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    RF Venue DISTRO4 UHF Antenna System

    NEW $499

    DISTRO4 distributes diversity RF and DC power across four wireless microphone receivers of any brand. A true "distribution amplifier," DISTRO4 splits signals from two antennas (or one Diversity Fin) connected to the rear panel and amplifies them before delivering the signals to multiple receivers in a rack. >More


    Sennheiser ASA1/NT Antenna Splitter

    NEW $579

    Wideband active antenna splitter, with DC power distribution for evolution wireless G3 receivers. Includes required NT 1-1 US power supply and eight (8) 20" BNC cables for connection to up to four (4) diversity receivers. >More


    Shure SB902 Rechargeable Battery

    NEW $29.99


    The Shure SB902 Rechargeable Battery was designed for Shure GLX-D Wireless Transmitters. The lithium-ion battery serves as a replacement or a spare battery to charge while using the system. >More


    RF Venue DFin Diversity Fin Antenna

    NEW $415

    The patented Diversity Fin antenna is the flagship RF Venue product. It's portable, simple to operate, compatible with any brand, and pushes diversity microphone systems to perform their best in the toughest RF environments. >More


    Shure UA846Z2 GLX-D Frequency Manager

    NEW $494
    NON-NEW $444.95

    The Shure UA846Z2 GLX-D Frequency Manager is used to connect up to 6 GLXD4R rack-mountable receivers per frequency manager. Get improved channel count over GLX-D systems with up to 9 systems in typical environments (11 under optimal conditions). >More


    Rode RodeLink TX-XLR Transmitter

    NEW $299

    The Rode RodeLink TX-XLR is a wireless XLR transmitter for the RodeLink digital wireless system. >More


    Sennheiser DC2 DC Power Adapter

    NEW $69.95

    The Sennheiser DC2 is a DC power adapter for ew G2/G3 and 2000 Series wireless bodypack transmitters. Use this DC power adapter instead of two AA batteries to power your Sennheiser SK/EK 100 G2, SK/EK 500 G2, SK 300 G2, or SK/EK 2000 bodypack transmitter from the DC power outlet on a camcorder. >More


    Shure PA805Z2-RSMA Antenna for GLX-D

    NEW $269

    The Shure PA805Z2-RSMA Passive Directional Antenna both improves reception of transmitter signals and minimizes interference from any 2.4 GHz sources near receivers. A key part of any GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless installation, PA805Z2-RSMA works exclusively with GLX-D Advanced. Includes 10' RSMA cable. >More


    Shure URT2 Rack Tray

    NEW $29.95


    The Shure URT2 is a Universal Rack Tray that allows you to mount your tabletop BLX or GLX-D wireless system into a rack for easy transport. >More


    Alto Professional Stealth Expander

    NEW $199

    The easy-to-use Stealth Wireless system from Alto Professional replaces hundreds of feet of audio cable with a reliable wireless connection. Grow your Stealth Wireless system with the handy Expander Pack, containing two additional single channel receivers. >More


    Samson PA1 Active Antennas

    NEW $195.95

    The Samson PA1 Active Unidirectional Antennas are log-periodic dipole array (LPDA) antennas that are designed to improve wireless reception. The PA1s allow you to focus the pickup pattern towards the desired coverage area, increasing the overall range of your wireless system and reducing unwanted RF from surrounding locations/sources. >More


    Shure WA582B Body Pack Gtr Strap Pouch

    NEW $15

    The Shure WA582B is a guitar strap pouch for the GLXD1 and other similar size body pack transmitters. Keep your transmitter secure and easily accessible with handy pouch. >More


    Sennheiser A2003-UHF Wideband Antenna

    NEW $279.95

    Passive directional antenna. Transmitting and receiving antenna. Frequency range: 450-960 MHz Apex angle: approx. 100-degree Front-to-back ratio: = 14 dB. >More


    Shure WA621 Color ID Caps for BLX2

    NEW $13.95


    Use Shure WA621 Color ID Caps with all Shure BLX2 Handheld Transmitters. The battery cup of your BLX handheld transmitter locks these ID caps securely in place. >More


    Sennheiser NT 2-3 Power Supply for G3

    NEW $19.95

    The Sennheiser NT 2-3 power supply adapter is designed to power stationary receivers and transmitters from the Sennheiser Evolution Wireless G3 series. This adapter comes with both US and UK country-specific plugs. >More


    Shure Reverse SMA Cable for GLX-D

    NEW $19 - $239

    The Shure Reverse SMA Cable for GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless Systems is a high quality cable that allows you to place your antennas in alternate locations other than the back of the receiver. This Shure Reverse SMA cables are offered in a variety of lengths. >More


    Sennheiser B10 AA Battery Sled for AVX

    NEW $25.92

    The Sennheiser B10 AA battery sled fits the Sennheiser Evolution Wireless D1 SKM handheld, SpeechLine Digital Wireless SL Handheld DW & AVX SKM AVX-835 transmitters. >More


    Shure UA8-2.4GHZ Antenna For GLX-D

    NEW $45

    The Shure UA8-2.4GHZ 1/2-Wave Antenna is designed for the GLX-D wireless receivers. Keep the signal strong with this antenna that is also adjustable up to 45 degrees to fit in your rack-mount system. >More


    Shure UA505-RSMA Wall Mount

    NEW $35

    The Shure UA505-RSMA Remote Antenna Mounting Bracket Kit lets you mount an antenna away from the receiver or equipment rack. >More


    Shure Reverse SMA Antenna Splitter

    NEW $239

    The Shure UA221-RSMA is a Reverse SMA Passive Antenna Splitter. This unit works with the GLX-D Advanced Digital Wireless Systems. >More


    Sennheiser L2015 Charging Station

    NEW $159.95

    The Sennheiser L 2015 Charging Station features two charging bays for recharging two Sennheiser BA 2015 rechargeable battery packs. The L2015 can charge a pair of BA2015s directly, or via the external contacts on Sennheiser's evolution wireless G3, ew 300/500 G2, 2000 Series and System 2015 bodypack units. >More


    Sennheiser BA2015G2 Battery Pack

    NEW $83.95

    The Sennheiser BA2015G2 is a rechargeable battery pack for the Sennheiser G2 and G3 series wireless systems (transmitter and receiver). The battery features two rechargeable NiMH cells and is inserted into the battery compartment instead of two standard AA cells. >More


    Sennheiser B30 AA Battery Sled for SK

    NEW $34.25

    The Sennheiser B30 is a replacement on-hand AA Battery Sled to make sure you can always stay active and performing. >More


    Sennheiser AB3 Antenna Booster Module

    NEW $159.95

    Designed for the upgraded performance characteristics of ew G3 receivers. Compensates for RF losses through remote antenna cables. Power pick-up over the ASA 1/NT 1-1 through the BNC cable. >More


    Sennheiser A1031-U Passive Omni Antenna

    NEW $159.95

    Passive omni-directional antenna. For transmission and reception. Frequency response 450 - 960 MHz. For use with Sennheiser Wireless. >More


    Sennheiser Power Supply for ASA1 & L2015

    NEW $83.95

    Power supply for ASA1 active splitter and L2015 charging station. >More


    Rode RodeLink TX-Belt Wireless Beltpack

    NEW $249

    The Rode RodeLink TX-Belt is a beltpack wireless transmitter for the RodeLink digital wireless system. >More


    Rode RodeLink RX-CAM Wireless Receiver

    NEW $249

    The Rode RodeLink RX-CAM is a camera-mounted wireless receiver for the RodeLink digital wireless system. >More

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