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    ISP Technologies Theta Guitar Pre Amp Pedal

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    ISP Technologies Theta Preamp Pedal

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    Order Now | Limited Qty
    • 2 Day: $4
    • Overnight: $24
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    ISP Technologies Theta Guitar Pre Amp Pedal Product Description

    The ISP Technologies Theta Preamp Pedal brings the full performance of the High Gain section of the Theta amplifier and Theta Rack-mount Preamp down to a foot-pedal-based Preamplifier pedal. The Theta Preamp Pedal includes a full Pre-Distort Preamplifier, Theta High Gain Distortion Stage and, to keep things quiet, a full implementation of the award winning Decimator G-string II circuit.


    - Pre-Distort Preamp usable for overdrive of Distortion circuit or for clean tone shaping / overdrive
    - Incredible tone shaping with Pre-Distort tone includes Bass, Mid Level, Mid sweep from 300 to 3KHz and Treble
    - Theta Distortion circuit with post-distort Bass, Mid Level, Mid Sweep from 300 to 3KHz and Treble
    - Highest gain Distortion available anywhere, greater than 160dB of gain using Distortion and Pre-Distort Preamp overdrive
    - Decimator G-string II noise reduction built in for absolute silent operation and greater than 80dB NR
    - Footswitch selectable dual Gain1 / Gain2 settings
    - +/-15volt internal operation for professional headroom and sonic clarity
    - Dynamic Saturation Modulation circuit emulates a saturated tube amp with tube rectifier
    - Externally controllable switching of all footswitch functions for control via MIDI control function

    The Preamplifier section includes controls for Gain, Bass, Midrange boost/cut Level, Midrange Sweep from 300 to 3KHz, Treble and Preamp Level. The Preamp section can be used stand-alone for clean tone shaping, and/or used to overdrive the front of the Theta High Gain distortion stage. The Distortion controls include footswichable Gain 1 and Gain 2 for selection of a crunch and over the top gain, Bass Midrange boost/cut Level, Midrange Sweep from 300 to 3KHz, Treble and output level. The Decimator G-String II circuit has a Decimator Threshold control and provides the full Time Vector Processing circuit with the Decimator improvements of Linearized release response, which improves the smoothness of the release response of the Decimator.

    Another incredible feature USP added is Dynamic Saturation Modulation, which emulates the spongy modulated dynamics of a full-throttle tube amplifier with a vintage tube rectifier power section. While subtle, this adds yet another dimension to the Theta performance. The trademark sound of the Theta amplifier series is over-the-top gain and sustain with over 160 dB of gain on tap and incredible tone-shaping flexibility. The front end Preamplifier can be used to over-drive the input section of the Theta distortion circuit, with mind-blowing amounts of gain and pre-distort tone shaping. This level of gain is due to the inclusion of the on-board Decimator G-String II circuit, which tracks the envelope of the input signal and provides greater than 80db of noise reduction.

    The Theta Preamp Pedal is a truly professional guitar preamplifier with an internal +/-15 volt power supply, providing more than 3 times the headroom of a typical 9-volt pedal. This amount of headroom is required for proper tone shaping and a higher level of performance than would otherwise be possible with a standard 9 volt power supply.

    Add to all of these features dual remote control jacks, which allow all of the Theta Preamp Pedal switch functions to be controlled via MIDI control functions or simple switch closure, and you have one powerhouse guitar preamplifier.

    What The Pros Are Saying...

    "The Decimator Products (ProRackG and Pedal) I have acquired are the most organic sounding noise suppressors I have encountered. You can dial each in to be as gentle or as tight as you wish without having any harshness when it engages." Josh Elmore, Cattle Decapitation

    "Other than my guitar and amplifier, the ISP Decimator is the one piece of gear I value the most. It is the greatest noise suppressor on the market." - Mike Spreitzer, Devil Driver
    "For me the ISP Decimator pedal is the enforcer of clean tone and signal without the loss of sustain. It Rocks!" - Johnny Hiland

    "This ISP Decimator may be the most effective noise reduction pedal on the market today. Its operation is completely transparent -- and its operation is totally flawless. Once you turn it on, you'll never turn it off!" - Eric Kirkland, Guitar World Magazine

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of ISP Technologies products.

    ISP Technologies Theta Guitar Preamp Pedal Technical Description

    - Input Impedance: 5000k ohms
    - Maximum Gain Preamp+ Distort: Greater then 150db
    - Treble Control / Preamp: +/- 15 db at 10 KHz
    - Treble Control / Distort: +/- 15 db at 10 KHz
    - Bass Control / Preamp: +/- 15 db at 80 Hz
    - Bass Control / Distort: +/- 15 db at 80 Hz
    - Mid Sweep Frequency / Preamp: 300 Hz to 6 KHz
    - Mid Sweep Frequency / Distort: 300 Hz to 6 KHz
    - Mid Boost/ Cut Range / Preamp: +/- 12db
    - Mid Boost/ Cut Range / Distort: +/- 12db
    - Decimator Effective Noise Reduction: Greater than 80 db
    - Dimensions: 7" x 5" x 1.9"
    - Weight: 2.2 lbs
    - Power: 9VAC External Adaptor

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of ISP Technologies products.
    Shipping Weights and Dimensions
    Base Item
    Shipping Weight: 4 lbs
    Shipping Dimensions: 13 x 6 x 5 in

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