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    ZVEX Fuzz Factory 7 Russian Fuzz Pedal

    NEW $469

    The ZVEX FF7 Russian is another variation of our continuing Fuzz Factory series. This version features a pair of GT308V Russian Germanium Transistors. The Fuzz Factory 7 features a 9-position rotary sub switch that opens the pedal up to an astounding new bottom end as well as thin, reedy fuzzes. >More


    ZVEX Vexter Instant Lo-Fi Junky Chorus

    NEW $239

    The Vexter Instant Lo-Fi Junky is a composite pedal of sorts. Any of you who've heard the sound of the Lo-Fi Loop Junky will understand this pedal immediately -- its purpose is to imitate that sound in real time. >More


    ZVEX Vibrophase Phaser Pedal

    NEW $269

    The ZVEX Vibrophase is a five-knob, four-stage analog phaser. It is a condensed "pedal" version of the Candela Vibrophase, a unique solid brass art sculpture / effects unit, which is entirely powered by a single tea light candle. >More


    ZVEX Vertical Vexter Fuzz Factory Pedal

    NEW $199

    This is a vertically oriented version of ZVEX's most famous pedal, the Fuzz Factory. It's the same five-knob fuzz (using two new old-stock sixties germanium transistors) as the original. >More


    ZVEX Vexter Double Rock Distortion Boost

    NEW $259

    The Vexter ZVEX Vexter Double Rock pedal was originally designed for J.Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. He requested two Box of Rock pedals in one large box with two stomp switches. >More


    ZVEX Vexter Sonar Tremolo Pedal

    NEW $249

    The ZVEX Vexter Sonar is a "tremolo" pedal, but this one's different. This unit has the ability to chop up any signal you send into or out of it. Unlike most other tremolos, it can cut down your high gain signal to silence. >More


    ZVEX Vexter Super Hard On Boost Pedal

    NEW $139.95

    The ZVEX Vexter Super Hard On is the perfect preamp pedal. The "Crackle Okay" volume knob is a negative-feedback control styled after classic 60's recording console inputs (which also crackled when turned). >More


    ZVEX Vexter Fuzz Factory Pedal

    NEW $199

    The ZVEX Vexter Fuzz Factory Pedal is a five-knob fuzz using two old-stock sixties germanium transistors. The circuit is not modeled after any classic fuzz design, but should have been around when Leary was still lucid. >More


    ZVEX Vexter Fat Fuzz Factory Germanium

    NEW $219
    NON-NEW $186.95

    The ZVEX Vexter Fat Fuzz Factory is a take on the original company flagship pedal the Fuzz Factory. The Fat Fuzz Factory features a sub switch that opens the pedal up to astounding bottom end. >More


    ZVEX Vertical Vexter Box of Rock

    NEW $219
    NON-NEW $185.95

    The ZVEX Vertical Vexter Box of Rock is an "amp in a box" style distortion pedal designed to simulate the "everything-on-10" sound of a classic Marshall JTM45 non-master-volume amplifier. >More


    ZVEX Channel 2 Boost Pedal

    NEW $89

    The ZVEX Channel 2 has two knobs. One controls Master Volume. The Gain control sweeps from unity to +24dB. The Gain control adjusts both the gain and DC bias on the MOSFET transistor at the same time. This causes a rushing noise when adjusted, it is perfectly normal behavior. >More


    ZVEX 59 Sound Vertical Overdrive Pedal

    NEW $219

    The ZVEX '59 Sound is a dual pedal. The right channel is an amp in the box style circuit we designed to emulate the classic Fender 1959 Tweed Bassman. The left channel is a post gain unity-to-50X gain booster. >More


    ZVEX Vextron Mastotron Silicon Fuzz

    NEW $159

    The ZVEX Vextron Series Mastotron is a five knob heavy silicon fuzz. The design includes a couple of unusual features: source impedance control, subs control, and pulse width control. >More


    ZVEX Vexter Distortion Pedal

    NEW $159

    The ZVEX Vexter Distortion Pedal pedal is a modified version of the famouse Box of Rock's Distortron Engine pedal. Added features include a gain boost switch for added sizzle and a sub control switch with 3 levels. >More

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