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    Apple Logic Studio Music Production Software, Mac

    With over 200 new features and enhancements, the new Logic Studio delivers everything musicians need to write, record, produce, and perform on a Mac.

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    Apple Logic Studio Music Production Software (Macintosh) Product Description

    New in Logic Studio 9
    For guitar players, live performers, and all musicians who record, edit, and mix their own music, the new Logic Studio is a huge leap forward. Advanced production tools take the work out of editing timing and tempo. An expansive collection of vintage and modern amps, cabinets, and stompboxes make you sound like you're playing through legendary gear. And new live performance plug-ins let you record loops and trigger backing tracks when you're on stage.

    With over 200 new features and enhancements, the new Logic Studio delivers everything musicians need to write, record, produce, and perform on a Mac. The center of Logic Studio is Logic Pro 9, which makes it easier than ever to create your own compositions. Produce and play nearly any sound imaginable with a huge collection of effects, instruments, and loops, including the new Amp Designer and Pedalboard plug-ins. Use MainStage 2 to perform live with the instruments, amps, effects, and sounds you used to make your tracks. Logic Studio also comes with applications and utilities that expand your creative options into audio post-production and mastering, including Soundtrack Pro 3, WaveBurner 1.6, and more.

    - Everything musicians need to write, record, produce, and perform on a Mac

    - Logic Pro 9 for do-it-yourself musicians to write, edit, record, and mix their own compositions

    - More than 80 studio-quality effect plug-ins, including vintage and modern compressors, delays, reverbs, and more

    - New Amp Designer to help you re-create the sound of 25 legendary amps and 25 speaker cabinets

    - New Pedalboard with an assortment of 30 virtual stompbox pedals inspired by the classics

    - 20,000 royalty-free Apple Loops from all the Jam Pack collections

    - MainStage 2 for performing live with the instruments, amps, effects, and sounds from Logic Pro 9

    - Soundtrack Pro 3, a streamlined audio post-production application for film and video

    Flex Time
    Flex Time is a new collection of features that lets you manipulate timing and tempo quickly and creatively. Experience editing without all the cutting.

    Flex Tool
    The new Flex Tool lets you push audio around with your mouse by clicking and dragging anywhere on the waveform -- forget all that tedious splicing and editing.

    Audio Quantize
    It's not just for MIDI anymore. Now you can conform the timing of an audio region to a musical grid, or to the feel of another track, instantly correcting a performance.

    Editing drum tracks
    Use Slicing Mode with drums and you won't compromise a single attack. Edit across a set of grouped multitrack drums and everything stays locked perfectly in phase.

    Slow down or speed up an entire multitrack project effortlessly, whether you want to try out different tempos or take it slow while you play a difficult solo.

    Flex Modes
    Whether you're editing a solo vocal, a rhythm guitar, or multitrack drums, Flex Time has a mode designed to give you the best results.

    Speed Fades
    Get creative by adding turntable-style starts or stops with the kind of precision that would impress even the best DJs.

    Tempo Import/Export
    Now the audio you import can automatically conform to the tempo of a project you're working on. (And the other way around.)

    Production Tools
    New production tools allow musicians to tackle any part of the recording, editing, and mixing process they want -- and get it done in a fraction of the time.

    Selective Track Import
    To transfer setups and track content between projects, simply select the individual components you want to import on a track-by-track basis.

    Expanded take folder editing
    Logic Pro 9 gives you access to your important edit tools and Flex Time features -- right alongside Quick Swipe comping.

    Drum Replacer
    Now you can replace or double less-than-perfect drum tracks with triggered samples in just a few clicks. No more headaches. No more hassles.

    Convert to Sampler Track
    In one step, turn an audio region into a sampler instrument with a MIDI track to trigger it. Then you can modify and resequence the part.

    The new Bounce-in-Place feature makes effects rendering much quicker and easier, whether you're bouncing a single region or an entire track.

    Notation and chord grids
    Create guitar tablature or detailed scores using a library of more than 4000 chord grids (or your own custom grids) and new ornaments for hammer-ons, bends, and more.

    Jam Pack: Voices
    Build your song with a lead vocal, rappers, backup singers, an entire choir, or even software instruments based on the human voice and body.

    Warped Effects for Space Designer
    More than 450 warped impulse responses radically transform what Space Designer can do, allowing you to give ordinary sounds a bizarre, other-worldly quality.

    Guitar Gear
    Now you can mix and match amp heads, EQs, reverbs, speaker cabinets and mics--then creatively route your signal through an impressive new collection of stompboxes.

    Amp Designer
    Build your dream rig by mixing and matching 25 amps, 25 speaker cabinets, and 3 mics you can position freely around the speaker cone.

    Fire up 30 stompboxes that deliver lush effects like Overdrive, Distortion, Fuzz, Delay, Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Treble Boost, and Wah.

    Classic tones
    Hundreds of presets give you Amp Designer and Pedalboard sounds that are ready to go. Start exploring with classic tones, genres, or characteristics like clean, crunch, and distorted.

    Apogee GiO support
    This new USB audio interface and control device lets you operate Pedalboard hands-free and works with Logic Pro 9 and MainStage 2 right out of the box.

    Live Performance
    MainStage 2 lets you hit the stage with all the same instruments and effects you used on your recording, and adds a backing track player and live loop recorder.

    With this new plug-in, your Mac becomes a flexible, reliable backing track player. Fill out your sound with a simple stereo track or a set of separate, mixable stems.

    This live loop recorder lets you create spontaneous arrangements onstage. And it's instantly familiar, since it's modeled after the tape-based devices you know and love.

    Multimapping of controls
    Set things up so that one knob controls multiple plug-in parameters. Then you can dramatically change your sound with the turn of a single knob.

    Grouped controls
    Drag and drop entire sets of knobs, dials, faders, meters, and more into your layout. From there, you can easily customize the type, size, and color.

    Full ReWire support
    Run MainStage with applications like Reason and Live. Trigger and sequence your instruments from MainStage, and route your signals straight into the mixer.

    Record performances
    Route your audio to a designated stereo output and choose from all the standard file formats, including Apple CAF for concerts of almost any length.

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    Apple Logic Studio Music Production Software Technical Description

    Minimum requirements to install all applications
    Mac computer with an Intel processor

    1GB of RAM (2GB or more highly recommended)

    Display with 1280-by-800 or higher resolution

    Mac OS X v10.5.7 or later

    QuickTime 7.6 or later

    DVD drive for installation

    PCI Express, ExpressCard/34, USB, or FireWire-based audio interface recommended

    Additional recommendations for Logic Pro 9
    At least 2GB of RAM for large EXS instruments

    USB musical keyboard (or suitable MIDI keyboard and interface) for instruments

    Logic Node requires a Mac computer with an Intel Core processor

    Available disk space:
    9GB to install all applications and required content

    Additional 38GB to install all optional content (large content packages can be installed on separate disk):
    - 10GB for Jam Pack collections
    - 16GB for sound effects
    - 6GB for surround music beds
    - 6GB for other optional content

    DVD containing Logic Pro 9, MainStage 2, Soundtrack Pro 3, Studio Instruments, Studio Effects, WaveBurner 1.6, Compressor 3.5, Impulse Response Utility, Apple Loops Utility, QuickTime 7 Pro, and required contents

    Six content DVDs containing Jam Pack collections, sound effects, surround music beds, EXS24 samples, and impulse response files

    Demo Content DVD

    Printed and electronic documentation

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Apple products.

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