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    Vater Hickory Drumsticks

    NEW $7.50 - $22.99

    Hickory is the most popular wood used for making drumsticks. Hickory is denser, heavier and more rigid than Maple. Hickory can also absorb a great amount of shock, which reduces hand and wrist fatigue. >More


    Vater Power Hickory Drumsticks

    NEW $7.50 - $7.99

    Hickory is the most popular wood used for making drumsticks. Hickory is denser, heavier and more rigid than Maple. Hickory can also absorb a great amount of shock, which reduces hand and wrist fatigue. >More


    Vater Power Hickory Acorn Drumsticks

    NEW $7.50 - $7.99

    Vater Power Hickory Acorn Drumsticks feature the same specs as the popular Power 5A model but with a classic acorn style tip for a full and broader cymbal and drum tone. >More


    Vater Extended Play Drumsticks

    NEW $12.99 - $13.10

    The Vater Extended Play Series is an extremely durable drumstick that has two distinct features; The first feature is a pearl-colored, specially formulated durable finish that protects the tip and shoulder area of the stick from early chipping and cracking. The second feature is our exclusive 3 inch "Stick Shield "located in the rimshot area that is highly impact resistant and 8X stronger than Steel with maximum tensile strength. >More


    Vater Vintage Bomber Bass Drum Beater

    NEW $19.99

    The Vintage Bomber was designed in collaboration with Otis Brown III, drummer for Jazz Great Joe Lovano. The Vintage Bomber was conceived and designed to replicate the soft but boomy bass drum tones of the great jazz era. >More


    Vater Sugar Maple Drumsticks (Pair)

    NEW $7.99

    Vater Sugar Maple Drumsticks feature a small round tip for highly defined and clean cymbal tones. Very well balanced stick. Great for jazz or lighter playing. >More


    Vater Gospel Hickory Drumsticks (Pair)

    NEW $7.99

    The Vater Gospel drumsticks are just under a traditional 5A but with a 1/2" extra length. A comfortable grip size and weight for low to mid volume situations. Barrel style tip gives this stick great playability. >More


    Vater Grip Tape (4-Pack)

    NEW $6.75

    Vater's linen-based Grip Tape is durable, absorbent and dries quickly, while offering a very comfortable grip. Each package contains 4 reusable grips to wrap 2 pairs of sticks. >More


    Vater Sugar Maple Sweet Ride Drumsticks

    NEW $7.99

    A touch under a 7A in diameter, Vater Sugar Maple Sweet Ride Drumsticks feature an extra small round tip that provides outstanding clarity on ride cymbals. Its great for jazz drummers. >More


    Vater Back Pack Cymbal Bag

    NEW $34.99

    The Vater Back Pack cymbal bag is a heavy duty bag that features comfortable shoulder straps, soft cymbal dividers and a large rectangular outside pocket that is perfect for storing your stick bag and other accessories. >More


    Vater Sugar Maple Drumsticks

    NEW $7.99

    These Vater Sugar Maple Drumsticks feature a beefed up neck diameter for power and durability. It also has an acorn style tip for broad, full sounds. It is a very responsive stick. >More


    Vater Buzz Kill Drum Dampening Gels

    NEW $6.99

    The Buzzkill is Vater's advancement into muffling technology. Unlike muffling-rings which have a tendency to fall off, or internal mufflers which rattle and squeak, the Buzzkill provides easily adjustable and solid muffling. >More


    Vater West Side Hickory Drumsticks

    NEW $7.50

    The Vater West Side is a real unique sounding stick. The grip size measures comfortably in-between a 5A and 5B. >More


    Vater Morgan Rose Alien Freak Drumsticks

    NEW $8.25

    A truly unique model with no taper or tip made from "dark" hickory. This double butt-end stick has no finish or lacquer, which leaves a comfortable sanded finish. The Alien Freak design, weight and size gives a powerful and solid feel with a huge amount of volume from around the kit. >More


    Vater Power Extended Play Drumsticks

    NEW $12.99 - $13.10

    The Vater R&D Team introduces a new innovation in drumsticks that guarantees increased durability and no breakage due to wear in the rimshot area. >More


    Vater Xtreme Design Hickory Drumsticks

    NEW $7.50 - $7.99

    Vater Xtreme Design Hickory Drumsticks are just over a traditional 5B in the grip with a heavier taper for solid feel. >More


    Vater Sizzle Timpani/Drumset Mallets

    NEW $17.50

    Vater Sizzle Timpani/Drumset Cymbal Mallets are an ultra staccato mallet and drumstick all in one. Maple Blazer stick for light weight and warm cymbal sounds. >More


    Vater Bamboo Splashsticks (Pair)

    NEW $15.99

    Same physical design as Vater's original Splashstick, but constructed from Bamboo dowels. The Bamboo offers superb durability and some added weight for a solid feel, without excess volume. >More


    Vater MVT1 Clear Lexan Tenor Mallets

    NEW $21.99

    Vater MVT1 Clear Lexan Tenor Mallets provide full, ultra-staccato sounds with great projection to cut though. >More


