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    Casio XWG1 Groove Synthesizer Keyboard, 61-Key

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    Casio XW-G1 Groove Synthesizer Keyboard (61-Key) Product Description

    The Casio XW-G1 groove synthesizer is designed for the DJ and club performer. Beyond a 6-oscillator monophonic solo synth, the XW-G1 has a built-in interactive step sequencer and a sample looper. Create sounds on the synth using 300 editable tones, or sample external sounds or voices with a mic input, then slice and dice them into beats and grooves on the 13-track sequencer. This step sequencer gives you nine tracks for drums, bass, and synths, plus four controller tracks for filter tweaks, panning moves, and other automation. Control your sounds via nine sliders, 16 Step Sequencer buttons, and four assignable knobs on the left side of the top panel.


    - 6 Oscillator Monophonic Solo Synthesizer
    - Sample Looper: Up to 19 Seconds of sampling time
    - Sample Player: 10 user tones with up to 5 samples each can be stored in Flash Memory for instant recall
    - 300 fully editable PCM based sounds
    - Step Sequencer with 9 instrument tracks and 4 controller tracks
    - 16 step programmable Arpeggiator
    - Phrase sequencer to record and playback your riffs
    - Performance mode providing 4 internal or external instrument zones with instant recall of effects, Step Sequences, Arpeggiators and Phrases
    - 4 real-time controller knobs
    - Pitch and Modulation Wheels
    - 1/4" Mic and Line puts to process your voice or other instruments
    - Stereo 1/8" line input to connect an MP3 player, laptop or tablet
    - USB and MIDI ports
    - 1/4" Line Outputs
    - Included Power Supply
    - Can operate on 6 D batteries

    Step Sequencer: create and play back rhythm patterns

    - 100 different rhythm patterns are available for playback in the preset sequences
    - Up to 100 original rhythm patterns can be recorded as user sequences
    - Users can improvise using the set of 16 buttons while playing back rhythm patterns
    - Multiple rhythm patterns -- as many as 99 -- can be connected in a sequence and played as loops using the Chains function

    Phrase Sequencer: build and trigger musical phrases

    - 100 musical phrases can be readily played back using the preset phrases
    - Up to 100 musical phrases spontaneously played on the keyboard can be stored in memory as user phrases

    Useful functions to enhance live performance

    - Multifunction keys enable users to assign essential functions for DJ performances to keys
    - 420 preset tones including Solo Synthesizer and PCM tones can be quickly accessed in keyboard performances
    - The Arpeggio function can automatically play arpeggios just by pressing keys

    Sample Looper digitally samples any sound

    - Sounds performed on the synthesizer as well as sounds input from external source can be sampled and played back in loops of up to 19 seconds long, allowing overdubbing
    - Sampled sounds that are saved as user tones can be played in keyboard performances

    Excellent scalability for more performance options

    - Users can choose from a wide variety of preset tones or internal PCM and Synth waves to create sounds
    - Portable MIDI devices or audio equipment can be placed on the designated rubber holding space
    - Various input and output terminals enable connection of audio equipment and MIDI-compatible devices, such a DJ gear and musical instruments

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Casio products.

