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    Yamaha YKA7500 X-Style Keyboard Stand

    NEW $79.95

    This heavy-duty professional stand is ideally suited for supporting Yamaha Synthesizers and Keyboards. A unique adjustable top provides extra support for unusually deep designs, making it perfect for keeping a large variety of keyboards securely in place. Large rubber feet keep this keyboard stand extremely stable. >More


    Yamaha PKBB1 Keyboard Bench

    NEW $36.99

    The PKBB1 offers lasting comfort and a reputation as one of Yamaha's top-selling benches. Its ultra-thick padding and extra-wide single seat assures the utmost comfort for hours of music enjoyment. With a definitive black finish and a soft padded seat, this bench is fully adjustable for individual comfort and folds up for your traveling convenience. >More


    Yamaha PKBX2 X-Style Keyboard Stand

    NEW $32.99

    The Yamaha PKBX2 is an adjustable x-style stand. It features 6 lockable heights and features double-braced sides for a sturdier design than most stands. >More


    Yamaha FC4A Piano-Style Sustain Pedal

    NEW $29.99

    The FC4A is a rugged, piano-style footswitch for sustain and other momentary (on/off) functions. Works with all Yamaha instruments that have a sustain pedal input. >More


    Yamaha PA-130 AC Power Adapter

    NEW $14.95

    Don't gamble with your musical instrument. Use only a genuine Yamaha power adapter. The PA130 adapter replaces the PA3C and is environmentally friendly by reducing the power when the musical instrument is turned off, saving you money! So don't get caught losing that #1 hit song you just wrote. Plug it in! The PA130 is designed to eliminate your constant need for fresh batteries by using efficient AC operation. >More


    Yamaha BB1 Keyboard Bench

    NEW $79.99
    NON-NEW $54.95

    The Yamaha BB1 Padded Wood Bench features quality wood construction. It's very affordable, yet elegant for seasoned pianists. The thick, padded seat features a leather touch and strategic air vent offering preservation against normal wear, and is beautiful when paired with any digital piano or keyboard. >More


    Yamaha L-125 Wooden Furniture Stand

    NEW $99.99
    NON-NEW $89.95

    The L125 is a wooden furniture stand for the Yamaha P125. It is compatible with the LP1 3-pedal unit. >More


    Yamaha PA-150 Power Adapter

    NEW $18.99

    Don't gamble with your musical instrument. Use only a genuine Yamaha power adapter. The PA150 adapter replaces the PA5D and is environmentally friendly by reducing the power when the musical instrument is turned off; saving you money! >More


    Yamaha FL512M 512MB Expansion Board

    NEW $149.99
    NON-NEW $142.95

    The Yamaha FL512M is a 512MB Flash Board for your MOTIF XF, MOXF6, MOXF8, Tyros 4 or Tyros 5 which instantly enhances your playing experience. Because the 512MB Flash Board is flash memory, once you turn on your MOTIF XF, MOXF6, MOXF8, Tyros 4 or Tyros 5, any sounds you've loaded into memory will show up right away. >More


    Yamaha LP-1 3 Pedal Unit for P-125

    NEW $74.99
    NON-NEW $64.95

    3-Pedal Unit for Yamaha P125B Digital Piano. Compatible with L125B Furniture Stand. >More


    Yamaha L85 Keyboard Stand

    NEW $99.99
    NON-NEW $89.95

    The Yamaha L85 stand is a great platform for the Yamaha P-85, P-95 or P-105 digital piano. It's compatible with the optional LP5/LP5A pedal unit (sold separately). Yamaha keyboard sold separately. >More


    Yamaha YSCMOXF8 MX88 Padded Bag

    NEW $119.99

    A zippered, padded bag with wheels for Yamaha MOXF8 or MX88. Keep your instrument safe from life on the road or safely stored in your home. >More


    Yamaha FC5 Footswitch-Style Pedal

    NEW $18.99

    Can be utilized as a sustain foot pedal or FS controller in synthesizers, tone modules and drum machines equipped with 1/4 in. phone plug. The FC5 has a 5 ft. cable which connects to a 1/4 in. phone plug. This pedal works with any keyboard utilizing a sustain pedal with 1/4 in. connector. >More


    Yamaha FC3A Piano-Style Sustain Pedal

    NEW $42.99

    The Yamaha FC3A is a rugged, piano-style foot pedal for sustain and other continuous controller functions. A foot pedal for use with digital pianos, keyboards, synthesizers, and stage pianos, the FC3A is compatible with half-pedaling functions, allowing detailed, expressive performance. >More


    Yamaha LP-7A Three Pedal System

    NEW $74.99
    NON-NEW $67.95

    The Yamaha LP-7A pedal unit has three foot pedals that produce a range of expressive effects similar to those produced by the pedals on an acoustic piano. The expressive effects are controlled by the damper, soft, and sostenuto pedals including half damper effect which produces a more realistic control over the sustained sound. Perfect for piano players and music students. >More


    Yamaha NY64D Dante Expansion Card

    NEW $399.99

    The Yamaha NY64-D is an I/O expansion card for TF series consoles that allows transmission and reception of up to 128 channels (64 in/64 out) of uncompressed 48 kHz 24-bit digital audio data via a Dante audio network. >More


    Yamaha UD-BT01 MIDI Adapter

    NEW $49.99
    NON-NEW $47.95

    Set your music free with wireless MIDI connectivity with the Yamaha UD-BT01, a Bluetooth wireless MIDI adaptor for connecting instruments with a USB TO HOST terminal to your iOS devices (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch) or Mac. >More


