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Neutrik NL4MP 4-Pole Panel Mount

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Product Details

The Neutrik NL4MP is 4-pole chassis connector with black D-size flange, countersunk thru holes, and 3/16-inch flat tabs. The Neutrik NL4MP is a state-of-the-art chassis connector for loudspeaker / amplifier applications. They feature a unique locking system, robust plastic housing and high current silver plated contacts.

Neutrik NL4MP Features

- Standard current rating 30 Amp
- Glass reinforced materials make it extremely robust and dependable
- Precise keyway for secure mating
- Accurate twist lock latching system
- Metal insert in locking area
- Airtight design
- optimized for speaker applications
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- Rated current/contact: 30 A rms continuous, 40 A rms 1 min.
- Dielectric strength: 4kV peak
- Rated voltage: 250 V ac
- Contact resistance: = 3 m (= 10 m for NL4MD-H) after 5000 insertion-withdrawal operations
- Insulation resistance
- - initial: > 2 G
- - after damp heat test: > 500 M
- Inrush/outrush current capability (12 V source): 300/30 A/200 ms
- Creepage distance: according to IEC 664-1
- Mechanical
- Retention method: Quick Lock with latch
- Cable anchoring: NEUTRIK chuck principle
- Cable O.D. range:
- 6-10 mm (2-pole)
- 5-15 mm (4-pole)
- 8-20 mm (8-pole)
- Cable retention force: = 220 N Subject to cable die and material
- Wiring
- Cable: screw-type terminals (crush ferrules provided for use with stranded cable) on 8-pole version or soldering (12 AWG stranded)
- Chassis: flat tabs for FASTON 0.187" x 0.02" (4.8 mm x 0.5 mm) or PCB-version with pins 1.6 mm x 0.5 mm (FASTON is a trademark of AMP Inc.)
- Materials
- Contacts: CuZn39Pb3 / ZnAI4Cu1 / CuSn8
- Securing element: ZnAI4Cu1, CuNi plated
- Spring element: Neoprene ring
- Housing: PA 6 30% GR
- Insert (FC part): PBTP 20% GR
- Bushing: PA 6 15% GR
- Chuck: POM
- Temperature range: -30 degrees C to +80 degrees C
- Amplifier
- Stereo (HiFi): one NL4MP socket left channel pins 1+/1- right channel pins 2+/2-
- Power (PA) Standard: 3 NL4MP sockets "A" socket: left channel pins 1+/1- "B" socket: right channel pins 1+/1-
- Bridged mono: "M" socket: left channel pins 1+/1- right channel pins 2+/2-
- BI-Amp: one NL4MP socket low frequency pins 1+/1- high frequency pins 2+/2-
- Cable
- Stereo (HiFi): NL4FC on amplifier end, 4-conductor cable splits into 2 pairs with NL4FC on each end
- Power (PA) Standard: a 2-conductor cable for each channel with NL4FC on both ends
- Bridged mono: a special 2-conductor cable, on both ends wired to pin 1+/2+ of NL4FC
- BI-Amp: a 4-conductor cable on both ends wired to pins 1+/1-, 2+/2- of NL4FC
- Speaker
- Stereo (HiFi): one NL4MP per speaker left speaker pins 1+/1- right speaker pins 2+/2-
- Power (PA) Standard: NL4MP pin 1+ to speaker coil "+" NL4MP pins 1- and 2+ to speaker coil
- Bridged mono: NL4MP pin 1+ to speaker coil "+" NL4MP pins 1- and 2+ to speaker coil "-"
- BI-Amp: one NL4MP socket low frequency pins 1+/1- high frequency pins 2+/2-

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