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    Zoom EXH-6 H6 Dual XLR/TRS Input Capsule

    NEW $79.99

    The Zoom EXH-6 Dual XLR-TRS Input Capsule for H5 and H6 Recorders provides additional inputs for your Zoom digital recorder. >More


    Zoom APH-6 H6 Accessory Package

    NEW $59.99

    The Zoom APH-6 Accessory Pack for H6 Digital Recorder is a must-have for any owner of the incredible Zoom H6. >More


    Zoom SGH-6 H6 Microphone

    NEW $129.99
    NON-NEW $116.95

    The Zoom SGH-6 Hyper Directional Shotgun Mic will change the way you think about recording forever. Designed to work with the Zoom H5 or H6 recorder, this shotgun mic turns your H5/H6 into the ideal camera-mounted mic for interviews, documentary production, ENG, and more. >More


    Zoom Q2NAP Q2N Accessory Package

    NEW $49.99

    The AP-Q2n is an accessory pack for the Zoom Q2n Handy Video Recorder that maximizes your video recording experience. It offers you a variety of recording tools so you can be prepared whenever creativity strikes. >More


    Zoom PCF-8 Protective Bag for F8

    NON-NEW $134.95

    The Zoom PCF-8 protective case is the perfect production accessory for the ZOOM F8 MultiTrack Field Recorder. The lightweight and versatile bag offers top, side, and bottom access to the unit. >More


    Zoom MSM-1 Microphone Stand Mount

    NEW $39.99

    The Zoom MSM-1 Mic Stand Mount can be used to mount your Zoom Q4 or Q8 to any mic stand or other tube. It can also be used with any three prong action camera mount. >More


    Zoom ZTPS-3 Tripod Stand For Recorders

    NEW $16

    The Zoom TPS-3 Tripod Stand is compatible with any Zoom audio or video recorders. Use it to record video with your Q2n, capture spatial audio for VR with your H2n, or mounting an H4n Pro during a podcast or performance. No matter the project at hand, the three-legged TPS-3 provides the flexibility and support you need to get the perfect angle or shot. >More


    Zoom PCF4 Protective Case F4 Recorder

    NEW $89.95

    If you record with a ZOOM F4 or F8 and need an easy way to carry it with your other gear, then the Zoom PCF-4 Protective Case is an essential for you to have in the field. Durable and lightweight, this water-resistant protective case is suitable for any indoor or outdoor environment. It offers top, side, and bottom access to the unit as well as a clear-windowed top cover so you can monitor the recorder's screen in all production conditions. >More


    Zoom F Control for F8 and F4 Recorders

    NEW $349.99

    The Zoom F-Control is an essential piece of gear for everyone who uses an F8 or F4 multitrack field recorder. With F-Control, you can have total command of your recording experience. F-Control is a mixing control surface that gives filmmakers more power and flexibility when recording in the field. It works alongside the Zoom F8 and F4 to create a complete and professional on-location audio rig. >More


    Zoom H5 Accessory Package

    NEW $49.99
    NON-NEW $44.95

    The Zoom APH-5 Accessory Pack includes a wired Remote Control (RCH-5), AC adapter (AD-17) and Hairy Windscreen. >More


    Zoom AD14 Recorder Power Supply

    NEW $22.99

    Who needs batteries when there's a wall outlet nearby? Save yourself the hassle and the cost of buying batteries for your Zoom Recorder by keeping around the AD14 power supply for those moments when there's a wall outlet within reach. >More


    Zoom H1NAP H1N Accessory Pack

    NEW $24.99

    Zoom H1NAP H1N Accessory Pack With Windscreen AD17 USB Cable. >More


    Zoom FP02M Expression Pedal

    NEW $59.99

    The Zoom FP02M Expression Pedal is a volume and effect parameter control for the Zoom G Series, 500 Series, 234, 323, 3030, 1010, 2100, and MRS1044. >More


    Zoom FS01 Guitar Footswitch

    NEW $27.99

    The FS01 Footswitch can be used to control Bank Up on the 500 Series multi-effect and a variety of parameter functions, depending on the pedal. With Zoom multi-effect consoles, the FS01 is used to switch on the Edit mode and use the unit's pedals to turn individual effects on and off during programming. >More


    Zoom BT03 Lithium Battery For Q8 Camera

    NEW $24.95

    The Zoom BT-03 is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery for the ZOOM Q8 Handy Video Recorder. This is the perfect item to have as a spare or backup to make sure you recorder can always be active. >More


    Zoom GHM-1 Guitar Headstock Mount

    NEW $39.99

    The GHM-1 lets you mount your Zoom Q4 or Q8 to a guitar headstock. The clamp style mount makes it compatible with a variety of flat surfaces. the GHM-1 can also be used with any three prong action camera mount. >More


    Zoom ZLHQ2N Q2N Lens Hood And Cover

    NEW $9.99

    The Zoom LH-Q2n includes a lens hood for the Q2n that blocks unwanted light or glare from your shots. This ensures that you get the best picture quality possible when in environments where lens glare can be a concern. >More


    Zoom WSU1 Universal Windscreen

    NEW $39.99

    The Zoom WSU-1 Universal Windscreen reduces wind noise while remaining acoustically transparent. It can be used with the H1, H2n, H4n, H5 and H6 Handy Recorders as well as the iQ5 microphone and Q2HD Handy Video Recorder. >More


    Zoom ZRKL12 Rack Mount Adapter

    NEW $79.99

    Take your LiveTrak on the road with the Zoom RKL-12. The RKL-12 is a steel rack mount adapter that lets you mount your LiveTrak L-12 in any standard 19" rack. >More


    Zoom PCH-6 Protective Case For H6

    NEW $49.99

    Keep your ZOOM H6 safe with the PCH-6 Protective Case. Custom fitted for your H6, the PCH-6 will keep your Handy Recorder protected without sacrificing portability and control. >More


    Zoom PCH-5 Protective Case For H5

    NEW $49.99

    Keep your ZOOM H5 safe with the PCH-5 Protective Case. Custom fitted for your H5, the PCH-5 will keep your Handy Recorder protected without sacrificing portability and control. >More


    Zoom ZPCH-4n Protective Case For H4n

    NEW $49.99

    Keep your ZOOM H4n safe with the PCH-4n Protective Case. Custom fitted for your H4n, the PCH-4n will keep your Handy Recorder safe without sacrificing portability and control. >More


    Zoom XYH6 X-Y Mic Capsule for H6 and H5

    NEW $79.99

    The Zoom XYH6 X/Y capsule employs two angled high-quality unidirectional mics which are sensitive to signals coming from the front but less to signals coming from the sides and rear. X/Y recording is optimum when you want to cover a wide area yet still capture a strong center image, making it the perfect choice for all types of live stereo recording. >More


    Zoom MSH-6 Mid-Side Microphone Capsule

    NEW $79.99

    Welcome to "Mid-Side" recording, a whole greater level of precision in your ability to shape sound. The Zoom MSH-6 Capsule contains dual mic elements a forward-facing, unidirectional mic (the "Mid") and a side-facing, bi-directional mic (the "Side"). >More

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