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    Access Virus Software Instrument for Powercore VST

    Access Virus plug-in for TC PowerCore. Up to 4 oscillators per voice.

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    Access Virus Software Instrument for Powercore VST Product Description

    Access Virus Software Instrument for Powercore VST
    With Virus PowerCore your native studio software will be on overdrive! Based on the award winning Virus Engine this plug-in puts more sonic ammunition at your disposal than any other PowerCore compatible synthesizer available. With its 16 voices and three oscillators, two parallel multimode filters and extensive modulation matrix, the Virus PowerCore is more than just another virtual analogue synth. Just the effects section itself would justify this plug-in to be called a multi-effect processor. Virus PowerCore can be used as a VST Instrument for Windows or MacOS X as well as an Audio Unit. The actual synth engine runs on one of the DSPs of the TC PowerCore and therefore doesn't put any strain on your host CPU.

    Sound Engine

    The Virus is known for it's multiple award-winning sound engine. Three Oscillators plus SubOscillator, three LFOs, 2 Multi Stage Envelopes, tons of parallel effects and one of the most sophisticated modulation matrix out there explain why the Virus became one of landmarks in analog synthesis. Every feasible parameter can be sync'ed to an incoming clock and even the FX parameters can be adjusted in realtime - without any unwanted artefacts thanks to Access' acclaimed Adaptive control smoothing technology.

    For those who prefer to use the 4000+ free pre-programmed sounds from the Access website, there is good news as well:

    Patch Management

    The clever patch management gives you total control over thousands of patches organised in automatically created hierarchical menu. The file format is the same Standard MIDI file used by our hardware synthesizers. Recently used Items, Favourite Items and Patch Categories make browsing a huge library truly enjoyable for the first time ever.

    Easy Page

    Nowadays where the typical computer musician has to deal with dozens of applications and interfaces we can understand that it becomes increasingly hard to memorise where a certain parameter is located. Our innovative Easy Page puts a selection of the most commonly used parameters together on one page to help free your mind for the most important thing: the music itself...

    Innovative Licensing Scheme

    Along with the Virus PowerCore we also present an innovative software-licensing scheme. In short: you don't pay for what you don't need. The Base package offers a licence which enables up to four plug-in instances (AKA "parts" in the MIDI world) utilising one DSP (16 voice, 4 parts, EUR 399.- ex. VAT)

    The Unlimited license (EUR 299.- ex. VAT) allows the Virus to be instanced on all four of the PowerCore's DSPs simultaneously. With one PowerCore PCI, you get 64 voices and 16 instances - with 4 PowerCores you'll enjoy a 256 voice, 64 instances Virtual analog monster! The Unlimited license is an add on to the Base license and can utilise an virtually unlimited amount of DSPs. The only limitation is your hardware.

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Access products.

    Technical Description

    - Up to 4 oscillators per voice. Three main oscillators plus one sub oscillator [when using the third oscillator the voice is being reduced by approx. 30%. In full usage the virus' polyphony may therefore lose a maximum of 5 voices.]

    - Sawtooth, variable pulse, sine, triangle waves + 62 additional spectral waves FM [Frequency modulation] for the Oscillators with external Input signals

    - fully independent filters each user selectable as lowpass, highpass, bandpass or bandreject4 filter routings in serial/parallel configurations

    - up to 6 poles [36 dB] per voice

    - 3 LFOs [68 LFO shapes]Envelope operating mode and LFO- tempo-sync to midi clock

    - 2 ADSTR envelopes [T=Time]

    - Independent arpeggiators with numerous arpeggiator patterns and real time parameter access. Arpeggio parameters can be modulated in realtime and include swingfactor and notelenght.

    - Multiple simultaneous DSP effects like:

    Reverb [w. pre-delay sync to MIDI-clock]

    Retro Phaser [6-stage stereo phaser with 24 filter-polesMultiple

    independent distortion/saturation/Lo-fi FX per voice, including multiple distortion/shaper characteristics and variable gain.

    Chorus/Flanger with rate sync to midi tempo

    Simple or "Groove" Delay [preset polyrhythmic patterns]

    32-band advanced vocoderRing Modulator

    Analog Boost for true vintage tonal characteristics

    - Complex modulation matrix

    - Complete parameter control via MIDI with "Adaptive Control Smoothing" for ultra soft parameter changes and no zipper noise

    - Uses the same powerful and unique sound algorithms as the Virus hardware synth

    - Includes thousands of extremely useful sounds - everything from Moogish basses to lush pads to searing leads to analog drums and more!

    - Input Mode allows the Virus Plug-In to act as an effects device - filter or vocode your entire mix

    - Loads patches directly from the original Access Virus hardware - no need to reprogram all your existing sounds. You also can save patches in the same format

    Licensing Scheme:

    Base Package: 16 Voices/4 Multimode channels (=4 individual sounds)

    Multiple DSP Licence: You can use as many Virus instances as your hardware supports. With 1 PowerCore PCI card, you'll get 16 plug-in Instances and 64 Voices (on 4 DSPs), on 2 PowerCore PCI cards 32 plug-in Instances with 128 Voices and on 4 PowerCore PCI cards an 64 Instances/256 Voice monster synth.

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Access products.

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