Resources For Music Education

Resources for Band Teachers such as the ones that follow cover associations for band teachers, lessons on using different instruments, and articles on band directors.

The American Bandmasters Association : an association devoted to bandmasters and band leaders with annual conventions and club meetings

International Horn Society : hosts annual events including workshops and offers information on different types of horns

Beginner Guitar Lesson Archive : archive of lessons for those new to the guitar

How to Play Drums : offers easy to follow instructions on playing the drums

Learn How to Play the Violin : online guide devoted to the violin

American School Band Directors Association : association devoted to band directors in public and private schools

Band Director : provides information for band directors in the U.S.

Concert Band Literature : recordings, articles and surveys on band directors

Resources for Vocal Teachers include information on different types of singing, lyrics to songs and professional journal articles

American Choral Directors Association : large association of choral and voice teachers

a-cappella : resource devoted to all things a-cappella

The Aria Database : lists translations and access to over 1,000 different arias

Choral Net : provides information about the themes and ideas used in different concerts

Choral Research : journal devoted to studying the choral arts

The Lied and Art Song Texts Page : large archive of sons and lied from history

The Virtual Choral Library : lists songs, archives, texts and information on upcoming choral events

Resources for Orchestra Teachers cover lesson plans on using and teaching different instruments. It also provides information on finding orchestras and specific resources geared toward a particular section.

String Skills : offers resources, lessons plans and guides to teaching instruments

Get Lessons Now : online lesson plans for orchestra classes

League of American Orchestras : full database of orchestras found around the world

Song Text : provides music and lyrics for popular and older songs

The Symphony Orchestra : offers suggested lesson plans for all age groups

Lesson Planet : lists lesson plans graded by working teachers

Resources for Classroom Music Teachers include organizations and events for teachers. Also included are tips on working with students and their instruments and downloadable lesson plans.

American College of Musicians : an organization geared towards musicians and teachers of music

Music Teachers National Association : an organization devoted to music teachers, with annual conferences and other resources

Music Teachers Chatboard : offers exclusive online chat and forums for music teachers

The Craft Music Teacher's Page : a former music teacher's guide for newer teachers on creating and using instruments

Teachers Connect : resource devoted to lesson plans and guides for music teachers

Music Lesson Plans : lesson plans categorized by the grade level or age range

Art and Music Lesson Plans : offers a large variety of lesson plans relating to music