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    On-Stage SSP7900 All-Aluminum Stands

    NEW $74.95
    NON-NEW $49.95

    The On-Stage SSP7900 all-aluminum speaker stand pack includes two of their top-selling speaker stands! The pack includes two all-aluminum, height adjustable speaker stands and one convenient carry bag that holds both stands. >More


    OnStage SS7730 Tripod Speaker Stand

    NEW $43.99 - $80.95

    The steel-aluminum design on this affordable speaker stand make it both lightweight and durable. Use either the 1 3/8" diameter upper shaft or the included 1 1/2" adapter sleeve for a universal fit. >More


    Electro-Voice ASP-58 Threaded Pole

    NEW $89

    Best suited for use with EKX and ETX subwoofers, the Electro-Voice ASP-58 is a heavy duty adjustable height pole that features a tapered bottom with M20 threads on the end to ensure a perfect fit and incredible stability! >More


    On-Stage Crank Up Speaker Stand

    NEW $104.95 - $161.95

    Now, with the new Power Crank-Up Speaker Stand by On-Stage Stands, only one person is needed for the job by simply cranking-up with the crank-up handle or powering-up with an electric or cordless drill. >More


    Gator GFW-ID-SPKR Speaker Stand

    NEW $149.99 - $299.99
    NON-NEW $126.95

    The Gator GFW-ID-SPKR Frameworks ID Series Speaker Stand was designed from the ground up by Gator to provide the ultimate in innovation, style, ergonomics, and durability. >More


    Ultimate TS-90B Speaker Stand

    NEW $99.99

    The TS-90B speaker stands offer the Ultimate Support quality you've become accustomed to as well as a number of favorite features. Aluminum tubing and high tech finishes make for a durable, dependable, and lightweight tripod. Glass reinforced polycarbonate fitting at the leg juncture uses a metal clamp over the fitting to minimize over-tightening and breakage. >More


    Ultimate Support TS-100B Speaker Stand

    NEW $149.99

    The Ultimate Support TS-100B Air-Powered Speaker Stand lifts 50 lbs. for you! The gas spring is under a 50 lb. preload - when the speaker is safely loaded on the stand, turn the telescoping knob and raise any speaker weighing less than 50 lbs. with zero effort on your part. If your speaker is over 50 lbs., marvel at how little effort it takes to raise the speaker to the proper height. >More


    ADJ Color Stand LED Lighted Stand

    NEW $82.99

    If you use portable speakers, you no doubt have or need speaker stands. The ADJ Color Stand LED Lighted Speaker Stand is a reinvention of the humble speaker stand to be an eye-catching statement that helps to create a safe and inviting atmosphere. >More


    World Tour SSP8 Speaker Stands

    NEW $59.95

    The World Tour SSP8 are an all-aluminum, height adjustable pair of speaker stands that hold your speakers securely so your audience can enjoy your music. >More


    Electro-Voice TSP-1 Tripod Stands

    NEW $99
    NON-NEW $84.95

    Electro-Voice crafts durable and high-quality stands to position your speakers for optimum projection and sound. The stands are height adjustable from 44-70", plus they have a small footprint. Includes 2 EV Tripod Speaker Stands (TSS-1) and 1 EV Dual Tripod Speaker Stand Carry Bag (TCB-1). These stands will fit PA speakers with 1 3/8" or 1 1/2" pole receptacles. >More


    JBL TRIPOD-GA Gas Assist Speaker Stand

    NEW $169 - $399
    NON-NEW $124.95

    The JBL TRIPOD-GA is a gas-assisted adjustable tripod speaker stand. >More


    On-Stage SS7746 Subwoofer Pole with M20

    NEW $22.95
    NON-NEW $20.95

    More and more pole mount subwoofers are hitting the market with M20 threaded pole mounts instead of the older 1 3/8 in. socket design. The advantage is obvious: no tilt and wobble! The On-Stage SS7746 is designed for this breed of subwoofers. >More


    On-Stage SS7764B AirLift Speaker Stand

    NEW $65.95

    Raise speaker performance with the On-Stage SS7764B speaker stand! The SS7764B features an internal Air-Lift center piston that provides 40 lbs. of lift assist to counteract the weight of the speaker. >More


