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    Cakewalk Software Project5 Soft Synth Workstation (Windows)

    Everything you need to create and perform today's music.

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    Product Rated 9 Out of 10 (30 ratings)

    Cakewalk Software Project5 Soft Synth Workstation (Windows) Product Description

    Project5 is simply everything you need to create and perform today's music. Straight out of the box, you get a complete set of superb quality instruments and effects; powerful recording, looping, sequencing, and arranging; dynamic creation tools; and the ultimate open synth host.

    Project5 Version 2 has been streamlined to put the features you need most, and larger than life sounds, easily in view and right at your fingertips. Project5 delivers the solid real-time performance, stability, and ease of use of traditional hardware music workstations, but, with the additional power, flexibility, and portability of PC software.

    And Project5 is expandable, you have the freedom to use hundreds of DirectX and VST plug-ins and instruments, and industry standard sample formats. Now as both a ReWire Host and Client, there are even more possibilities to expand Project5 and extend your music world.

    Bring your inspiration to life, whenever and wherever the passion strikes, with Project5 Version 2.


    Inspiring Sounds

    Dimension multimode sampling synthesizer with over 3 gigabytes of professional content

    PSYN II full-featured subtractive synthesizer

    Roland GrooveSynth

    DS864 multiformat digital sampler

    Velocity multilayered drum sampler

    nPulse analog drum synthesizer

    Cyclone DXi groove sampler

    Per-track real-time arpeggiator for sweeping note patterns

    Alias Factor bit decimator and resonant filter

    10 included audio effects: tempo delay, mod filter, reverb, and more

    Hundreds of useful presets including device chain presets for quick setup of instrument, effect, and mix settings

    Free presets, loops, patterns and more online

    Dynamic Creation Tools

    Responsive audio engine optimized for real-time use

    Ergonomic user interface provides the right visual feedback and makes the features you need easily accessible

    GrooveMatrix real-time pattern and loop trigger/arranger

    Layer synths, play splits from one controller, route multiple controllers to multiple virtual instruments

    Intuitive hands on control from MIDI keyboards and controllers

    Tap tempo

    Powerful Sequencing and Recording

    Complete pattern sequencing and arranging environment

    Integrated audio and MIDI recording and editing

    Step sequencer, live input, and advanced MIDI editing

    ACID-format loop (re)construction with per-slice control of effects, pitch, and mix settings

    Multi-lane tracks for intuitive use of multi-timbral synths and advanced arranging techniques

    Open Host Environment

    Ultimate synth host with open support for VST and DirectX instruments and effects

    ReWire host and client for integrating with Reason, SONAR, Pro Tools, etc.

    Support for industry standard, and proprietary sample formats: ACID WAV, AIF, Akai S5000/6000, Kurzweil, LM4, Ogg Vorbis, Sound Fonts 2, SFZ, WAV

    Inspiring Sounds

    Access sophisticated, world-class sounds with this feature-rich, multi-mode sampling synthesizer. A robust instrument featuring a versatile engine, graphical modulation section, and internal effects stages. Mix and layer rich tones using up to four voices from quality stereo samples, wave guide synthesis, and analog style synthesis. Includes over 3 gigabytes of professional content: an extensive array of acoustic, electric, and electronic instruments, loops, sound effects, and soundscapes. The first rgc:audio-engineered plug-in to be included in a Cakewalk product.


    Get classic analog sounds and evocative new sounds through full-featured subtractive synthesis. Now with internal drive, delay, and modulation effects.
    Includes two unique filters, four multi-wave oscillators, cross-modulation for Ring Modulation and FM Synthesis, five 6-stage Envelope Generators, three assignable LFOs, 64-note polyphony with unison, true mono and portamento and more.

    Roland GrooveSynth

    Features 100%-genuine Roland sounds from their genre-defining groove boxes and synthesizers.


    A flexible and easy-to-use multiformat sampler with ample sound sculpting abilities and pristine audio fidelity. Support for Akai S5000/6000, Kurzweil, Sound Fonts 2, WAV, AIF and proprietary sample formats.


    Use this multi-out drum sampler to build tracks and perform using custom drum kits that draw from a range of widely available samples. Supports WAV, AIF, and LM4 and proprietary sample formats Provides 18 polyphonic voices with up to 32 velocity-layered samples onboard effects include low-pass resonant filter, bit-decimation, reverse.


    Get punchy analog tones characteristic of classic drum machines but with the power of modern day synths. nPULSE provides a convenient way to trigger and synthesize vintage-style electronic drum voices. Features per-voice oscillators, cross modulation, and Five assignable outputs per voice for flexible effects processing.

