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    Tascam CD-A580 Cassette/CD/USB MP3

    NEW $399.99
    NON-NEW $339.95

    The Tascam CD-A580 combines a cassette recorder, CD player and USB flash drive recorder/player into a rack-mountable unit perfect for installation and professional applications. Not only compatible with the most popular types of media, the CD-A580 allows cassette tapes to be dubbed to USB media for archival. >More


    Tascam TF-2x2 Track Factory Project

    NEW $1,299.99

    A complete, preconfigured, Studio-in-a-Box, the Tascam TF-2x2 Track Factory Recording Project features an Intel NUC PC pre-loaded with Cakewalk SONAR Professional Recording Software, a Tascam US-2x2 USB Audio Interface, TASCAM TH-02 headphones and a Tascam TM-80 Condenser Microphone. >More


    Tascam TM-PC1-2 Microphone Package

    NEW $129.99

    The TM-PC1-2 Pencil Condenser Microphone Set from Tascam is a stereo pair of microphones that features a small diaphragm gold capsule with a cardioid polar pattern. The microphone is designed for vocal and instrument recording with a transformer-less design and a selectable 10 dB pad and a low-cut filter at 100 Hz. >More


    Tascam TA-1VP Vocal Processor Auto-Tune

    NEW $399.99

    The Tascam TA-1VP vocal processor was co-developed with Antares Audio Technologies to bring together everything you need for a polished, modern vocal sound. The rackmount processor includes a microphone preamp, compression, de-essing, microphone & tube modeling and Antares' world-famous Auto-Tune(TM) pitch correction. Perfect for live performance, house of worship or studio use, the TA-1VP brings your vocal sound into the 21st century. >More


    Tascam TM-80 Large Diaphragm Condenser

    NEW $69.99

    A cardioid condenser mic is the perfect all-around mic for vocal and instrument recording, and the unidirectional pickup pattern keeps the recording from sounding too ambient. The Tascam TM-80 has an 18mm aluminum diaphragm and a wide frequency response. With a maximum sound pressure rating of 136dB SPL, you can safely use the TM-80 with guitar amps, drums and other loud instruments. >More


    Tascam TH-02 Closed Back Headphones

    NEW $23.99

    The Tascam TH-02 Closed Back Studio Headphones are stylish and deliver a sound you have to hear to believe, and at a low price you can't ignore. Tascam spent over a year comparing technologies, designs and methods to provide you with an amazing priced headphone for less than a third of the cost of comparable models. >More


    Tascam BD-01U Rackmount Blu-Ray Player

    NEW $399.99

    Tascam BD-01U is a rugged, professional, single-rackspace Blu-Ray player for installation and studio use. Building on the success of the install-standard DV-D01U, the Hi-Definition player includes control via LAN, RS-232C, and an included wireless remote. >More


    Tascam TH-MX2 Closed Back Headphones

    NEW $39.99

    The Tascam TH-MX2 Closed Back Mixing Headphones are tailored perfectly for recording and mixing, but also fit nicely into everyday music listening needs. These headphones come in the industry standard black design and supply users with supreme audio quality, versatile fit and extreme comfort for long usage periods. >More


    Tascam RC-3F 3-Way Footswitch

    NEW $46.99

    The Tascam RC-3F is a 3-way footswitch for the GB-10, LR-10, DP-03 and other Tascam recorders and players. The 2.5 mm TRS plug connects with the "remote" jack of these Tascam products to add features like play/pause, looping or punch in. See the products' user manual for details. >More


    Tascam PS-P520E AC Power Adapter

    NEW $27.99

    The Tascam PS-P520E AC Power Adapter features a direct connection to over 20 of the most popular Tascam products. The PS-P520E also includes a DC to mini-USB conversion cable and a DC to micro-USB conversion cable. >More


    Tascam TM-AG1 Microphone Pop Filter

    NEW $19.99

    The Tascam TM-AG1 Microphone Pop Filter will help you tame the most explosive vocal takes. Featuring an easily adjustable gooseneck, secure mounting bracket and a specially engineered dual-screen design >More


    Tascam TM-Drums 4-Piece Drum Mic Kit

    NEW $149.99

    The Tascam TM-Drums 4-Piece Drum Microphone Kit has been created to provide the recording or live sound engineer with everything required to capture a truly inspiring soundscape. This kit includes a Kick Mic, a Snare Mic and 2 verhead Condenser mics. >More


    Tascam TM-60 Battery-Powered Condenser

    NEW $59.99

    Among the Tascam microphone series that have been tested with the Tascam products, the Tascam TM-60 Battery-Powered Condenser Small Diaphragm Microphone is the only model that does not require phantom power supply. It is optimum for the mobile environment where phantom power supplies cannot always be provided. >More


    Tascam TM-180 Large Diaphragm Mic

    NEW $129.99

    The Tascam TM-180 Large Diaphragm Studio Condenser Microphone is the standard model in the TM microphone series that have been tested with the Tascam products, specialized in the bright sound quality. In addition to this, the product includes a professional-use suspension to avoid noise mixing due to the microphone vibration during recording. >More


    Tascam AK-DR11G MKII Accessory Package

    NEW $36.99

    Complete your Tascam DR recorder with the new Tascam AK-DR11G MKII Handheld DR-Series Recording Accessory Package. >More


    Tascam TM-2X X-Y Stereo Condenser Mic

    NEW $99.99

    The Tascam TM-2X X-Y Stereo Condenser Microphone is the perfect add on for your DSLR camera. The directional condenser microphones equipped on the TM-2X are the same mics used in our highly-regarded DR-series recorders. >More