    On Stage SS7747 Crank Up Subwoofer Pole

    NEW $73.95
    NON-NEW $62.95

    The On-Stage SS7747 Crank up Subwoofer Pole is designed for use with the breed of compact high-powered subwoofers that utilize a M20 x 2.5 threaded pole mount. >More


    Gator GFWIDSPKRSP ID Series Sub Pole

    NEW $99.99
    NON-NEW $84.95

    The Gator Frameworks ID Speaker Sub Pole has piston driven height adjustment and an adapter for traditional mount or M20 threaded mount. >More


    JBL TRIPOD-MA Speaker Stand

    NEW $69 - $169.95
    NON-NEW $58.95

    The JBL TRIPOD-MA is a manual height adjustable speaker tripod. >More


    On-Stage SS7761B Speaker Stand

    NEW $49.95

    On-Stage's most versatile speaker stand is also extremely affordable! This lightweight stand features a reversible shaft design and can be used with 1 3/8 in. or 1 1/2 in. speaker cabinet inserts. >More


    Gator Frameworks ID Speaker Sub Pole

    NEW $199.99

    Frameworks ID Speaker Sub Pole with Piston Driven Height Adjustment and Adapter for Traditional or M20 threaded Mount (2-Pack with Carry Bag). >More


    JBL POLE-MA Manual Height Speaker Pole

    NEW $69

    JBL manual height adjustable speaker pole. >More


    JBL POLE-GA Gas Assist Speaker Pole

    NEW $109 - $289.95
    NON-NEW $98.95

    JBL gas assist height adjustable speaker pole. >More


    Mackie SPM-200 Speaker Pole Mount

    NEW $39.99

    For a complete compact system, use the Mackie SPM200 speaker pole to easily mount your speaker on a subwoofer. An essential optional accessory that can handle up to 110 pounds, the SPM200 lets your audience hear your performance loud and clear. Fits Mackie Thump, Mackie SRM and Mackie HD Series loudspeakers. >More


    Electro-Voice PCL35 Steel Subwoofer Pole

    NEW $79

    An 35" steel subwoofer pole with threaded end for use with ELX and ETX series. This subwoofer pole is also compatible with the following: Dynacord Cobra, Xa, D-Lite, Madras, VariLine, EV SbA760, QRx118S, QRx218S, Gladiator G118 and Plasma P2. >More


    On Stage SS7745 Sub Attachment Shaft

    NEW $15.95

    The On-Stage SS7745 Adjustable Subwoofer Attachment Pole is an all-steel shaft that is adjustable and connects to bass enclosures with a friction locking knob and security pin for added security (Max height with security pin: 53.25"). >More


    Cerwin Vega CV-POLE-1A Speaker Pole

    NEW $39.99

    The Cerwin Vega CVPOLE1A Adjustable Speaker Pole is a telescoping reinforced steel Professional speaker support pole that holds up to 150 pounds. It includes a twist lock and a secure locking-pin for height adjustments. It is designed to be used with the CVA Active/Passive Series speakers. Use the CVPOLE-1A with the CVANT-2A and the CVANT-3A Speaker Support systems. This speaker pole is compatible with all industry standard 35mm pole cups. >More


    QSC K Series Sub Pole Extension

    NEW $19.99

    For owners of QSC K8 or K10 speakers who want to position the speakers higher above their KSub or KW181, this is what you need. This extension pole screws directly onto KSub and KW181 pole mount and the pole that came with your sub screws into this extension for an additional 18 inches of height. >More


    On-Stage SSAS7000B Mini Speaker Stand

    NEW $25.95

    Light and compact, the On-Stage SSAS7000B Mini Adjustable Speaker Stand is an excellent choice for light-duty work in bars, clubs, hotels, churches and other venues where small portable PAs are routinely used. >More


    On-Stage LS-SS7770 Speaker Stand

    NEW $94.95

    The On-Stage LS-SS7770 is a heavy-duty universal stand can be used as a lighting stand or a speaker stand! The On-Stage LS-SS7770 stand's 3-shaft, 2-clutch design allows for maximum height adjustments up to 10 feet and will support up to 140 lbs. The reversible top shaft design on this steel-aluminum stand may be used with either 1 3/8 or 1 1/2 inch speaker cabinets or lighting bars. The double brace leg supports, extra long legs and locking pin make this stand extremely sturdy and safe. >More


