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    JamHub GreenRoom Studio System, Silent

    21 audio channels for up to 7 musicians. 4 SoleMix remote jacks (1 remote included). 24-bit FX. Phantom power. USB output for recording.

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    JamHub GreenRoom Silent Rehearsal Studio System Product Description

    What more do you need for your own personal jam space? Play all hours of the night and not be bothered by irritated neighbors. JamHub silent rehearsal studio enables musicians of all skills and styles to rehearse or jam more often and for longer durations, day or night. Musicians can hear their music as loud as they want, yet the band remains quiet enough for a bedroom, dorm room or apartment. Using the SoleMix controls on their section of the JamHub, each musician creates a unique mix for their headphones so they can hear clearly. Volume wars are dead and gone. Jam anywhere, anytime and get better faster.


    - 21 audio channels for up to 7 musicians
    - 7 individual sections each with a unique mix.
    - The R section is designed for recording or for connecting an MP3 player (or both).
    - SoleMix controls in each section, Each member creates their own mix
    - One SoleMix remote with 12 foot cable included (accommodates up to 4 remotes)
    - 1-R switch for quickly monitoring the recording mix from section 1
    - Stage control for giving each player a virtual location in the studio
    - Built in 24-bit, stereo effects including reverbs, delays and modulation effects
    - Phantom power (+48V)
    - USB jack for direct recording to a computer

    The importance of improving rehearsal

    Scientific research clearly shows that the way you practices impacts skills development more than the frequency of your practices. Better practice makes you better, faster. JamHub allows for great sounding rehearsals where each musician hears just what they need to hear to improve faster. Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect.

    Input Trims

    These dual shaft potentiometers allow you to set the trim level for both the mic input and the instrument input for a section. A single LED per section tells you if the gain is set properly ... green means good, yellow means getting close to clipping, red means clipping.


    The stage control allows musicians to spread out sonically in the JamHub silent rehearsal studio. By spreading instruments and voices out sonically, left to right, it enables the hearing system to work as it's designed to work, with sounds in their own, unique spatial location. This results in greater perceived clarity and detail. A band wouldn't all stand in the same place on stage, right? So use the stage control to spread out in the JamHub studio.

    SoleMix controls: The SoleMix controls are labeled 1 through 6 with the 7th section labeled R for Rear or Recording. Every section of the JamHub studio has its own SoleMix controls which enable each headphone output jack to have a perfectly unique mix.

    There are two additional SoleMix controls, the FX and headphone volume controls. The FX control allows each user to decide how much of the internal effects engine they would like to hear in their output mix, and the headphone volume control determines how loud a musician hears the mix they have created.


    7 stereo headphone outputs, 1 wired SoleMix remote, 3 additional SoleMix remote output jacks (4 jacks total, 1 remote included in the box), USB type B (cable not included)

    SoleMix Remotes

    Every remote allows you to create a mix just for you at a distance from the main unit. Designed for drummers or keyboard players, who are stuck behind their gear, to make mix and output level changes during the jam. The JamHub GreenRoom model comes with one remote in the box. The GreenRoom model has 4 remote connectors allowing for a maximum of 11 unique mixes.

    1-R Switch

    The 1-R switch is designed to help make recording easier and better. The switch changes the audio output of the section 1 headphone jack, from the section 1 audio mix, to the R section audio mix. This allows the person who's headphones are connected to section 1 to quickly switch to the R section to hear the mix being recorded, then switch back to section 1 to play along with the band hearing their own players mix.

    Built-in Effects

    The internal stereo, 24-bit effects engine gives you the ability to select one of 16 different global effects type, but each SoleMix section has an effects (FX) return control so that each musician can decide how much of the effects engine they want to hear. There are plenty of useful effect types, small rooms, large halls, delays, chorus, etc., and there's even a reverse reverb thrown in for fun. (See the appendix for details)

    Recording (two types)

    The R section SoleMix controls can be setup for a recording mix and that mix can be captured with the USB port or with the analog headphone output jack. Good quality rehearsal recordings made simple.

    Using the USB output jack, connect the JamHub GreenRoom directly to a computer to simplify recording those long jams. Never miss a minute of inspiration.

    Using the headphone output on the R section, you can record to your favorite device in pure analog. Connect to an MP3 player or a portable digital recorder with a TRS cable and capture that song for everyone to hear tomorrow at school.

    Phantom Power

    The TourBus model provides +48V of DC power to the mic inputs to power you favorite condenser mics.

    Global Power Supply (included)

    The power supply is designed to work around the world. Simply change the cord as necessary and the power supply works: 50Hz~60Hz, 110V to 240V, we've got you covered no matter where your tour takes you.

    What's in the box:

    - JamHub GreenRoom silent rehearsal studio
    - SoleMix remote with headphone jack
    - Power supply
    - Two Mono to Stereo adapter for acoustic guitars
    - JamHub sticker
    - User's Manual
    - Hours and hours of music making

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of JamHub products.

    JamHub GreenRoom Silent Rehearsal Studio System Technical Description

    - 21 audio channels
    - 7 stereo TRS inputs
    - 7 XLR mic inputs (one per section) for up to 7 musicians

    - GreenRoom Box Size: 21.5 x 17 x 4.25"
    - GreenRoom Box Weight: 5.72 lbs.
    - GreenRoom Product Size: 14.7 x 9. x 2.19" (372.7 x 229.4 x 55.5 mm)
    - GreenRoom Product Weight: 4.77 lbs.

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of JamHub products.

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