Aimed at capturing the true essence of the renowned 'Rock & Roll sound', the One Control Purple Plexifier has a gain range of +6dB to +67dB. Expect a tight bottom end with bright (but not harsh) highs and a thick mid-range that creates a distinct and powerful distortion. >More


    One Control Lemon Yellow Compressor

    NEW $145

    In the complex and often misunderstood world of compressors and sustain pedals, Bjorn has designed a very simple pedal that covers all of your needs. The One Control Lemon Yellow Compression is simple, versatile and promises a high quality tone. >More


    One Control Black Loop 2-Channel

    NEW $60

    The One Control Black Loop is a 2 Loop true bypass switcher with two DC outs. It can be used as an AB Switch, Amp Channel Switcher or Tuner Output/Mute Switch. Players can connect multiple pedals into each loop to create two independent effect chains. >More


    One Control Little Copper Chorus

    NEW $169
    NON-NEW $149.95

    The One Control Little Copper Chorus is the most compact and versatile chorus pedal you'll ever own. It was designed using a sine wave oscillator to recreate standard and rotary speaker-like sounds such as a Fender Vibratone. >More


    One Control Sonic Blue Twanger Overdrive

    NEW $149

    The One Control Sonic Blue Twanger promises rhythm guitarists an edge and lead guitarists a limiting distortion effect similar to the iconic 'blackface' amps. This pedal can be used as a preamp, booster or distortion pedal. Whether you use it in your backline for your live shows or just want that classic 'blackface' sound, this pedal promises a recognizable and mesmerizing tone. Regardless of which amp you use, the Sonic Blue Twanger is the only effect pedal on the market to satisfy your need. >More


    One Control USB Porter Power Supply

    NEW $49

    The One Control USB Porter Lighted Power Supply is one of the more simply useful and clever devices we've seen. One Control has created another innovative power supply that appeals to any pedalboard user. Nowadays, musicians use electronics, such as their tablets and phones during a performance. What do these electronics have in common? You need to charge them via USB. >More


    One Control 1 Loop Box Passive Loop

    NEW $40

    The One Control 1 Loop Box was created to be the smallest 1 loop switcher possible. By using an array of PCB, One Control was able to become the first manufacture in the world to create this small of a looper using PCB. >More


    One Control Golden Acorn Special OD

    NEW $149

    The Golden Acorn Overdrive Special is a dynamic overdrive designed to catch a small window in which single notes can be worked to be seemingly clean or distorted. It's important to mention that this distortion is a soft type of distortion, which is essential to make expected note progressions sound seamless. The Golden Acorn Overdrive Special can be used for most music styles except the more aggressive and heavy styles. >More


    One Control Fluorescent Orange

    NEW $149

    Designed to reproduce the iconic "crude distortion" of an orange-colored amp. With 56dB gain and -80dB noise level, the One Control Fluorescent Orange is ideal for the classic hard-rock sound. >More


    One Control White Loop 2-Channel Pedal

    NEW $65

    The One Control White Loop is a two loop true bypass looper. What separates the White Loop from many other similar products is the flash loop function. The One Control White Loop has a green and red loop. One switch toggles between these two loops. The second switch bypasses both loops. >More


    One Control Dimension Blue Monger

    NEW $169

    The Dimension is a completely different type of effect that blurs the lines between the Flanger effect and Chorus effect. Allows guitarists to create a "watery", 3-dimensional modulation effect that gives your tone a sense of transparency and rich reverberation. >More


    One Control Cranberry Overdrive Pedal

    NEW $149

    The One Box Cranberry Overdrive inherits the characteristics of the original STRAWBERRY-RED overdrive however; a low cut trim pot has been installed. Although both pedals can achieve the same level of boost, the Cranberry is perfect for clean/light distortion effect. With moderate compression and fast response, this pedal promises a superb lead boost for any genre of music. >More


    One Control Anodized Brown Distortion

    NEW $139

    The One Control Anodized Brown is an extremely versatile distortion effect that can be used with any amp, guitar or other effect pedals. The Anodized Brown Distortion is renowned for its high response and incredible dynamic range. The pedal can be driven from 6 to 18V. >More

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