    Tascam DP-004 and DP-008 Tutorial DVD

    NEW $43.99

    The Tascam DP-004 and DP-008 Tutorial DVD is designed to be more than just a complete guide to using the DP-004 and DP-008. It teaches basic recording techniques to musicians getting their first start in recording. >More


    Tascam LA-80MKII Amplifier

    NEW $329.99

    The Tascam LA-80MKII is an eight-channel unbalanced to balanced line amplifier. The new models include a +/- 12dB trim control for better matching of levels between components. >More


    Tascam MH-8 Headphone Amplifier

    NEW $349.99

    Tascam's MH-8 is the ultimate headphone amplifier for studio, stage and installation. Each of the eight stereo outputs gets 250mW per side with three switchable sources available. Two stereo inputs can be shared to any of the outputs, and individual stereo direct inputs are available for each of the eight channels. A headphone out can select any one of these inputs, or mix several together. A set of foldback outputs allow you to chain other Tascam MH-8s into a system. >More


    Tascam RC-10 Wired Remote for DR-40

    NEW $39.99

    The Tascam RC-10 is a wired remote control for Tascam DR-40 handheld recorder. Record with ease and from up to 3 meters away with this handy remote control. >More


    Tascam BP-6AA External Battery Pack

    NEW $29.99

    The Tascam BP-6AA is an external battery pack for TASCAM handheld recorders. It mounts to the bottom of your handheld recorder using a tripod screw and powers the handheld recorder through the USB cable. Since the BP-6AA itself also has a tripod connector, it can be mounted to a desktop stand. >More


    Tascam WS-11 Windscreen for DR-Series

    NEW $31.99

    The Tascam WS-11 Windscreen for DR-Series Handheld Recorders uses artificial fur to block even the highest wind gusts from the internal mics of TASCAM recorders. The windscreen works in both XY and AB position. >More


    Tascam TMST1 Stereo Microphone

    NEW $39.99

    Tascam's new TMST1 is a stereo microphone with stereo pattern switching. The recorder can select between 90 and 120 degree pickup to capture more ambience or to reduce background noise. The mid-side design captures a wide stereo field while maintaining a solid center image. >More


    Tascam TM-280 Large Diaphragm Studio Mic

    NEW $249.99

    Tascam's TM-280 Studio Condenser Microphone has been designed to capture each and every nuance of your performance faithfully and accurately. Featuring a switchable high pass filter and a 10dB pad, this large diaphragm condenser microphone is sensitive enough for the most demanding acoustic sessions while being robust enough to handle the most powerful rock and roll. >More


    Tascam RC-SS20 Direct Play Remote for SS

    NEW $899.99

    The Tascam RC-SS20 Direct Play Remote controls the SS-CDR200, SS-R200, HS-8 and HD-R1 solid-state recorders. A panel of 20 illuminated buttons provides instant access to tracks on TASCAM recorders. >More


    Tascam RC-20 Direct Play Remote

    NEW $199.99

    The Tascam RC-20 Direct Play 20-Button Remote brings instant playback through flash start to the CD-500 or CD-500B - the only CD players available with flash start capability. A set of 20 pushbuttons on the remote play the first 20 tracks on a CD when plugged into the remote jack on the CD-500 or 500B. >More


    Tascam PSPS5 9VDC Power Supply

    NEW $19.99

    Save your batteries! This is the proper 9V DC power supply adapter for Tascam's CDVT1, CDGT1, CDBT1mkII, and PortaStudio 5. The CD Trainers may be powered by this adapter or 4 "AA" batteries. >More


    Tascam LA-MC1 Out

    NEW $129.99

    The optional LA-MC1 balanced analog input/output board can be installed into an MD-CD1 to enable it to be used in a balanced system. >More


    Tascam LA-81MKII Amplifier

    NEW $329.99

    The Tascam LA-81mkIII Line Amplifier converts eight channels of balanced to unbalanced audio. The new models include a +/- 12dB trim control for better matching of levels between components. >More


    Tascam LA-40MKIII Converter

    NEW $299.99

    The Tascam LA-40mkIII Line Level Converter has four channels of unbalanced to balanced and another four channels of balanced to unbalanced out. The new models include a +/- 12dB trim control for better matching of levels between components. A signal present LED proves useful during system design and troubleshooting. >More


    Tascam Cascade Cable for CD-RW901SL

    NEW $19.99 - $27.99

    Sync your Tascam CD-RW901SL up with a Tascam Cascade Cable. The CR-123A allows 3 recorders to be sync'd and the CR-12A allows for 2 recorders to be sync'd up. >More


    Tascam BPL2 Battery Pack

    NEW $39.99

    The Tascam BPL2 Lithium Ion Battery Pack lets you record approximately 7 hours in MP3 format using the internal microphones (varies with operating conditions). The Tascam BPL2 is rechargeable. >More


    Tascam AK-DR70C Accessory Pack for DR-70

    NEW $49.99

    When filming outdoors, even slight breezes can cause mics to pick up wind noise. Now you can physically prevent this noise with the Tascam AK-DR70C Accessory Pack for DR-70D and DR-701D. >More


    Tascam AK-DR11C Accessory Package

    NEW $36.99

    The Tascam AK-DR11C Handheld DR-series DSLR Filmmaking Accessory Package includes and attenuator cable for optimum audio connection to camera. The DR-series recorders have a higher signal than most cameras' are designed to take. >More

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