    Dynamic Arpeggiator

    Create sweeping note patterns with a per-track, real-time polyphonic arpeggiator that includes hundreds of rhythmic presets and classic algorithms.

    Alias Factor

    A new audio effect that combines bit crushing and low pass filtering to decimate your audio and create attention-grabbing sounds. 1 of 10 included creative effects, Project5 also includes:
    Spectral Transformer
    Tempo sync modulation filter
    Tempo sync delay
    High frequency exciter
    Tempo syncing classic phaser with feedback
    Studio reverb
    Multi-voice chorus/flanger
    2-band parametric EQ
    Dynamic Creation Tools

    Optimized Real-time Audio Engine

    With Version 2, Project5's audio engine has been optimized to stand up to the real-time rigors of live performance.

    New UI

    Project5 Version 2 sports a streamlined user interface with all views and tools integrated to provide the most intuitive workflow possible.


    Allows for real-time triggering of individual MIDI patterns or audio loops, or groups of patterns and loops. This turns Project5 itself into an instrument that lets you compose while you perform, offering a very gratifying experience where you arrange your music spontaneously. Provides live control via MIDI remote control, and you can populate cells with audio clips and MIDI patterns without any disruption to the audio engine.

    Track Inspector

    Gives you immediate access to the features you need for each track: instrument, effects, and arpeggiator settings; device chain presets; routing and control parameters
    Advanced synth layering and keyboard mapping

    Quickly set key and velocity ranges on any track to combine synths or trigger them at specific times. Perform and record using multiple MIDI controllers routed to multiple instruments, or use multiple, layered instruments, or split synths from one MIDI controller.

    Everything is automatable

    Automate every mix, synth, and effect parameter in Project5 for accurate and hands on control of your mix. Make changes on screen or use learn mode for quickly and intuitive control from hardware surfaces and MIDI devices. Use Tap Tempo to quickly sync Project5 up to other audio sources perfect for jamming.

    Powerful Sequencing and Recording

    Pattern Editor

    This dual-mode view doubles as a piano roll and step sequencer to provide a fast and extensive beat-making and pattern editing environment. Provides intuitive tools for creating flam, legato, and gating effects. Superimposes track, effect, and instrument automation with note data. Offers step- and real-time recording.

    Audio Looping Tools

    Click and drag to roll out tracks using ACID-format loops that match your project tempo and pitch changes. Features automatic beat matching, flexible time stretching/pitch shifting, and support for multiple loops per track. Use the loop Editor to take your beats and loops to new worlds with the smoothest loop integration to date: offers per-slice control of effect automation, pitch, pan, and gain. Export ACID-format loops.

    Pattern Browser

    Preview audio loops and MIDI patterns in tempo with your project, then drag to Arrange Pane to roll out tracks, or GrooveMatrix for triggering. Includes hundreds of useful patterns and loops.

    Audio Recording and Editing

    Add vocals, guitars, and other physical instruments to your songs to create that finished project.


    Multi-lane tracks for intuitive use of multi-timbral synths and advanced arranging techniques

    Track Freeze for effects and instruments

    In-track and in-pattern automation

    Open Host Environment

    Expand with DirectX, DXi, MFX, VST, VSTi Support

    You can expand Project5 with hundreds of available virtual instrumens, and audio and MIDI effects.

    ReWire Host and Client

    As a ReWire host, Project5 represents the perfect compliment to Reason allowing Reason users to extend their studio with audio recording and editing, open support for DXi and VSTi instruments, and ACID-format loops. As a Rewire client you can extend applications like Pro Tools with Project5's superior synth host and MIDI sequencing capabilities

    Support for industry standard , and proprietary sample formats:

    Akai S5000/6000
    Ogg Vorbis
    Sound Fonts 2

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Cakewalk products.

    Cakewalk Software Project5 Soft Synth Workstation (Windows) Technical Description

    System Requirements
    Windows 2000
    1.2 Ghz Pentium or Athlon Processor
    512 MB RAM
    2.5 GB available hard disk space
    1024 x 768, 16-bit video resolution
    Any Windows compatible using WDM, ASIO, or DirectSound Drivers

    Windows XP
    2.0 Ghz Pentium or Athlon Processor
    1024 MB RAM
    5 GB available hard disk space
    1280 x 1024, 32-bit video resolution
    Any Windows compatible using WDM, ASIO, or DirectSound Drivers

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Cakewalk products.

    User Reviews for Cakewalk Software Project5 Soft Synth Workstation (Windows)

    • "Excellent program to add to your arsenal. For now (for my workstyle) reqire with Live, SOnar or CUbase is essential for a compl" - Read More
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