    Vater Clamp-On Drink Holder

    NEW $10.99

    Vater's Drink Holder features the same metal design and fastening system as their popular stick holders for supreme durability. >More


    Vater Josh Freese H220 Drumsticks (Pair)

    NEW $8.75

    Vater Josh Freese H220 Drumsticks are between a 5A & 5B, with a quick taper and heavy shoulder. A bit more weight up top for a solid feel, great response and durability, yet still sensitive enough for lighter playing. >More


    Vater Hard Felt Bass Drum Beater

    NEW $18.50

    The Vater Hard Felt Bass Drum Beater has a high density felt head, great for low-end tones and volume. >More


    Vater Safe and Sound Ear Plugs

    NEW $13.99

    Ear Protection for all musicians. Includes two filter styles for different levels of hearing protection. Also includes pouch for safe storing when not in use. >More


    Vater Wire Tap Fixed Drumstick Brush

    NEW $15.99

    Versatility of a drumstick and a wire brush all in one. Drumstick end has a 5A tip. Non-retractable. >More


    Vater Whips Multi-Rod Sticks

    NEW $15.99

    Vater Whips are polybristles that pack more punch than a brush but without the volume of a drumstick. Each of Vater's Specialty Sticks were conceived and designed to cover as many different sound and feel variations as possible. These models are perfect for drummers & percussionists who often find themselves having to "tone it down." >More


    Vater MVT2XL Tenor Mallets (Pair)

    NEW $21.99

    Vater MVT2XL Tenor Mallets feature a clear Lexan head for full, ultra-staccato sound. >More


    Vater Mike Johnston 2451 Drumsticks

    NEW $8.75

    A great all-around design that can be used in any musical style. It has a grip size between a 5A and 5B with a gradual taper to a barrel tip for ride cymbal definition. The gradual taper gives the model a fantastic and quick feel around the kit. >More


    Vater Stick And Finger Grip Tape

    NEW $4.99

    Vater's Stick & Finger Tape is the world's first drumming tape to be designed for use on both sticks and fingers. The tape helps prevent blisters and hand fatigue, while still allowing a sense of "feel" to maximize dexterity and grip. Unlike the commonly used First Aid Tape, when wrapped properly Vater's Stick & Finger Tape will not unravel from sticks or fingers because of it's self-cohesive design. One roll will wrap approximately 5 pairs of sticks. >More


    Vater Cajon Brush

    NEW $18.99

    A great sounding brush/stick element for use on Cajon drums and world drumming instruments. Made of wavy polymer strands for a great sound. >More


    Vater 8mm Quick-Release Wing Nut

    NEW $9.75

    Unlike the traditional wing nut, the Slick Nut doesn't need to be threaded on or off and won't loosen or fall off while you play. Simply hold in the fastening button, put Slick Nut on cymbal stand to desired tightness and release button. >More


    Vater MVT6 Timpani Mallets (Pair)

    NEW $22.99

    Vater MVT6 Timpani Mallets are medium soft multi-purpose mallets with a tapered shaft. >More


    Vater Mike Johnston 2451 Sugar Maple

    NEW $8.75

    Vater Mike Johnston 2451 sugar maple drumsticks are perfect for lower volume and lesson-room-type settings. >More


    Vater 1/2 Hickory Timbale Sticks

    NEW $3.99

    These Vater VHT1/2 traditional Timbale sticks are made from Hickory. >More


    Vater MVT3 Timpani Mallets (Pair)

    NEW $22.99

    Vater MVT3 Timpani Mallets feature a hard felt tip that produces the clearest rhythmic timbre. >More


    Vater Stretch Hickory Drumsticks

    NEW $7.99

    A long version of a traditional 7A for some extra reach. Small Acorn tip for warm cymbal tones. Great for a variety of drumming applications. >More


    Vater Matrix Hickory Small Barrel Sticks

    NEW $7.50

    The Matrix measures out as a 5A in the grip with a gradual taper to a small barrel tip for extreme cymbal clarity. >More


    Vater Single Pair Clamp-On Stick Holder

    NEW $12.50

    The Vater Single Pair Drum Stick Holder features a unique clamp-style fastening system and is adjusted by an easy to turn knob. Depots are adjustable for infinite angle adjustment of the sticks. Because of the fastening system, you won't find Vater's Stick Holders falling off your cymbal stands, which is a very common problem with other brands Stick Holders. >More


    Vater Monster Brush

    NEW $16.99

    Designed in collaboration with New York based Vater Artist La Frae Olivia Sci, the Monster Brush is a versatile specialty brush that can be adjusted to provide the subtlety and swish of a brush or a "stick like" feel for a fat backbeat without a ton of volume. >More


    Vater Wire Tap Fixed Wood Handle Brushes

    NEW $15.99

    The Vater Wire Tap is a non-retractable wire brush with 5A sized wooden grip. Features a metal rivet at butt end for cymbal scrapes. >More


    Vater MV8 Marching Snare & Tenor Sticks

    NEW $7.50

    Vater MV8 Marching Snare and Tenor Drumsticks feature a medium taper adding a little extra weight in the shoulder and a rounded acorn tip to provide great rebound and a full sound. >More

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