    Yamaha L3C Bolt-On Keyboard Stand

    NEW $29.95

    This stand was specifically fashioned to bolt directly to many of Yamaha's PSR-E, YPT, NP and NP-V Piaggero and EZ keyboards. >More


    Yamaha WB2 Keyboard Bench

    NEW $69.99

    The Yamaha WB2 bench is designed to match the DGX505 keyboard, but it is a sophisticated accompaniment to any instrument. Quality wood construction and a natural finish make this bench an exceptional choice for sturdy support and classical style. The thick padded seat and strategic air vent offer comfort and preservation against usual wear and tear. >More


    Yamaha GNS-MS01 Speaker System for Genos

    NEW $299.99

    The Yamaha GNS-MS01 Speaker System is a high quality 2.1 speaker system that's designed specially for the Genos Digital Workstation. >More


    Yamaha PKBS1 Adjustable X-Style Stand

    NEW $24.99

    This sturdy adjustable X-style keyboard stand offers rock-solid support at an affordable price. A circular locking mechanism allows for adjustment to a half-dozen heights for greater playing comfort. >More


    Yamaha L-255 Keyboard Stand for P-255

    NEW $129.99
    NON-NEW $90.95

    The L-255 from Yamaha is a matching stand that transforms the P-255 digital piano into an elegant, ultra-compact piano replacement, suitable for any room display. >More


    Yamaha L-515 Stand for P-515

    NEW $129.99

    The Yamaha L-515 is a matching wooden furniture stand for the Yamaha P515 Digital Piano. The L-515 is fully compatible with Yamaha LP1 3-Pedal unit. >More


    Yamaha YMR-04 Music Rest for CP73 CP88

    NEW $79.99

    The Yamaha YMR-04 is a specially-designed music rest for the CP series. This music rest works with the CP73, CP88, CP300 and is also compatible with the discontinued CP4 STAGE, CP40 STAGE, CP5 and CP50. >More


    Yamaha FC7 Volume Foot Control Pedal

    NEW $39

    Heavy-duty foot controller with "fortissimo function," which enables you to accent certain parts of your performance. Adjustable pedal angle, spring point adjustment and metal connection plate for multiple pedal "ganging." The FC7 features a 5 ft. cable to 1/4 in. phone jack. >More


    Yamaha LP-255 3-Pedal for P-255

    NEW $89.99
    NON-NEW $64.95

    The Yamaha LP-255 is a 3-pedal unit for the P-255 digital piano. Requires L-255 furniture stand. >More


    Yamaha SKB-2 Survival Kit

    NEW $34.99

    The Yamaha SKB2 contains everything you need to make using your Yamaha portable keyboard just that much more enjoyable. Every box contains a power adaptor, a foot switch, headphones, and digital owner's manuals and information on other Yamaha products. >More


    Yamaha RK1 Rack Ears for the MX124

    NEW $29.99

    Mount your Yamaha MX124, 03D or 01V mixer ssecurely in a rack with this custom-made hardware from Yamaha. When mounted in this kit, the MX12/4 faces the front for easy access to all of the controls. A tip: leave an open rack space above the MX12/4 and route all of the cables out of your way and to the rest of your rack. >More


    Yamaha M770 Mixer Stand for Stagepas

    NEW $39.99

    Position your mixer where you need it the most. This tripod stand with adapter supports MG102C, MG82CX, Stagepas 400i and Stagepas 600i mixers. >More


    Yamaha SKD2 Survival Kit

    NEW $39.99

    The Yamaha SKD2 Survival Kit contains everything you need to make using your Yamaha portable keyboard just that much more enjoyable >More


    Yamaha L-121 Stand for Yamaha P121

    NEW $89.99

    The Yamaha L-121 is a matching wooden furniture stand for the Yamaha P121 Digital Piano. This is compatible with LP1 3-Pedal Unit. >More


    Yamaha RK-EMX7 Rackmount Kit

    NEW $49.99

    Mount your EMX5 or EMX7 mixer onto a 19-inch rack by using the RK-EMX7 by Yamaha. >More


    Yamaha HW3 Light Duty Hardware Pack

    NEW $399.99

    This Yamaha HW3 is an advanced lightweight hardware set that is the result of research and development conducted with artists and designers who determined just how light a hardware stand can be without sacrificing the durability and strength drummers have come to expect from Yamaha hardware. >More


    Yamaha PKBZ1 Adjustable Z-Style Stand

    NEW $49.99

    Players who require extra support for energetic performances find rocksolid support with PKBZ1. The width and height adjustments on the ultraversatile PKBZ1 are independent of each other, providing improved stability over a single-braced X-Style stand. >More


    Yamaha SKC-2 Survival Kit

    NEW $37.99
    NON-NEW $33.95

    The Yamaha SKC2 contains everything you need to make using your Yamaha portable keyboard just that much more enjoyable. Every box contains a power adaptor, headphones, and a DVD with tons of learn to play software, digital owner's manuals and information on other Yamaha products. Plus, you also receive a two-year extended warranty and over $200 of rebate coupons on great Yamaha instruments and accessories. >More


    Yamaha RK-EMX2 Rackmount Kit for EMX2

    NEW $49.99

    Secure your EMX2 mixer with this rack mount kit by Yamaha. The optional RK-EMX2 rackmount kit allows the EMX2 unit to be added to a rack configuration or and existing installed application. >More


    Yamaha L-7B Stand for Genos Arranger Workstation

    NEW $239.99

    The Yamaha L-7B Stand for Genos Arranger Workstation is the best stand for your Yamaha Digital Workstation. >More

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