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    Korg Kaossilator Pro Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer/Loop Recorder

    The original touch synthesizer is the Kaossilator from Korg a diminutive beast that has the ability to loop record and play synthesizer sounds that can be tweaked by touch.

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    The Korg KOPro Kaossilator Pro Plus Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer lets you perform and create multi-layered music in any style - with just the touch of a finger. The Kaossilator series was the forerunner of unique instruments that made it easy for anyone to play musical melodies and phrases. > More

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    Korg Kaossilator Pro Dynamic Phrase Synthesizer Product Description

    Announcing the Kaossilator Pro - a supercharged version of the palm-sized Kaossilator, reborn as a powerful track-making tool and loaded with live performance power.

    As a trailblazer among the "instrumental gadgets" that allowed anyone to easily create melodies and phrases, the Kaossilator gained a strong and dedicated user base, even among those without any performing experience. Today, the Kaossilator continues to be enormously popular. Retaining these revolutionary features - while adding a wide variety of new ones as well - is the Kaossilator Pro. With 200 sound programs, an Electribe-inspired gate arpeggiator, and four loop recording banks that can even record external audio sources, the Kaossilator Pro is packed with features that make it ideal for both live performance and premium productions. In addition, USB connectivity with your computer and SD card memory storage allow the Kaossilator Pro to be used not just for improvised performances, but also as a superbly intuitive, track-making music production tool.


    - KAOSS X-Y touchpad offers intuitive, realtime control
    - 200 sounds covering modern synth sounds such as lead and bass, and diverse acoustic sounds from piano to trumpet and beyond
    - PCM samples provide dramatic drum kits and ready to rock percussion patterns
    - Vocoder programs deliver scintillating vocal effects
    - Access up to eight of your favorite sounds instantly using the assignable Program Memory buttons
    - Loop Recording can layer both internal Program sounds and external audio overdubs
    - Four Loop Record Banks each allow up to four measures of loop recording, with easy muting that allows expressive realtime layering and DJ-Style re-mixing - ideal for live performance.
    - Gate Arpeggiator repeatedly triggers sounds in sync with the tempo. The slider controls either the gate time or gate speed.
    - Choose a key and select one of 31 musical scales to easily create musical phrases. Limit the X-Y pad's note range for even more control
    - Loop data, user settings and Program Memories can be stored on SD card
    - Dedicated software lets you manage loop data, MIDI assignments, and user settings from your computer
    - Performs double-duty as a MIDI controller for external equipment or software applications

    Intuitive X-Y touchpad

    Using touchpad is highly intuitive - simply rub, stroke, or tap it to instantly create complex phrases with a single finger. Responding instantly to these gestures, the Kaossilator Pro creates spontaneous changes that were difficult to produce on synthesizers of the past. Horizontal motions control the pitch, while the vertical axis can control tone parameters such as cutoff, feedback, or modulation depth. This makes it easy for anyone to create entirely original sounds and musical phrases.

    200 exciting programs

    Korg's synthesizer technology - acclaimed by top musicians around the world - has been carefully distilled into the Kaossilator Pro. The versatile array of pro-level sounds includes synths, drums, FX and other instruments. These sounds complement all styles of electronic and dance music including techno, house, breaks, hip hop, R&B, reggae, and electro. There are also numerous acoustic instruments such as piano, trumpet, and guitar, providing a further boost to your expressive resources. You can assign your favorite programs to the eight Program Memory buttons for instant recall, ensuring that your live performances will be smooth.

    Extensively enhanced drum sounds

    Rhythm can be the most important element when creating a phrase. In addition to the modeling synthesis borrowed from the original Kaossilator, the Kaossilator Pro provides a PCM sound generator as well, offering even more realistic drum sounds arranged in kits across the X-Y pad. There are twenty different one-shot sounds for kick, snare, and hi-hat etc., as well as twenty-five rhythm loop patterns to spark your creativity.

    Vocoder programs for creative audio effects

    The Kaossilator Pro features a mic input jack and fifteen types of vocoder programs, making it easy to achieve unique sound effects, create robot voices and more.

