Classical Guitar Guide

The soothing, soulful sounds of classical guitar pieces are not easily forgotten. Perhaps you are planning to attend a classical guitar concert or pick up that old Gibson guitar you have had forever and finally learn to play it. In any case, you will be in for a treat when you learn more about this beautiful instrument.

The World's Best Classical Guitarists

Francesco Corbetta [Francisque Corbette]: An Italian classical composer and guitarist of the Baroque period, Corbetta played in Paris for the court of Louis XIV.

Andres Segovia: Biography: Widely regarded as one of the great masters of modern classical guitar, he specialized in Spanish Romantic and Nationalist pieces.

John Williams - The Complete Guitar Player: Taught by Andres Segovia, Williams is a versatile player and composer who has mastered many different styles of classical guitar.

Julian Bream: A Profile In Classical Guitar: This world-famous classical guitarist is also a master of the Renaissance lute.

Francisco Tarrega Biography: Considered the "father of modern Classical guitar playing," this Spanish composer and classical guitarist's works are still studied and enjoyed today.

Jorge Morel Biography: An inspiration to many in the field, Jorge Morel combines brilliant technique with original, creative compositions and style.

Tips for Buying a Classical Guitar

Buying a Classical Guitar: A guide written by Peter Kun Frary, Professor of Music at the University of Hawaii. Includes recommended brands in various price ranges.

The Best Classical Guitar Makers: Get to know some of the top producers of classical guitars.

How to select the finest classical guitar strings: Whether you prefer (Fender acoustic guitars), (Ibanez guitars), or anything in between, good strings can make all the difference in your sound.

Choosing a Classical Guitar: Written by a high school music teacher, this guide discusses the myths and realities of guitar buying and recommends some beginning instruments.

Buying a Classical Guitar: Describes what to look for in a classical guitar and how it differs from other guitars.

Tips for Playing the Classical Guitar

Methods: Free music, lessons, and exercises for classical guitar.

Classical Guitar Midi Archives - Tablature: An explanation of how to read tablature for the classical guitar

The Total Classical Guitar Method (tm) Lesson 1-Basics: Focuses on having the proper mental attitude.

Classical Guitar Playing Guide: Advice on posture, playing faster, practicing scales, and more.

Classical guitar master classes: A variety of tips from the great masters of classical guitar.

Speed Bursts - Guitar Noise: How to speed up your playing.

Classical Guitar Facts

Table of Classical Guitar Composers: Lists composers from the Renaissance, Baroque, Classical, and Romantic periods.

Classical Acoustic Guitar: Information on tuning and how humidity affects your guitar.

Classical Guitar - Explains what makes a classical guitar.

Classical Guitar Illustrated History: A comprehensive history of classical guitar.

About the Classical Guitar: Describes how the different parts of the guitar are made.

Classical Guitar Societies around the World

Classical Guitar News: Written by classical guitarists, for classical guitarists--offers news about methods, festivals, techniques, concerts, and much more.

Classical Guitar Review: Enjoy playing tips, product reviews, and player profiles.

Connecticut Guitar Society: Located in Hartford, this society's goal is, "to promote the performance and appreciation of the guitar."

Classical guitar: A community for classical guitar enthusiasts.

Welcome To Classical Guitar Alive!: Weekly editions feature interviews, station and play lists, news, and events.

The Nail Finishing Technique

Shaping Your Nails for Guitar?: A lengthy discussion on the best way to shape and finish your nails for successful playing.

Fingernail Shaping on Classical Guitar: This Expert Village Video demonstrates the proper way to prepare your nails for classical guitar playing.

How To Shape And Take Care Of Your Nails: A guide that explains this important aspect of classical guitar playing.

Classical guitarists must practice and learn many skills in order to become proficient musicians. Studying the history, methods, and music of classical guitar will lead to a greater appreciation and enjoyment of this unique form of music.