    Electro-Voice ASP-1 Subwoofer Pole

    NEW $25

    Mount the Electro-Voice ASP-1 subwoofer pole on the SB122 subwoofer to support satellite speakers up to 80 lbs. For maximum sound projection, the adjustable ASP-1 steel subwoofer stand features a height adjustment from 36" to 60" (914.4mm to 1524 mm). The stand has a durable black powdercoat finish. >More


    Hercules SS710B Gear Up Speaker Stand

    NEW $199.99

    The HERCULES Gear Up Speaker Stand SS710B features the Quick-N-EZ Gear Up System to raise and lower speakers to desired height and securely locks them in place. The SS710BB also features the EZ Adaptor pole top. >More


    On-Stage SSP7950 Aluminum Speaker Stands

    NEW $130.95

    The On-Stage SSP7950 - all-aluminum speaker stand pak includes two of On Stage stands top-selling speaker stands and their top-selling bag! The pak includes two all-aluminum, height adjustable speaker stands and one convenient carry bag that holds both stands. The all-aluminum speaker stand features a reversible upper shaft with 8 preset height adjustment holes and locking pin for added security. >More


    Odyssey LTS2X2B Tripod Speaker Stands

    NEW $79.99

    The Odyssey LTS2X2B Speaker Stand Pack comes with two Speaker stands and carrying bag for easy transport. Each Stand holds up to 120 pounds and extends to a height of up to 8 feet. >More


    Ultimate Support TS-99B TeleLock Stand

    NEW $129.99

    The Ultimate Support TeleLock Series speaker stands from Ultimate Support are extraordinarily strong yet lightweight due to its over-sized heavy wall aluminum tubing. The Ultimate Support TS-99B features everything you'd expect from an Ultimate Support speaker stand - they're strong, sturdy, lightweight, 100% field serviceable, and easy to set up and take down. >More


    Samson LS40 Lightweight Speaker Stand

    NEW $41.50
    NON-NEW $35.95

    Samson's LS40 Speaker Stand raises your music to where audiences can enjoy it to the fullest. Ideal for use with Samson Expedition Rechargeable Portable PAs (Escape, Express, XP106, XP106w), this lightweight, telescoping tripod speaker stand features a roadworthy, steel-constructed design with a sleek black finish. >More


    Electro-Voice Evolve50 Short Column Pole

    NEW $99

    This is a short column speaker pole for the Electro-Voice EVOLVE 50 PA system. Swap in this short speaker pole to replace the pole that came with your EVOLVE 50 system to create a more compact column speaker -- great for placing on a table or platform. >More


    Ultimate TS-80 Speaker Stand

    NEW $79.99

    The Ultimate TS-80 Tripod Stand features aluminum tubing and high tech finishes which makes for a durable, dependable, and lightweight tripod. >More


    Ultimate Support TS-99BL Speaker Stand

    NEW $169.99

    The TeleLock(R) Series speaker stands from Ultimate Support are extraordinarily strong yet lightweight due to its over-sized heavy wall aluminum tubing. The Ultimate Support TS99BL features everything you'd expect from an Ultimate Support speaker stand - they're strong, sturdy, lightweight, 100% field serviceable, and easy to set up and take down. >More


    Gator GFW-SPK-2000SET Speaker Stands

    NEW $119.99

    A pair of Frameworks GFW-SPK-2000 with a carry bag. >More


    QSC KLA Pole Subwoofer Satellite Pole

    NEW $29.99

    Designed to mount up to two QSC KLA12 enclosures on a KLA181 sub-woofer. Ideal mounting solution for QSC KLA systems. >More


    On-Stage SS7762B Speaker Stand

    NEW $59.95

    Lightweight, super-stable and highly adaptive, the On-Stage SS7762B speaker stand features a leveling leg for swift, secure placement on uneven surfaces -- including stairs! >More


    K&M KM21360 Ring Lock Speaker Pole

    NEW $84.99

    The K&M 21360 distance rod Ring Lock pole is a steel connecting rod for satellite systems. Both ends on on the pole fitted with a unique patented expanding mandrel system for a tight and firm fit for the base and satellite speaker. Moveable plastic splints separate the speaker from the stand creating a vibration-free connection. This pole also features an easy to use ring lock. >More

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