    Casio XWG1 Groove Synthesizer Keyboard, 61-Key Technical Description

    - Number of Keys: 61
    - Controllers: Pitch Wheel; Yes
    - Modulation Wheel: Yes
    - Assignable Controllers: Controllers; 4 Knobs
    - Assignable Functions: MIDI Messages (CC, RPN, NRPN, Mono After touch, Poly After touch, Pitch, Tempo)
    - Editing Controllers: 9 Sliders
    - Display: LCD; 72x31 Dot Matrix + Patterns, with Backlight and Contrast
    - Tone Generator: Overview; Sound Generator Type; HPSS(Hybrid Processing Sound Source)
    - Polyphony: 64
    - Number of Parts: 16
    - Total Number of Tones (Preset/User) : 420/220
    - Tuning: A4=415.5Hz - 440.0Hz - 465.9Hz (0.1Hz-Step)
    - PCM Tones: Preset/User Tones; 300/100
    - Tri-Element Stereo Piano: No
    - Tones with User Wave: 10
    - Drum Kits (Preset/User) : 20/10
    - Solo Synthesizer: Preset/User Tones; 100/100
    - Maximum Polyphony: 1
    - Oscillator Blocks: 6 (Synth 1/2, PCM1/2, Ext Input, Noise)
    - Portamento: Yes
    - Legato: Yes
    - PWM: Yes
    - External Input: Yes
    - Pitch Shifter: Yes
    - Noise Generator: Yes
    - Non-Resonant Filter: Yes (6)
    - Resonant Filter: Yes (1)
    - Amplifier: Yes
    - Oscillator Mixer: Yes
    - LFO: Yes (2)
    - Envelope Generators: Pitch, Amp, Filter, LFO
    - Assignable Virtual Controllers: 8
    - User WaveNumber of Waves: 10 Sets of 5
    - Wave Format: 42/21KHz, Mono/Stereo
    - Sample Looper: External (Mic/Line) Sampling Specifications; 42/21KHz, Mono/Stereo
    - Resampling Specifications: 42/21KHz, Mono/Stereo
    - Sampling Length: 5Sec (Approx.) at Stereo/42KHz 10Sec (Approx.) at Mono/42KHz 20Sec (Approx.) at Mono/21KHz
    - Sampling Modes: (Auto, Manual), Beat (Auto), Split (Auto), Overdub (Manual)
    - Auto Trigger Sampling Mode: Yes
    - Storage Functions: Load/Save User Wave Tone
    - Effects: System Reverb; Preset Types; 10
    - System Chorus: Preset Types; 5
    - Limitations: System Chorus, DSP and Solo Synthesizer are mutually exclusive
    - Master Effect: EQ; Editable 4 Band EQ
    - DSP: Number of DSP Sets (Preset/User); 100/100
    - PCM Tone Effect Categories: -- Compressor
    -- Distortion
    -- Enhancer
    -- Wah
    -- Auto Pan
    -- Tremolo
    -- Rotary
    -- Phaser
    -- Chorus
    -- Reflection
    -- Tempo Sync Delay
    -- Ring Modulator
    -- LoFi
    -- 2-Module Multi- Solo Synth DSP: Tempo Sync Delay, Distortion, Ring Modulator, Chorus, Flanger, Pan
    - Algorithm Types: 46(Normal Tone DSP) 6(Solo Synthesizer DSP)
    - DSP Lines: 1
    - Audio Player: Storage Type; SD Card
    - Number of Songs: 999
    - Audio File Format: 42kHz Stereo
    - Limitation: Audio Playing, Musical Playing(SMF, Step Sequencer) are mutually exclusive.
    - Step Sequence: Number of Tracks; Mono x 8, Poly x 1, Control x 4
    - Number of Patterns / Step Sequence: 8
    - Number of Step Sequencers (Preset/User) : 100/100
    - Number of Chains (user) : 100
    - Maximum Number of Steps: 16
    - Key Play: Yes
    - Phrase Sequencer: Number of Phrases; 100/100
    - Number of Tracks: 1
    - Play Mode: Loop, Hold, Key Play
    - Capacity: 8KBytes/Pgrase, 128KBytes/100 User Phrases
    - Recordable Events: Note On/Off, Controller Operations
    - Arpeggiator: Other; Phrase measure and note quantize, overdub
    - Number of Patterns (Preset/User) : 100/100
    - Data Types: Variation, Step
    - Editing Function: Variation ; Parameter Edit
    - Step: 16-Step Edit, Parameter Edit
    - Performance: Number of Memories (Preset/User); 100/100
    - Parameter Categories:
    --- Tone
    --- Effect
    --- Mixer
    --- Controller
    --- Sequence
    --- Phrase
    --- Arpeggio
    --- MIDI
    - Recall Parameter Filter: Yes
    - Number

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Casio products.

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