    Thirty-one scales for musical expressiveness

    The thirty-one types cover a range from chromatic scales to major, minor, blues and beyond. By specifying a scale and key, you can use a single finger to play perfect melodies and phrases that would be difficult to play even on a keyboard. There are also special scales such as Spanish, Ryukyu, and Raga, letting you play phrases that have a distinctive flavor. Another boost in expressive power is provided by the Note Range function, which lets you specify the range of pitches available on the touchpad from a single octave up to eight octaves.

    Gate Arpeggiator provides tightly sync'ed grooves

    Inspired by the EMX-1 and ESX-1 Electribes, the Gate Arpeggiator allows you to play a pattern of sounds that are always in sync with the tempo, generating phrases that defy imagination. The Kaossilator Pro's slider can control the gate time or gate speed, allowing even more complex phrases to be produced. Tempos can be set manually, or on the fly using the Tap Tempo function.

    Loop Recording with unlimited overdubbing

    Loop Recording can be set for up to four measures /16 beats. Your Kaossilator Pro musical performances can be recorded into one of the Loop Recorder Banks. By adding (overdubbing) additional sounds one at a time, you can create amazing loop phrases by repeating the cycle of selecting a sound, playing a phrase, and recording the sound over and over again.

    Four Loop Recording Banks allow DJ-style performances

    The Kaossilator Pro provides four Loop Recording Banks. These banks can be combined for virtually infinite performance possibilities. Each of the four loop banks can host infinite overdubs. In addition, each bank can be muted or un-muted, its volume adjusted, and its loop length changed, making dynamic live performances easy for anyone. An unneeded loop can be erased during playback, and a one recorded, so there's no need to stop the performance.

    Loop Recording using an external source

    The Kaossilator Pro provides line inputs and a mic input, allowing loop recording using an external audio source. This makes it easy to add a rap, vocal, or audio from an external device to any loop phrase created on the Kaossilator Pro.

    USB + MIDI provides versatility and compatibility

    The Kaossilator Pro offers standard MIDI IN/OUT connectors. In addition, the USB connector lets you use your computer to back up the loop recording data, or even drop loops into your favorite DAW. The Kaossilator Pro can also control your software applications or an external MIDI device. The Kaossilator Pro can send or receive MIDI clock.

    Convenient SD Card* data storage

    The Kaossilator Pro provides an SD card slot for storing loop data and user settings such as program memories. Favorite phrases can be saved to build up a collection of loop data that will inspire your musical arrangements. SD Card storage also allows you to create the same show with the same loops, night after night. You can also swap loops with other Kaossilator Pro users, or use your data in multiple units.

    * not compatible with SDHC cards and SDXC cards.

    Dedicated Editor / Librarian Software

    Kaossilator Pro Editor is a dedicated software program for managing your recorded loop data, as well as MIDI assignment editor functionality that lets you transform the Kaossilator Pro into a powerful MIDI controller that's set up just the way you want. Kaossilator Pro Editor can be downloaded free of charge from the Korg website.

    * Runs on Microsoft Windows XP (SP3 or later) / Vista (SP2 or later) / 7, and on Mac OS X 10.4 or later.

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Korg products.

    Korg Kaossilator Pro Synth Technical Description

    - Number of Programs: 200 (including 15 effect programs)
    - Loop Recording Banks: 4; up to 4 measures or 16 beats per bank
    - Main Controllers: X-Y touchpad, 4 Loop Record buttons, Gate Arpeggiator slider, Tap Tempo button
    - Display: 4-digit LED

    Input connectors
    - LINE IN: RCA Stereo Pair (RCA line inputs)
    - MIC: 1/4-inch Phone Jack

    Output connectors
    - RCA Stereo Pair (RCA line inputs)
    - HEADPHONES: 1/4-inch Stereo Jack
    - MIDI/USB connector
    - MIDI: IN, OUT
    - USB: Type B
    - Dimensions: 8.27" (W) x 8.90" (D) x 1.93" (H)
    - Weight: 2.87 Lbs
    - Accessories: AC Adapter; Protective pad sheet.

    Power Supply: DC9V AC Adapter (Included)

    Same Day Music is an authorized dealer of Korg products.

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