United States Choirs

A choir is a group of singers who perform together, often under the direction of a conductor or choirmaster. The music that they perform is usually written specifically for a choir to sing and is called choral music. They may sing either accompanied by instruments or unaccompanied. At one time choirs were affiliated most closely with churches, but today there are several other categories.

Categories By Voice

Female choirs usually consist of soprano and alto voices, each having two parts.

Melodia Women's Choir of NYC: Melodia Women's Choir a rather eclectic mix of choral music for women.

Yahoos Directory at : Yahoo List of womens choirs lists women's choirs in the United States and Canada.

Male choirs usually consist of soprano, alto, treble, and bass voices. Boys sing the soprano and treble parts, while men sing alto (in falsetto) and bass. Some men's choirs will have two tenors, a bass, and a baritone. Occasionally they will include a Basso Profondo which is the lowest range of all male vocal parts. Visit the Male Choirs International Index at Male Choir USA index for a list of Men's choirs in the United States and throughout the world.

Mixed choirs consist of male and female voices. Females sing soprano and alto while males sing tenor and base and occasionally baritone. A list of mixed choirs by state is available at Google mixed choirs list

Children's choirs are made up of children that sing two part soprano /alto, or three part soprano/soprano/alto. This is true of boys choirs as well. A list of boys choirs in the United States is available at Boys choirs

Links to girls choirs and youth choirs are listed on the Choral Net site listed below, or for direct access go to Girls and Youth choirs

Categories By Institution

Church choirs exist in most denominations. The Mormon Tabernacle Choir is one of the most well known choirs with a definite religious affiliation. To learn about this choir and its religious affiliations visit Mormon Tabernacle Choir

College choirs-These choirs may be male, female or mixed and are often part of a music curriculum at a college or university. A good resource for male academic choirs may be found at Choir Link.

Community choirs-Choirs that are made up of amatuer adult singers.

Professional choirs -Members are paid to perform.

A list of community and professional choirs in the Seattle Tacoma area may be viewed at : Community and Professional choirs.

School choirs are usually found in high schools. For a great list of high school choirs visit High School choirs. Most of these choirs are in the United States.

Categories By Music Performed

Symphonic choirs

Stanford Symphonic Chorus

Symphony Chorus of New Orleans

Vocal jazz choirs

Best of Iowa Jazz Choir Showcase

Show choirs

In these choirs, members sing and dance like in a musical. To see how over 250 high school show choirs rank visit: The Show Choir Rating System.

There is a large list of choirs that may be sorted by catagory or location at Choral Net.