Music Teaching And The Internet

The internet has opened up a whole new venue for music instructors, offering online lessons, lesson plans, software, and a host of other resources. Educators from classrooms or private studios now have a world of information at their fingertips to incorporate into their own educational environments.

K-12 Music has over 250 links to internet resources for music teachers, grouped by band, orchestra, vocal/choral, classroom, and commercial.

Curricular Resources has links to many sites on musical instruction, including tuners, lesson plans, instrument lessons, publishing on the web resources, and downloadable sheet music and midi files.

Internet 4 Classrooms is a well-known site used by educators throughout the U.S. The links page for the Arts provides hundreds of links, grouped by subject. Scroll down to the bottom for the Music section.

Core Knowledge offers free, downloadable lesson plans for teachers of K-8th grades, and has a specific page of links for music lessons.

The Piano Page is a site of over 600 pages, updated monthly, and is a great internet resource for music teachers of piano or keyboard.

Dictionary of Composers provides accurate biographical and historical information on over 500 composers. There are also links to purchase CDs, sheet music, and books on composers.

The Lesson Plans Page offers music resources for music teachers, grouped by grade levels, and includes a section on games for teaching.

The Teacher's Corner contains hundreds of lesson plans and ideas for music instructors, and denotes which ones are found on their site and those located at other sites.

Teachnology has compiled an extensive list of teacher-submitted lesson plans from all over the world. It is searchable by grade level and subject.

Music Education Madness is a valuable internet resource for music teachers, regardless of experience or student age groups. Offerings include monthly newsletters, lesson plans, kids' activities, and a downloadable page of free teaching aids such as handouts, worksheets, rubrics, charts, PowerPoint presentations, and other member-submitted works.

The Educational CyberPlayground offers online lesson plans for high school music teachers, and teacher suggestions for K-8th grade music curriculum.

The Educator's Reference Desk has lessons with complete scope and sequence, grouped by grade level, and covers K-12.

Lesson Plans 4 Teachers has a top-rated links page for music teachers and plenty of free downloads, worksheets, and links to purchase educational supplies.

The Knowledge Network offers both internet resources for music teachers and webquests for students learning music.

The Piano Technician's Guild is a site of internet resources for piano teachers and offers plenty of worksheets, handouts, puzzles, and other free downloadable teacher aids.

Music Teacher's Blog is a resource providing ideas, lesson plans, software, and other curriculum ideas for music teachers.

Power to Learn has a webquest for teaching music history and offers information on time periods from the middle ages to 20th century music and their respective composers.

CloudNet provides links to lesson plans and ideas for music teachers and students of all levels. Instrument-specific, band, choral, and general music lessons are included.

Music Class Bulletin Boards is a graphic-intensive website loaded with ideas for inspiring and encouraging music students in the classroom environment. Additional links include music history, composers, elements of style, and free downloadable forms and banners.

Data Dragon offers music teachers a daily historical fact for use in music and cross-curricular learning activities.

Lesson Planet is an extensive database of over 150,000 lesson plans, reviewed by teachers, and categorized by age, subject, or theme. A free trial period is offered to view their entire site, and membership grants access to the best internet resources for music teachers.

Internet Resources has a page designated to music resources and includes links for classroom, band, and orchestra educators. There are also links to organizations for each and individual instrument lessons pages.

The University of Delaware Library music department has numerous links, categorized by topic, and includes copyright assistance and musicology covering all instruments.

Linkware Graphics offers free clip art and graphics for music teachers and commercial use. There is also free downloadable staff paper, flash cards, and handouts.

TeacherVision is a music resource site for teachers and includes a 7-day trial for membership. It offers K-12th grade curriculum, lesson plans, and other internet resources for music teachers.