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    Direct Sound EX-29 Extreme Isolation Headphones

    Stereo 3.5mm w/gold plated 1/4" adapter. 9 ft. cord.

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    Direct Sound EX-29 Extreme Isolation Headphones Product Description

    Extreme Isolation Headphones were invented by a studio session drummer for drummers, home studios, stage and studio musicians, and anyone who wants serious isolation.

    After many long and frustrating recording sessions as a drummer in Studio City, CA their inventor knew there had to be a better way. Their inventor had to figure out a way to "get his ears" next to the recording engineer in the control room. This their inventor knew would save him a lot of time and the frustration of stopping to listen to takes and retakes in the control room. It would also save the studio a lot of money. Their inventor began his development of Extreme Isolation Headphones in 1984. Their inventor was determined to develop high quality isolation headphones that were affordable to all.

    Their inventor has been using them ever since and subsequently discovered many more uses for music professionals other than drummers. In addition to drummers Extreme Isolation Headphones are great for project studios, stage and studio musicians, sound engineers or for solitude at home, office or a learning environment.


    What makes them extreme? They use specially designed earmuffs that passively attenuate surrounding sound by 28 decibels and custom fitted high quality speaker assembly.

    Because of the extreme surrounding sound isolation, it is only necessary to use the headphones at medium to low volume. This in turn, protects your precious eardrums from damage. As a drummer, their inventor was able to hear his practice music better or hear a studio mix better and still hear the drums and feel the natural strike against the drum heads. Their inventor could mix his own drums next to the multi-track in the same room!

    Some headphone companies are making claims of higher isolation of 30dB or more.

    Note: Higher isolation is unnecessary and could cause headband discomfort and ear fatigue after a few minutes of use. Just because you have been told that someone's headphones are closed back and have a higher isolation number does not mean that a closed back headphone can block surrounding sound.

    Higher isolation is not better! Using 30 to 32dB attenuation and not being able to hear the sound pressure of your drums or instruments takes you out of the live environment and defeats the purpose of using isolation for the music industry. That said, too little isolation will defeat the purpose. At 24db or less, your volume level will have to be so high, that the headphones will bleed sound out of the headphones and into live microphones during recording.

    Don't be fooled by copycat products or existing standard headphone products that are (all of a sudden) claiming to be isolation headphones.

    Many Uses

    Friends and associates were very impressed that they could finally record "live" drums in their home studios right next to their mixers! They no longer had to use drum machines to lay down a drum track or pay a bigger studio to record real drums. Sound engineers were finally able to monitor the mixer board comfortably during live performances while isolating their ears from the main speakers. Studio musicians were now able to hear the studio mix over their loud instruments during recording, eliminating costly return trips to the control room. Studio engineers can use Extremes for microphone placement to find the sweet spots of instruments and drums, saving valuable time.

    Warning! -- Avoid using these headphones in situations in which hearing should not be impaired, such as driving, cycling, or using any type of machinery!
    User assumes all risks!


    The ear cushion design, the shape of their headphone enclosure and headband design are the key factors involved for the proper amount of isolation and play a huge role in why they have serious isolation and comfort. They have the most light weight, comfortable, and affordable ear muffs ever designed, that can be worn for long periods without fatigue.

    They do not use a single heavy coiled cord, because it tends to interfere with your ease of movement and could cause discomfort and fatigue; it would be similar to having a leash tied to one side of your head while you are performing. The right ear felt is bright red to easily identify the right speaker in dim light. The headphones are very durable and sturdy. For convenience a 1/4" gold jack adapted is also included.

    The recently re-designed Incrediflex headband is super flexible, incredibly durable, and strong.

    Direct Sound's goal has always been to build a great product in the USA that is affordable to all musicians from home project studios to professionals in the industry!

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Direct Sound products.

    Direct Sound Extreme Isolation Headphones Technical Description

    - Type: The only headphones on the planet that have dynamic closed back speakers within a closed back isolation chamber.
    - Frequency response: 20 - 20,000 hz
    - Drivers: 40 mm
    - Impedance: 32 ohms
    - Sensitivity: 96 db at 1000 Hz.
    - Cord: 9 feet
    - Plug: stereo 3.5 mm w/gold plated 1/4" adapter
    - Features: Advanced an-isotropic magnet drivers for superior fidelity and sensitivity.
    - Note: An improved design and better specifications are subject to change at any time without notice.
    - Headphones fold for easy storage -- Convenient dual cords worn behind head

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Direct Sound products.

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